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Reciprocating type pillow pack machine flow wrapper equipment down film wrapping for snack food vegetables clothes bags packaging
Reciprocating type pillow pack machine flow wrapper equipment down film wrapping for snack food vegetables clothes bags packaging
Model YX-R680
Bag size W(50-320)×H(3-110) ×L(50-6000)
Speed 40-50Bags/min
Thickness of film roll 0.025-0.07 mm
Width of film roll Max 680 mm
Outer diameter of film roll ≤300 mm
Power Power supply 220V、50HZ
Total power 5KW
Outer Dimension L4850×W1200×H1930 (mm)
Weight 1100KG
Packing dimension Main machine L2970×W1420×H1690 (mm)

Installation of the model YX-680 Reciprocating type flow pack equipment:
1)    Use two M8x25 bolt、M8 nut to fix the tail frame and the main machine.
2)    The chain must through the chain wheel, lock two end with chain lock when install the chain.

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1. Drawing of reciprocating type flow pack


2.Application of flow wrapper equipment model YX-680


3.Functions of model YX-680 Flow pack food packaging


4.Basic parameters of pillow pack equipment


5.Configuration of flow pack big bags wrapper equipment


6.Finished samples pillow type


7.How to adjust machine part


8.Maintenance of flow wrapping machine


9.Wiring diagram


Drawing of model YX-680 bags flow wrapping machine down film reciprocating type wrapper:


flow chart.jpg

drawing of flow pack.jpg

Pillow pack back drawing.jpg

Application of flow pack

bags for wrapping.JPG

product packaging samples (1).jpg
1    This machine suitable to be used in solid &regular products.
Food: instant noodle, biscuit, bread, chocolate, jelly, candy, popsicle, etc
Industrial products: adhesive tape, soap, leechdom, box, tray,       hotel article etc. Hotel article for use: paper、knife and fork、brush for shoe leather、once toothbrush and toothpaste.

Function characteristics:

►Mechanical key parts made of stainless steel to meet the health standards of food QS and medicine GMP.
►Humane, intelligent parameter settings, the general staff in a short time can skilled use. Operation, maintenance and repair are easier and convenient.
►Saving time and film when replacing product. Can store 10 groups of parameters of packaging products, direct switch to normal production, no need to readjust to reduce the material loss of the adjustment process.
►Intelligent control of the temperature control module, more stable temperature control, adjusts parameter directly on the touch screen.
►No need to adjust the cutter speed, the use of servo to motion controller automatically track synchronization.
►Packaging products materials location parameter settings, no manual mechanical adjustment packaging material level.
►Mature servo control technology, with over load protection, leakage protection, fault alarm and other safety devices to protect the safety and service life of the packaging machine.
►Three-axis power transmission structure, simplifying the mechanical transmission structure, the digital control, which more than second-generation packaging machine, low-carbon, energy saving and environmental protection.
►Three-axis packaging machines extended the powerful. Production lines and other mechanical equipment and capacity is good, good compatibility, easy to form automatic production line.

Basic parameters of model YX-680 Flow pack equipment:

drawing of flow pack.png


machine flow pack.jpg

Details of flow pack equipment (4).jpg

Details of flow pack equipment (3).jpg

Model YX-680 FLOW pack equipment (6).jpg

Packing material    OPP/CPP、CPP/PE etc;must used in roll, outer diameter≤300mm,inner diameter is 75mm,the surface of the film must be level, no wave on the edge of the film, the color mark must evidently different to the color of the film.
Model    YX-R680
Bag size    W(50-320)×H(3-110) ×L(50-6000)
Speed    1-50Bags/min
Thickness of film roll    0.025-0.07 mm
Width of film roll    Max 680 mm
Outer diameter of film roll    ≤300 mm
Power    Power supply    220V、50HZ
    Total power    5KW
Outer    Dimension    L4850×W1200×H1930 (mm)
    Weight    1200KG
Packing dimension    Main machine    L2970×W1420×H1690 (mm)
    Tail frame    L2140×W790×H480 (mm)

Configuration of flow pack equipment:

Details of flow pack equipment (1).jpg

Model YX-680 FLOW pack equipment (9).jpg
Component    Brand
Solid state relay    Omron/Japan
Photoelectric switch    SICK/Germany
Circuit breaker    Schneider/France
Buttons and switches    Schneider/France
Variable frequency drive    Schneider/France
Temperature controller    Aiset/China
Color code electric eye    Ortei/China
Date printer    Jukai/China
Touch screen    MCGS/China
Servo motor    Dorna/China
Servo driver    Dorna/China

Finished samples:

product packaging samples (3).jpg

product packaging samples (2).jpg

product packaging samples (1).jpg

How to adjust the machine part:

1.    Step of paper loading
a、    Place the packing film on the rollers, opening gap right side.
b、    Adjust the paper wheel (s) and make the film right on the middle of the roller.
c、    Coil the packing film as shown sketch, put the film through  the bag-making device to the paper-drawing wheel.(z)
loading film.jpg
2.    Adjustment of packing film tensile force
When the packing film passes through the bag-making device, if the tension of packing film is uneven, the paper transfer will become unsmooth. It must be adjusted before start the machine, and following is the adjusting method:

A、    Packing film two side tight, loose in the middle or vise versa, or one side tight, one side loose (solution: swing the moving lever(f), move the roller(g)up and down
B、    After finishing tension adjustment, start the machine. If there is film jam in the A position of picture13, turn the vertical sealing margin tiny adjusted hand wheel to speed up, which located behind the machine and beside the electric box. If the film is too tense, it needs to slow down.
C、    If the mid-sealing of the packed product is uneven (picture 14(a), it needs to turn turning wheel(r) until two sides of mid-sealing are lined up. Adjustment in each time should not be too large (the adjusted result will not be reflected immediately). Turn clockwise to set inside, turn anti clockwise to set outside.
tensile force adjustment.jpg
3.    Adjustment of vertical parts and cautions
The ideal effect of vertical sealing shall be airproof and clear line. Otherwise it shall be adjusted. Method:
a    The highest level of the two wheels (paper drawing wheel and paper pressing wheel) shall not beyond the panel, usually 0.5-1mm away from the panel.
b    Under the condition of good lines and suitable temperature, yet the bag-sealing is not perfect, then adjust the bolt(w), make two rollers stay closer or wider till the bag-sealing become satisfactory.
c    If all the adjustment above has been taken, yet the bag-sealing is not satisfactory, check the heating element in the sealing device. If the display shown on the temperature control is normal, but the heating element as replacing, make sure the circuit is connected right and no creepage at all before start the machine.

4.    Usage of the photoelectric eye tracing system
1.    Photoelectric eye tracking system includes programming controller& film encoder& electric eye & cutting encoder & proximity switch. It is used to control the length of each packing-bag (those without color label cannot be supervised), the color shall be in deep color, black is even better. Color label specification: 8-10mm horizontal, 3-5mm vertical. (Picture 15)
eye tracing system.jpg
2.    Method & procedure:
1)    Measure the exact length between two color labels, and set the measured value as the bag length.
2)    After installing film, move photo electricity eye aim at color label, inch machine, make sure photo electricity eye light sparkle every time aiming at color label. If sparkle anytime or no sparkle, you must adjust delicacy screw, or clear out dirt on axis.
3)    Before starting the machine, the PC screen must to set “Track color mark”
4)    After starting the machine, the photoelectric eye will start tracking. If the cutting knife is on the position as shown on the sketch(f), it is should be adjust the cutting compensation and feeding offset value. Then set it x mm, the cutting compensation value as(g). Set it Y mm. If the cutting compensation or feeding offset value is z, then set it z+x as(f), and picture (g) is y+z. But the value is not bigger than length of the bag, if additive value is bigger than the length of the bag, then reduces the bag length value and input it.
eye sensor adjustment.jpg
3.    Pay attention to the follow issue:
The red light on the photoelectric eye shall flash as the machine working, or the yellow lights on the control panel shall flash one by one. If the light flashes more often, if means that the length of the packing bag is too long, it shall be shorten.
5.    Adjustment of knife rack on the horizontal sealing device
As shown on the below sketch (h), the height of the packed material shall parallel to the upper and lower cutting knife so that the sealing is the best, if the height difference is too big, the knife shall be adjusted. See the sketch on the below release four bolts on the knife rack; turn with spanner the big bolt on the middle of the rack; clockwise up, anti-clockwise down. Fasten all bolts as finished.
Cutter adjustment.jpg
Cutter adjustment:
Need to adjust the cutting knife when film not cut off. Adjustments are generally pad plate. Adjust rule is just cut a piece of paper and voice is not very appropriate.
Replace a new cutter if adjustment is difficult. Adjust the cutting knife must under the condition of heating (about 135 degrees Celsius).

6.    Adjustment of the horizontal sealing cutter
Blade post adjustment: Adjust the blade post well or not is essential to the quality of sealing. The blade post had been inspected before delivery and its position is not likely to move, so do not adjust it indiscreetly. If need to be adjusted, do some test first.
Put a carbon paper between two pieces of white paper and test it in the machine, if the line is clear and even, it’s not necessary to adjust the blade post.
Adjustment method:
►If the two knives make error at the same account, release the bolt on the gear of the axis on the lower knife (M8), gently knock the knife dado left or right till comes to the right place. Fasten the bolts again.
position adjustment.jpg
► If the two knives make error at different account, it must be adjusted separately, release the bolt (M8), gently knock the knife dado left or right till comes to the right place.
Position adjustment of the packed material
Put a packed material on the belt, spot start the machine and wait till the packed material has been put into the packing bag, stop the machine and examine the sealing quality. If the sealing is just like the sketch (j), it shall be adjusted. Different length of packing shall be adjusted separately.
position adjustment.jpg 
Method 1:
①.    When face the situation shown as the sketch (j), it means the position left behind. User needs to reduce the number of “Feeding Offset”. If situation is opposite, increase the number.
②.    Adjust the number finely if position can’t get to proper position after one time adjustment. It’d better press the “3 shaft reset” in the “Panel Control” interface and then put the material to test until the position is proper shown as the sketch (i).
Method 2:
►Put 2 pieces of material on the conveyor, press the “Feeder Paper adjustment link” in the “Panel Control” interface and wait until the 2 pieces are separated to different side of cutter, then press “setup to feeder offset” in the “Panel Control” interface.

Maintenance of flow pack:
1.    Shift cleaning and maintenance
①.    Before cleaning the machine, turn off the power supply to the machine so as to ensure the safe of people and machine.
②.    Clean the working table and the surface of the machine with a clean and moistened cloth.
③.    Clean of the film scraps stuck to the feeding mechanism, mid-sealing mechanism and the end-sealing mechanism with compressed air.
④.    Clean off the film scraps stuck to the end-sealing knife with a steel wire brush.
2.    Monthly check and maintenance
①    Add lubricating oil to the meshing gear of the drive system and the chain of the chain wheel, a thin layer of lubricating oil is enough. It is not allowed to add lubricating oil to the synchronous belt of the machine and the flat conveyer belt.
②    Add lubricating oil to the horizontal sealing bearing.
③    Check the tension of drive chain and belt, retighten if necessary.
④    Check all the screws and nuts, if there is any of for loose screw or not, retighten if necessary.
3.    Biannual check and maintenance
①.    Check the wearing condition of the drive belt and the flat conveyer belt, replace if necessary.
②.    Check all the wearing parts; replace the worn parts in time.
③.    Check the wearing condition of the drive parts, replace if necessary.
④.    Check the electric wiring and tighten if necessary. Clean the dust from the electric elements with compressed air. Please replace those elements that are out of work.
Circuit diagram and programming controller explanation
Wire diagram of flow pack equipment:

CIRCUIT diagram.jpg


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