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standing bottles packs flow wrapping machine several pcs products vertical type feeding pillow wrapper heating shrink packaging equipment
standing bottles packs flow wrapping machine several pcs products vertical type feeding pillow wrapper heating shrink packaging equipment
Basic data of model YX-SP820MM flow wrapping machine with shrinking tunnel
Model YX-SP820
Max film width 820 mm
Packing speed 30-40ppm
Pack length 70-400mm
Packing width 10-70mm
Pack height max 300 mm
Voltage 220V/Single phase
Air consumption: 0.2M3/min Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Total power 4 kw
Packaging material:POF/PVC film
Shrink tunnel power consumption 12kw
Power supply:380V/3phase/50-60hz(415V can be customized)
Weight 1200kg
Machine sizes 5000*1350*1800mm

Model YX-SP820 heating shrink wrapper is a customized equipment which is different with the traditional pillow pack for wrapping the flat objects like bottles bags snacks adopts the special design in order to be integrated with

the prior products output from the filling bottling process,thus it can wrap the standing products perfectly without needing the falling down or flat products (some products not good for falling down due to the pillow pack while

some needs to be synchronized with the prior bottling line in the speed).

The cutting type can be either in reciprocating type (video as below)

or the normal rolling type(shown as video below-mentioned)

The factor to decide which way to be chosen is up to the products sizes in the diameter and shape as well as width illustrated as the pictures here:

Illustration for bottle sizes to know.JPG

bottles samples (2).jpg

Basic features of pillow pack shrink packaging machine:
1.This machine can pack both single product and group products
2. Automatic delivery system to realize manual-free operating. Assure the product to be packed not move on the way of shrinking
3. Safety unit is designed people-friendly for cut-proof.
4. The length of film, speed, temperature can be adjusted individually.

14” size digital display, Omron Japan brand PLC control
user-friendly interface control for easy to operate
Double way tracing eyemark for printing film,accurate control bag length by servo motor,which makes the operation more convenient and time-saving.

Film roll can be adjustable to guarantee the longitudinal sealing in line and perfect
Japan brand ,Omron photocell ,with long time durability and accurate monitoring
New design longitudinal sealing heating system ,guarantee stable sealing for center

Shrinking tunnel:

Shrinking part size is with length of 2000mm ,total tunnel length is 2400mm
Fan motor: 2 pcs,2HP,3 Phase,380V,2800RPM,AC INDUCTION MOTOR
Conveyor motor of tunnel, 1 pcs 4HP ,220V 1350rpm 50hz

Features of flow pack:
1. PLC control makes the system reliable and easy to mainten
2. AC motor with transducer, makes the packaging process continuously and variable.
3. Center  sealing  control can be sealed at low temperature, make the machine run long time without any problem.
4. Thermo shrinking and efficient two temperature zone, automatic temperature control.
5. Efficient heated air circulation to assure the quality of shrinking products smoothly and beautiful.
Heat Shrink Application: Suitable for heat shrink of soaps ,cupped snacks bottled juice, tooth-paste, tissues etc. Adopt efficient heated air circulation, two temperature zone control, adopt TEFLON or metal mesh-belt, towbar according to different

Features of shrinking tunnel:
1. Hot air circulating makes the product be cooling shapely and immediately after heated and shrunk.
2. Japanese FUJI power supply.
3. Imported with original packaging transducer
4. Entrance and exit curtain can reduce the heat waste.
5. Multiple choice of simple or serried bearings, makes the packed products unmovable
6. The adjustable feet of the machine makes it easy and convenient to connect with production line.
7. Stainless steel heater, heating up quickly, use time is 5-10 years.
8. Worm reduction box and high power motors will assure transporting steadily and without noise.
9. The particular air duct system makes product heating evenly.

Basic data of model YX-SP820MM flow wrapping machine with shrinking tunnel:

drawing of shrinking tunnel.jpg

heat shrink wrapping machine.jpg

Model YX-SP820

Max film width    820 mm

Packing speed    30-40ppm

Pack length    70-400mm

Packing width    10-70mm

Pack height    max  300 mm

Discharging part:6000mm

Voltage    220V/Single phase

Air consumption: 0.2M3/min Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

Total power    4 kw

Packaging material:POF/PVC film

Shrink tunnel power  consumption  12kw

Power  supply:380V/3phase/50-60hz(415V can be customized)

Weight    1200kg

Machine sizes    5000*1350*1800mm

Mark:The speed varies due to the shape and size of products and film used

Electric parts brand

Item    Name    Brand    Origin country
1    Servo motor      VEICHI    CHINA
2    Servo driver     VEICHI    CHINA
3    PLC        VEICHI    CHINA
4    Start Button    Siemens    Germany
5    Jog button    Siemens    Germany
6    Stop button    Siemens    Germany
7    Air switch    Siemens    Germany
8    Power switch    Delixi    China

Our advantages:

1.    Emergency stop button installed everywhere, so it is very safe  and can stop
In time if needed
Emergency stop.jpg

2.SS304 feeding chain ,pusher and feeding conveyor for meeting sanitary function.

shrinking tunnel.jpg

3.Digital touch screen,showing packing data,and very easy to set the speed,bag length, adjust eyemark and so on

4.shrink tunnel, with temperature borad, and guiding lights,easy to adjust the temperature based on the speed and products,two air blow motors, makes the heating air blow very evenly,so can shrink the products very nice

shrinking tunnel.jpg

       With curtain to protect the heating from flowing out, improve the efficiency of electric power.
Different product with different kinds of tunnel conveyor ,we have stainless steel mesh,Teflon mesh, roller types etc.
curtain prevention.jpg
5.  Two film holding rollers, if you have many sizes, it is very easy to adjust and can save a lot of changover time.

holding rollers.jpg

6.Stainless steel film block, very stable and never move ,guarantee stable and smoothly film feeding . shape bar for adjust the smooth condition of film ,keep packing quality stable and high.

SS block.jpg
7.CE standard electric box ,very clean and in good order.

8.Siemens brand air switch and power switch ,safe and durable

9.Siemens brand button, designed very comfortable and durable quality

With movable plastic cover ,easy to adjust the end sealer if needed
12.Cabinet with window for heating flow, to keep long durable for electric parts,with lock and key,to prevent the un related people to open the cabinet

13.Tube support conveyor ,for support product moving forward and keep feeding products smoothly and stably.

tube support.jpg

Samples to be done &done by heating shrink wrapping machine:

bottles samples (1).jpg


Spare parts for standing bottles packaging line:

spare parts labeller.jpg

sensor2 (1).jpg

wooden case packaging for capping shrinking labeling line:

wooden case for capping line.jpg

loading process.jpg

machine loading.jpg

machine loading.jpg


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