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Australian buyers for nail polish perfume liquid vacuum filling machine 4 filling nozzles semi automatic
Date:2014-09-06 21:29:07

Last month mr Ian Henderson from Ballandean, Q 4382, Australia ordered the perfume/nail polish vacuum filling machine

4 filling nozzles model YX-V04 .after receiving the samples from our customer sent via EMS from AU we finally customized the vacuum filler

semi automatic and tested it with our customer's glass bottles .

As below is the basic info for this international business transaction:


Purchase order issued on vacuum filling machines semi automatic model YX-V04 from AU buyer


payment copy.jpg


Bottles samples sent from Ian in AU

bottles glass for vacuum.jpg

bottles glass for vacuum.jpg


The testing videos trial run for semi automatic vacuum filling machine model YX-V04


Final filling samples for the glass bottles sent from the buyer


filling samples for machines vacuum filler glass bottles.jpg

Below is the basic description of vacuum filling machine semi automatic model YX-V04

This perfume filling machine is developed on the basis of overseas advanced technology

it is specialized used in clarification and filtration of fluid

after freezing in cosmetic water m perfume water, it is ideal equipment for cosmetic factory filtrating cosmetic water and perfume water

it adopts stainless steel 304-2B or 316L WITH PNEUMATIC DIAPHRAGM PUMP imported from us as pressure source so as to positive pressure.

the vacuum filling machine for perfume is pure pneumatic equipment, without power, it is one of  most economic  filling machine,

especially suitable for perfume, toilet water, and other small doses of filling agent products, is your ideal choice. YX-V04  set by vacuum level filling principle, no matter the bottle volume is consistent, filling liquid surface will remain the same.

This series of machine is easy to operate, the operator just put the bottle in filling his head or card to pedal control can perform filling.

Illustration of vacuum filling machine semi automatic with 4 heads

illustration of back vacuum filler.jpg

illustration of back vacuum filler.jpg

Details of vacuum filling machine model YX-V04

PERFume liquid filler.jpg

inside vacuum filling machine.jpg

II. Work Principle:


filling perfume.jpg

 A. The work principle of this machine(discharge material by itself type)

is: switch on the handle valve to connect the air source. Put the filling container right under the filling head,

make use of the spring force of the baffle to make filling container upright and seal with filling head.

At this time cam open mechanical valve, make the valve of vacuum bottle closed and the suction valve open,

make the vacuum generator generate vacuum(negative pressure)

B. vacuum system formed(vacuum bottle-filling head-filling container-silica gel tube

of filling head).vacuum suction drive the materials filling into the container. the height

of filling the materials in the container rise to the height of the external wrapped tube

of the filling head. As the vacuum suction get through the external wrapped tube and

suck up materials in the container into vacuum bottle and keep materials in the

container a certain height all the time until the filling container removed. the vacuum

generator stopped occurring vacuum as mechanical valve closed. suction tube closed.

valve of the vacuum bottle opened, materials reflow into the barrel due to gravity, and

one time cycle filling finished.

Function and Feature of vacuum filling machine semi automatic model YX-V04

vacuum filler equipment for liquid.jpg

vacuum filler equipment for perfume.jpg

  1. The machine adopts PLC automatic control program,
  2. Especially suitable for high bubble or irregular products filling.
  3. The design concept:by increasing pressure on the filling head, vacuum generator achieves a partial sealing environment in the reflow liquid bottle and filling container, thus generating a partial vacuum (negative pressure), and achieve filling process through vacuum suction
  4. An ideal machine that can reach the desired filling speed and effect after practical commissioning the machine according to size of the filling container..

Ø Main Technology Parameters of model YX-V04 vacuum filling machine perfume filler equipment

perfume filling machines.jpg

filling perfume.jpg

vacuum filling penglai machines.jpg


Bottle height

250 mm

Bottle Mouth Maximum Diameter

20 mm

Minimum Diameter

4.5 mm

Adjustable liquid High-Level (Away from the bottle)

26-50 mm

Profile Dimensions (Excluding liquid storage bottle)

L×W×H    660×470×1330mm

Adaptable environment temperature

(0—30) °C

Power  3AC

380V (cas for your requirement)

Vacuum pump

XD-020(Explosion-proof type2X-4A)

Pumping rate

5.5(Explosion-proof type 4) L/second

Motor power



Bottles for filling vacuum filler model YX-V04

bottles glass for vacuum.jpg


perfume bottles.jpg

Packaging in wooden case before ocean delivery for model YX-V04 vacuum filling machine semi automatic


filling machine in wooden case.jpg




@before delivery,machine be tested and adjusted at our factory

@English operation manual and relative spare parts offer

@English operation interface

@delivery term:30% of the amount in advance,finish machine within 25 working days,delivery after the balance paid

@after-sale service:1 year guarantee period and lifetime maintenance,as to the fee,damage not caused by personal and within the guarantee period,fix it up for free,otherwise,for charge