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automatic bottles vials amper glass container ultrasonic cleaning washing machine high speed washer equipment
automatic bottles vials amper glass container ultrasonic cleaning washing machine high speed washer equipment
Model YX-UW400
Water consumption:0.3-0.5m³/h 0.3-0.4Mpa
Air consumption:2-8m³/h 0.3-0.8Mpa

Twist Rinsing Machines for Glass Jars Bottles are also used to rinse or blow a variety of containers with water or air prior to filling them with food or liquids.
We have Twist Jar Rinsing Machines for Glass and PET Jars and Bottles for washing and/or blowing of all types of empty Glass, PET, Jars, Bottles & containers in small and medium sized production facilities.
Suitable to blow clean debris and external dust or other impurities from small open top containers.
Basic parameter of Twist-off type bottles washing machine automatic glass container washer equipment:

Automatic bottles washing machine with ultrasonic setting cleaning system:

Model YX-UW400
Water consumption:0.3-0.5m³/h 0.3-0.4Mpa
Air consumption:2-8m³/h 0.3-0.8Mpa
Base frame fully made of stainless steel AISI 304. Adjustable (+/- 50 mm) support feet for machine levelling on the floor.

vertical bottles washing ultrasonic vials.jpg

• Operator safety guards around the machine, made in s/s panels finely satinated with plexiglass windows, complete with interlock devices according to the CE norms.
• Drive transmission made by high-resistant plastic material and steel gears, which receive the motion from the main motor, controlled by the frequency converter inside the electric panel of the machine.
• Piping from the central distributor to the spraying injectors made in s/s.
• Machine adjustable in height by means of a motoreducer.
• Materials in contact with product = AISI 304.
• Infeed wormscrew, transfer starwheels made by hard plastic materials.
• Double opening grippers with quick release pads, with automatic locking (Patented systems).
• Fixed rinsing angle
• Rinser feeding group composed by pressure reducer in brass, On-Off valve, pressure switch.
• Fluid distribution by means of phased manifold
• Inlet and outlet of bottles by means of chain conveyor
• Control electric panel made in s/s, installed on the exit side of the machine, complete with frequency converter, push buttons for operator machine’s management.
• Bottles are handled by neck
• Inlet and outlet photocells: the first stop the machine if there aren’t bottles in the inlet conveyor(lack of bottles); the second stop the machine if bottles are stopped in the outlet conveyor (overflow of bottles).
• The machine is supplied with 1 set of gripping pads, made in white Delrin (hard plastic), for one type of neck, and 1 complete set of handling parts (inlet screw, stars, central guides) for one type of bottle.

Working principle of vials bottles washing machine with ultrasonic setting:

twist type bottles washer.gif

Bottles feed-in Mesh part:

The bottles feed-in mesh part consist of Motor/mesh/flexible tension setting/flexible height setting. The mesh part is in Chain type which avoids the deviation during delivery. The motor is speed-adjustable one. To adjust the tension of mesh is simply to adjust the
nuts on both side of block; To adjust the height of mesh to the screw;
vials samples sent from USA CUSTOMERS.jpg

bottles crimped by machinery model YX-PC04.jpg

Ultrasonic washing part:
The ultrasonic washing part mainly consists of bottles delivery path/rinsing gutter/ultrasonic washing box/ultrasonic transducer etc. The vials firstly are delivered to the path which triggers the water spraying system. The bottles slides into the level of transduer after the water infills the bottles; The friction mechanical generated by
the ultrasonic will cleanse the foreign materials inside the vials. Between different springs the bottles can slide into another station; The rinsing gutter supported by the frame is rotable. It can adjust the height of gutter to loosen the nutt by 3mm-5mm;

Twist-off lifting part:

The twist lifting part consists of twist-off part/lifting Cam/moving dial /lifting wheels etc. The bottles washed by ultrasonic slide into the twist-off part whose screw type and screw distance set in a certain parameter will seperate the bottles regularly and deliver them into the moving dial,then the lifting wheel lift the bottles onto the wheels.Thus the

bottles go up and down finishing one cycle of washing;

Washing part:

The washing part consists of several robots/rotary wheels/dials/spray filling nozzles 6pcs/6pcs nozzles frame/2couples of outer spraying system:

The robots will clamp the bottles and turn them while the 6groups of spraying nozzles track the bottles back and fro,then infill the water inside the bottle alternatively; The outer rinsing spraying system will spray the clean compressed air; Above all the whole cleaning system is finished. The bottles upside will be delivered to the synchronious belt;

Bottles feed-out part:

machines details for washing.jpg

The bottles feed-out part consists of arc barrier/moving dial/tracking disck/bottle-pushing block/long&short barrier and sliding rail etc. The bottle clamped by the robot will falled into the distributing gutter,then the tracking disk will follow the bottles and rotate together with arc barrier in order to avoid the bottles bottom friction. At the end the bottles are delivered to the sliding rail,guided by the long&short barrier to the bottles-stopping block which

keeps connected with the drying tunnel.

Vials washing machine integrated with drying-bottling line:

bottles washing vial ultrasonic filling bottling machine.jpg

Bottles cleaning effect:

bOTTLES WASHING effect.jpg

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