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USA Miami customer for Mould&cutter free charge &delivery Ultrasonic tubes sealing machinery
Date:2013-12-19 07:51:36

Recently due to the misoperation on the machine model YX-005 ultrasonic tubes sealing machine from Mr Hanan in Miami,there was a deform on the mould and cutter.

In order to solve the problem and not to delay the production of our customers so we timely and rightly special design the mould according to the requirement from Hanan

and deliver the parts by DHL to customer's plant.

the videos to show problems countered by Mr Hanan

below are the pictures for the mould and cutter to be adjusted in the ultrasonic tubes sealing machine YX-005:

mould for Hanan.jpg

MOULD&CUTTER for Ultrasonic tubes sealing machine (1).jpg

MOULD&CUTTER for Ultrasonic tubes sealing machine (4).jpg

As follow is the basic description about YX-005 model Ultrasonic tubes sealing machine :

Ultrasonic tube sealing machine adopts movement line, good stability, high efficiency, dynamic components are wellknown brands.

 After I carefully designed to leading domestic counterparts pioneered an advanced ultrasonic products. 

(Automatic trimming, automatic coding, automatic sealing)

Application: toothpaste, cosmetics, medicines, food, industrial supplies, and other types of hose or tube tail sealing.







Ultrasonic power:


Power Voltage 


Output power


Length of tube


   sealing Dia

10-80 mm 

Time adjust:

Electronic adjust



H.S code:


Pack size 

1050×760×790mm(0.33 CBM)


Plywood wooden case 

Welding samples with date

ultrasonic tube sealing machine.jpg 


Welding samples 
welding samples by the ultrasonic tube sealer.jpg


Basic transaction terms:

1.Min order quantity:1 set   

2.  Payment terms :100%TT

3.Delivery time:7 days after confirming the order

4.Packaging :In export carton covered with damp proof film

5.One year quality guarantee,lifelong maintenance.


After sales service: After sales service shall be done by the buyer. 

PENGLAI machine will provide all kinds of technical support to the buyer by telephone, fax or e-mail free of charge.

But any service cost to buyer's country is not included.

Guarantee: one year. The supplier can replace only the elements that are imperfect for material or handwork.

Replacement is free and ex factory. All imperfect elements have to be delivered within 12 months (carriage paid). 

Guarantee excludes every worn or torn parts. Replacement handwork is excluded and it will be done by the buyer. 

The supplier is not responsible for any rewards for, damages or last earnings met by buyer. 

Guarantee is not valid if the machine is used the wrong way or it is not serviced as shown in our technical handbook.

Annotations: How does the ultrasonic sealing technology work?

How Does Ultrasonic Sealing Work?

Ultrasonic sealing technology uses acoustic vibrations to generate heat at a molecular level inside of the film itself. These vibrations, created with an anvil and sonotrode, excite the molecules in the plastic so that they start moving. The plastic becomes soft and starts melting and the components are bonded by cohesive or form-fit joints After a short hold time under pressure, they are firmly joined molecularly.

This molecular friction allows the material to seal without the need for direct heat on the material from the VFFS seal jaws.  Also, it is capable of sealing through product caught in the seals. That in itself can be an advantage for applications and we see this often with the packaging of fresh produce.

Since vetting out the absolute best packaging solution for each application is (or should be) everyone’s goal in the packaging industry, let’s explore how ultrasonic film sealing compares with the traditional heat sealing method and evaluate if it is the best choice for your stand up pouches or pillow bags and ultimately- your bottom line.

After all, as cool as it is, just because a 3D printer can create a livable house, it does not mean that the house is a fit for the needs or wants of you and your family.

ultrasonic seal.jpg
Seal Width

Because the seal is typically considered to be much smaller with ultrasonic sealing then with heat sealing, estimated at up to 75%, it is perceived that ultrasonic sealing excels in this category. While it may have a smaller seal, the difference between seal length is not necessarily as small as one might think. In a recent comparison Rovema conducted with one of their clients, they were able to decrease the difference in seal width to 2 mm. With the knife gap included in both sealing methods, true ultrasonic sealing length ended up being 4 mm while Rovema’s engineered solution was a 6mm seal. In this case, the customer decided to go with the heat seal option as the 2 mm difference was not as important as achieving a higher BPM (bags per minute) rate.

We see that with the larger seal that is typical of heat sealing, you have a benefit of a more secure seal due to the width. On the other hand, the smaller seal created by ultrasonic sealing can provide less waste of raw material.

Another aspect of seal width is appeal. A recent article in Packaging News pointed out that some customers, especially in the snack industry, prefer the look of a thicker seal. Aesthetics is ultimately perspective, however, and the image that works for one brand may be irrelevant for another.
Bags Per Minute and OEE

Heat sealing is the current winner in the BPM competition. This rate can change depending on product, film, machine, and other factors but all things being equal, heat seal technology surpasses ultrasonic in BPM and often sees increases of 40 + bpm over ultrasonic sealing.

While ultrasonic technology has and is continuously making improvements, heat seal is still able to match and exceed bpm rates. The consideration here is how many bags per minute do you need or want from your machine?

working principles for ultrasonic sealing.jpg