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Thailand customer purchases desktop screw capping machine semi automatic spray pump capper
Date:2014-12-30 15:06:32

Miss Phenpak Bunwattanachot von thainland Phanthong Chonburi 20160 recently purchased an order for model YX-SCM001 desktop screw capping machine for her cosmetic

bottles capping packaging process .One week later we finally manufactured the machine capping and tested it with the caps&bottles sent from customer getting the satisfactory

feedback from customer .Soon afterward we DHL the machine to our asia customer who received and used the machine one week ago .

Below is the basic information for this international transaction :

caps&bottles sent from customers

caps sizes von thailand customer.png

Payment proof for desktop screw capping machine semi automatic model YX-SCM001

payment terms for thailand customer.png

Testing run  of videos for model YX-SCM001 tabletop screw capping machine

Final wooden case packing before DHL to customer in Thailand

machines screw capper with mark.jpg

As follow there described for the basic information for model YX-SCM001 benchtop screw capper equipment

desktop screw capping machine semi automatic.jpg


Suitable for the cap screwing of different shapes of bottles in the industries of foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, daily chemical, pesticide and cosmetics etc. Its four adjustable speed motors are used respectively for cap supplying, bottle clamping, delivering and cap screwing. It is characterized by high level of automation, outstanding stability, easy adjustment, no need of spare parts for replacing bottle types or caps, which can be done only by adjusting.      

Miss Phenpak Bunwattanachot CLIP screen my website for model

customers clip-screen our website in


1, the electrical control movement;              

2, positioning device, easy to operate;     

3, locking cover wide range of lockable caps of different switch sizes;                

4, locking cover, speed adjustable, can adjust the tightness of different caps             

close shot for screw capping machine semi automatic.jpg                                                   



Suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beverages and other bottles of the lock cover.

Specification of model YX-SCM001 desktop screw capping machine

 model YX-SCM001 Capper.jpg

operation for screw capper.jpg           

Power supply: AC220V/50Hz;   

Power consumption: 60W;

Air source pressure: 5-6kg/cm2

Cap diameter: 20-50mm;

Bottle height: 50-300mm;
Twisting force: 5-20N.m;

Percentage of damage: ≤ 0.1%  
Production capacity: 600-1800 bottle/hour;

Machine weight: 35kg;

Overall dimension: 620LX560WX770Hmm.

CAD of screw capper.jpg

CAD drawing for screw capping machines

wooden case packing for screw capper.jpg

Wooden case packaging for screw capping machine before DHL

after sale service filling machinery.jpg

System maintenance for screw capping machine semi automatic

1.     Before or after opening the machine, keep the machine inside and outside clean, to make sure the machine normal movement.

2.     In the morning and afternoon, check all screw of the machine, sure no loose, if find, tightening it with tool.

3.     Keep other products away from the machine, to avoid stop the machine move.

4.     Out of work time, turn off the power to avoid other trouble.