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Inner and Outer Teabag packing machine with Tag and thread  Tea packaging machinery Teabag With Thread Label
Inner and Outer Teabag packing machine with Tag and thread Tea packaging machinery Teabag With Thread Label
Technical data of Inner and Outer Teabag packing machine with Tag and thread:

Model :YX-T80

Pack Volume:3-250ml (10-150g) Packing speed: 30-60 bag/min
Tag size: W: 50-120mm L: 50-180mm Line length: 155mm
Inner bag: W: 50-80mm L: 50-80mm

Outer bag: W: 70-150mm L: 80-210mm

Voltage: 220V 60Hz110V 50HZ 3.5KW

Outer size : L1400×W1200×H1800mm Weight: 500Kg

Inner and Outer Teabag packing machine with Tag and thread  Tea packaging machinery Teabag With Thread Label

Suitable for tea,medicine tea,ginseng tea,coffee,scented tea,plant and some other filter products. can be done automatically bag, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and other functions.

Features of tea bags packing machine:
The machine is a new type of sealing type, multi-functional automatic bag tea beverage packaging equipment. The main characteristics of the machine forming inner and outer bag to avoid direct contact with the material of manpower and improve efficiency. Tissue paper inside the bag for the filter can be automatically tagged with the line, outside the bag for the composite paper its biggest advantage: Labeling and the outer bag can be used optical positioning, packaging capacity, inside the bag, outside the bag, labels can be arbitrary adjusted, according to the different needs of the user to adjust the size of inner and outer bag in order to achieve the best packing effect and improve the appearance of the product quality, product value enhancement. Packaging Materials: Filter cotton paper, cotton, label paper, aluminum foil.

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Technical data of Inner and Outer Teabag packing machine with Tag and thread:

Model :YX-T80

Pack Volume:3-250ml (10-150g)

Packing speed: 30-60 bag/min

Tag size: W: 50-120mm  L: 50-180mm 

Line length: 155mm 

Inner bag: W: 50-80mm L: 50-80mm 

Outer bag: W: 70-150mm L: 80-210mm 

Voltage: 220V 60Hz110V 50HZ 3.5KW 

Outer size : L1400×W1200×H1800mm  Weight: 500Kg


Technical data of Teabag With Thread And Label Packing Machine:



tea packing machinery.jpg

Package material: filter cotton paper, cotton line, tag (printed paper)

Measuring way: Volumetric method

Measuring Scope: 3-10ml(weight about 1-5g)

Bag size:Bag Width 45-80mm

Tag size: W:22-28mm *L: 23-28mm 

Packing speed:30-60 bag/min

Outer size:(L×W×H)900×950×1800mm 

Weight: 350Kg  Input power: 220V 50Hz, 1.6KW 

Main generator:220V,370W, YJ7134 Single Phase 1400Rev/min

Heater:  Vertical sealing: 110V,250W, 2pcs

Horizontal sealing:110V,300W 2pcs

Control system: About 40W

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