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Strip tubes sealing machine semi automatic linear type tube ultrasonic sealer equipment
Strip tubes sealing machine semi automatic linear type tube ultrasonic sealer equipment
Basic parameters of ultrasonic sealer linear type:
Model YX-007
Frequency 15Khz
Power 2600W
Power supply AC220V
Sealing Dia. 10-50mm
Max.Tube Height 10-200mm
Working pressuer 0.5-06Mpa
Dimension 560*537*880mm
Net weight 95KG
G.W with the standard export wooden case: 115KG

The ultrasonic sealing machine is a high-quality, high-performance liquid, paste container filling and sealing packaging machine. It is need to manually put the tube machine, automatic color detection, automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic cutter, finished a series of automatic output function. PLC programmable machine uses advanced touch interface, optical tracking, automatic positioning,so that the overall operation more simple, perfect, enable enterprises to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and improve the device of choice for packaging grades.

The YX-007 Semi-Automatic Tube Sealer is the latest technology in small to medium sized tube sealing. It combines ultra-sonic sealing, batch stamping, trimming and a corrugated cosmetic/pharmaceutical grade finish. This machine requires an operator to load the tube pucks and move the tubes through the stations. Capable of running up to 15 units per minute this machine works perfectly with one of our bench top fillers and labellers.

This machine is designed to produce perfectly sealed tubes that look to have been manufactured on a much larger more expensive fully automatic machine. Featuring all the modern components and functions of state of the art automated machinery, this small portable tube sealer is all any SME business needs and can be operated by anyone with very basic instruction.

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel this machine is suitable for any food or pharmacutical application. Requiring a small air compressor and standard 10amp power point its easily connected and set up in any manufacturing location. This machine can seal any plastic and laminate tube material up to 57mm in diameter.

Special tube holding pucks can be supplied with the machine holding your tube perfectly straight during the sealing process, and a number/letter set can also be provided for batch stamping your unique batch number into your tubes.


Please read the following instructions to facilitate the device before starting a thorough understanding of the characteristics of the various functions, procedures, and use operations.

Working principles of ultrasonic sealing tubes:

Ultrasonic sealing  utilize the principles of ultrasonic energy to join two materials together. Weld tools (anvil or sonotrodes) focus the ultrasonic energy on the point at which the welding should take place, and friction heat is generated. The sealing time is between 100 and 200 milliseconds. Unlike heat sealing, the heat required in ultrasonic technology is only generated within the materials being welded. The tools remain cold and support the dissipation of heat. The hot-tack resistance (strength of the seam directly after welding without cooling) is also significantly higher than with other welding methods. The speed, reliability and overall quality of the finished seams make ultrasonic sealing equipment vital across numerous industries.
Joint design – this is how it works
For precise welding in ultrasonic tube sealing machines to take place, the energy from the ultrasonic waves must be focused (energy focusing). This is either achieved via the tool geometry or the joint design on the material. In the case of joint design, the area at which the material is to be joined has special shapes such as points or edges. In the case of tool geometry, sonotrodes or the anvil are specially shaped to focus the energy.

working principles of ultrasonic sealing.jpg
We are sure that you will be completely satisfied with practicality, reliability and economic efficiency of the device. However, the structure and operation of the apparatus according to the various uses and characteristics to adapt the contents of the package is installed, in order to better understand the specific different points, as described in this specification is the basic function.

Before shipping the device, each part of the device have been made careful testing and debugging. However, as occurred during shipment to any mechanical failure, or any place in this description is unclear, please contact our authorized sales staff contact.

Safety Precautions of how to operate the ultrasonic sealing machine:

YX-007 sealing machine (2).jpg
Operator safety regulations and compliance issues

Machinery operation, maintenance, and installation must be authorized by your company and mechanically trained personnel to perform the operation. Must peruse the manual and watch the operation of the video before operating the machine.
Operational safety regulations and compliance issues
Mechanical damage caused by improper use can not be attributable to the manufacturer, and not included in the guarantee program.Owner shall bear the risk alone.
Shall be provided in accordance with the manufacturer's installation, operation, transport and maintenance instructions for proper use of the machine.
Avoid using any method to reduce security operating machinery.
Native place to place, should avoid direct sunlight and moisture, dust. Because this is the reason of fire and electric shock.
Other improper use of machinery (such as "according to their own views to use the machine.")
Machine design requirements, the normal boot preparatory work, only mechanical audience in the best shape we can do gymnastics.
Confirm that the machine is only used to make general goods (excluding giant toxic substances; acid: alkali materials), can not be used with other items, otherwise, manufacturers and distributors shall not be liable.
Installation, removal, move the device to have professionals to operate or guidance.
Must undergo professional training of qualified people who can operate the machine.

This device uses only as specified by the manufacturer to use, unauthorized modification or use of non-local manufacturers sold or recommended spare parts may cause fire, electric shock and other injuries.
Do not allow cloth, paper, dust, metal chips, oil and other debris into the electrical equipment.
When stored for long periods before using this equipment must be inspected and test run prior to use.
When the power supply has been delivered or the machine is running, do not open the distribution box and other junction boxes. Otherwise, electric shock may occur, resulting in personal injury; while in the vicinity of the machine not to carry out arc welding operations. Otherwise easily lead to malfunction of the unit.
When the distribution box is already open or bare wires, can not run the machine and its supporting facilities. Otherwise, it may be exposed high-voltage terminals or wire electric shock, resulting in injury.
In addition to periodic inspections or wiring, at any other time can not open the casing of electrical equipment. Otherwise, you may damage the device, affecting the normal operation of the machine.
The machine do not touch with wet hands, dry hands start switch required. Otherwise, electric shock may occur, resulting in personal injury.
Board, switches, program loops, inverter, motor drives and other wiring in the state, the absolute prohibition of testing with high resistance tester. Otherwise cause damage or accidents machine.
Please clean up well before using the machine surroundings, there should not be other dangerous items.
Do not make the cable by abrasion, crush, over-voltage and over-load. Otherwise, electric shock may occur, resulting in personal injury.
Power, CAUTION HOT logo, do not pay attention when the hand touch, it may cause burns. Axis machine prominent prime location, be careful not to meet.
Do not put things on the machine. Do not pile up around the machine and the machine-independent items. Things too much, there is an accident could occur. In addition, mixed with foreign objects or machine parts in bite into groceries, etc., will damage the unit within the packaging.
When changing molds and cutters caution blade easily bruised fingers.
A.The operator is not allowed to replace or modify the structure of the machine and production. Therefore, damage caused by the manufacturer assumes no responsibility

B.An emergency shutdown
   Operating an error occurs, the operator must judge things according to their experience not soon to be an emergency shutdown or take other steps (to terminate the controller)。

C.Use the main power supply to shut down
   When an error occurs, (You must have a repair or maintenance personnel) If you can not improve in a short period of time can be used to shut down the main power supply.

D.Equipment maintenance
1. After each shift the machine should be cleaned, cleaning materials within the metering plate and the remaining machine table, to prevent moisture, affecting the next work.
2. Always check the parts fastening screws, elastic condition, to ensure reliable operation.
Regularly clean the optical head.
3. Electrical parts should pay attention to moisture and dust.
4. Clean the equipment every day after using the device ,   
5. Avoid running the machine without tubes,otherwise will ruined the mold and machine
Basic parameters of sealing machine semi automatic linear ultrasonic sealer:

close details for sealing machine (1).jpg

close details for sealing machine (2).jpg

LINEAR sealer YX-007.jpg

LINEAR sealer YX-007.jpg
Model    YX-007

Frequency    15Khz

Power    2600W

Power supply     AC220V

Sealing Dia.    10-50mm

Max.Tube Height    10-200mm

Working pressuer    0.5-06Mpa

Dimension    560*537*880mm

drawing of the panel.jpg

1. Power light 2. Power Switch  3. Loading  4. Over load
5. OSC check 6. Emergency stop button  7. Overload adjusting

Steps of how to operate the machine
1) Access to power supply
2) Access to air supply
3) Press power switch (ON)

Touch screen of sealer.jpg
4) Choose your language ( Chinese or English)

choose the language.jpg
5) Manual: Manual--Auto mode switching
6) Time setting: To adjusting time for sealing
7) Ultrasonic cylinder start: Controller of ultrasonic sealing horn
8) Ultrasonic start: Ultrasonic sealing
9) Trimming cylinder: Tube-end trimming

Time Setting
time setting.jpg
Setting delay time, welding time and holding time according size and materials of tube,
Reference value: 0.2-0.8’s

Return to page2 after setting time. Replace manual mode to Auto mode,fill  tube to tube holder, start to produce.
Page 2.jpg


LETTERS for printing.jpg


wooden case packing for YX-007.jpg
cartoning machine for shipping.jpg

wooden case for cartoner.jpg


Guarantee: for all the machine, it claims one year for guarantee.(Excluded from the warranty are problems due to accidents, misuse , misapplication, storage damage, negligence, or modification to the Equipment or its components. ALSO THE EASY BROKEN SPARE PART IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE GUARANTEE)

Installation: after the machine arrive your factory,if you need,our technician will go to your place to install and test the machine and also training your worker to operating the machine (The time of train depend on you worker). The expenses (air ticket ,food , hotel,the travelling fee on your country) should be on your account and you need paid for the technician USD50 per day. also you can go to our factory to do training.

After service: If you get the problem on the machine ,our technician will go to your place to fixed the machine as soon as possible. The cost should be in your account.(as above).


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