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softgel capsule manual filling printing line capsules filler printer equipment pharmacy packaging
softgel capsule manual filling printing line capsules filler printer equipment pharmacy packaging
Model YX-TP-B
Weight 250kg
Overall dimension 1000x760x1580mm (LXWXH)
Power supply 220V 50Hz 1A
Motor power 0.25kw
Air compressor 40Pa at 4SCFM/ 270Kpa at 0.0005m3/s
Empty capsule
00#-5# more than 40000pcs/hour
Filled capsule
00#-5# more than 40000pcs/hour
Soft capsule
5mm more than 70000pcs/hour
9mm more than 55000pcs/hour
12mm more than 45000pcs/hour

The semi automatic capsules filling printing line includes two machines listed as below :

1.manual capsule filling machine model YX-CS800A

2.capsules tablet printing machine model YX-TP-B

Their pictures given as below :

soft gelt tablet filler printer.jpg

Samples of capsules&tablets after being printed:

SOFT capsule counting.jpg

Description of filling printing machine respectively:

►model YX-CS800A manual capsules filling machine

Carefully designed sets cap permutation, the arrangement machine, lock machine as one of the smaller capsule filling machine,

the arrangement of a capsule and lock function, reduced the body and cover an area of an area, with beautiful small, conforms to sanitary requirements,

simple operation, easy maintenance, low power consumption, economical and practical advantages.
Parameters of capsules filling machines:

drawing of capsule filler.jpg
Production: 10000 / hour
Power source: 380 v or 220 v, 50 hz
Power: 370 w
Alloy frame rate: 99.8% or higher
The load precision: W + / - 5%
Template accuracy: R0.05 mm
Lock and pressure limiting: 800 kg
Shape size: 900 mm * 500 mm * 950 mm
Weight: 130 kg
Features of the capsule filling machine:

manual filler line.jpg
1: Only one or two people, personnel no specialized training;
2: Capsule to arrange uniform speed, drug loading amount, product qualified rate is high;
3: Need to be replaced when using different type capsule, need to change the corresponding models of capsule filling plate;
Application of capsule filling machine:
The most suitable for health care products factory, a small pharmaceutical factory, medicine research unit,

department of pharmaceutical preparation in hospital, specialist clinics, pharmacies, health food store and other units used for filling capsules.

►automatic printing machine tablet&capsules printer model YX-TP-B
Tablet and soft capsule letter printing machine
1. Characteristics:
1). Design of stainless steel in airproof manner, completely up to GMP Standard;
2). Equipped with fully automatic vibration doser, which enhances the filling rate and rate of end product;
3). Fully closed letter printing function;
4). Equipped with brake wheels, convenient to move.
YX-TP Type fully automatic letter printing machine, in good appearance, easy to operate, suitable to printing letters, brands and designs on empty  (solid) capsules, soft capsules, various kinds of tablets ( of irregular shapes) and candy.
Technique parameters of soft gel capsule tablet letter printing machine automatic medical printer equipment آلة الطباعة كبسولة:

capsule filler equipment.jpg
Weight 250kg
Overall dimension 1000x760x1580mm (LXWXH)
Power supply 220V 50Hz 1A
Motor power 0.25kw
Air compressor 40Pa at 4SCFM/ 270Kpa at 0.0005m3/s
Empty capsule 00#-5#  more than 40000pcs/hour
Filled capsule 00#-5#  more than 40000pcs/hour
Soft capsule  33000-35000pcs/hour
5mm more than  70000pcs/hour
9mm  more than 55000pcs/hour
12mm more than 45000pcs/hour

How to use the capsules printing machine

1, the machine adopts the new type rotary transfer brush device has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, body is equipped with a brake wheel, simple operation, convenient shift convenience forvariety changing, low noise advantages. 
2, the machine adopts edible ink, using ethanol as the diluent, non-toxic, no side effects. High speed printing, writing clear, uniform fine dry. Can be used for single monochrome printing equipment, has been widely used in medicine, food and other industries. 
3, the machine can be applied to any size or shape of the product, can make axial printing in hollow capsule or capsules with powder, can also be applied to printed circular, oblong, triangular, hexagonal, sugar-coated tablets, no polishing, polishing film and in the specification of candy or a variety of soft capsule on the printed pattern, Chinese English, etc.
The tablets or capsules into the feed plate, the tablets or capsules naturally falls into the rotation of the feeding disc socket, and eliminate sac wing under the action of compressed air, tick off excess tablets or capsules, ultimately each socket only one was printed in the printing state. Printing rubber wheel speed and feeding wheel speed synchronous rotation, printing in the printing, timing is sandwiched between two pairs of printing rubber wheel, and then transmitted to the outlet.

Maintain(taking capsule filling model YX-CS800A as example
1. the reducer in locking machine, should be changed first oil within 24 hours(working time), and second oil within 72 hours(working time), then change it each one month.
2. when change capsule size, rotate the pole in locking machine can change the distance of pressing plate. #0 change to #1, #2, rotate clockwise; #2 change to #1, #0, rotate anticlockwise.
a. when rotate the pole, the pole and axis should be upright, then it can be rotated. Even when the pressing plate is at top side, the pole and axis should be upright.
b. before rotating, the screws on pole should be loose
c. when rotate, it should be at least 180o or 360 o or 720 o…., means the angle should be times than 180 o, otherwise, the reducer will be damaged when turn on the machine.
3. change capsule size, for arraying plate:
a. capsule mouth should be flat to arraying plate. Loose the screw in support plate to adjust the height.
b. adjust the distance between locking plate push into support bar and active plate. The distance between up plate of locking plate and low plate of active plate is 3mm. adjust screw and long pulled pole in machine box to adjust the distance. After adjust, lock the screw.
4. the arraying plate and active plate should be dislocated(so the active plate also can be called dislocated plate). When push locking plate into end, the hole in arraying plate, active plate and locking plate should be matched. If not matched, the position of arraying plate and active plate should be re-adjusted.
plate for capsules.jpg
Adjusting method:
a. loose the screw on support plate and angle support base, the angle support plate can drive horizontal plate and active plate to dislocate
b. loose screw, make main shaft drive arraying plate to dislocate.
5. remove malfunction: when turn on the switch of arraying plate, the pressure adjuster can work but main shaft cannot vibrate:
a. screw for vibrating head and presser are loosed
b. screw for arraying plate and main shaft are loosed
c. check each screw if they are locked well.
Pressure adjuster not work well, sometime heavy while sometime light, means the carbon brush is broken, should change the pressure adjuster. Note should turn switch first, then rotate pressure adjuster.
7. Others:
1. after capsule locked, can use capsule polisher to remove the dust on capsule.
2. suggest to buy capsule with separate capsule cap and bottom

Wooden case packing for capsule filling printing machine :

wooden case for capsules filling printer.jpg


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