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Saudi Arabian customer buys pneumatic cans sealing machinery semi automatic with EX-motor
Date:2016-04-18 16:47:49

Our customer from Sadui Arabia orders one (1*) ocs of the cans sealing machine model YX-41AA electric model; after getting the samples of the cans sent from
our customer we analyzed the cans and due to its big diameter it should be sealed with our model YX-43AA cans sealing machine which is more powerful then
the electric one . we did not charge the change fee from our customer.
One week later we finished manufacturing of the cans sealing machine model YX-43AA with which our customer was rather satisfied ;
We soon wooden cased the machine and shipped it to another supplier in China in whose factory the cans sealing machine would be together with other goods
and ready for shipping in one 20ft container ;
As below there is the basic information on this win-win cooperation business :

Samples received from Saudi Arabian customer:

freight bill for samples.jpg

Aluminum cans samples.jpg

PO issued by customer for cans sealing machine model YX-43AA :

PAYMENT proof for cans sealing machine.jpg

Payment Slip for model YX-43AA cans sealing machinery :

payment slip for pneumatic cans sealing machine.jpg

Testing video of cans sealing machine model YX-43AA :

Tin cans sealing samples :

cans sealing samples.jpg

Wooden case packing for cans sealing machine :

cans sealing pneumatic in wooden case.jpg

As follow there is the basic description of sealing machine model YX-43AA:


MODEL YX-43AA can sealing machine is designed based on the production desire by the customers. Adopting air sauce as its power

for sealing, it helps realizing automatic can closing to improve production efficiency and lower workers’ labor intensity with better sealing quality.

Suitable for closing paper cans, easy-open cans and three-piece cans’ bottom and top sealing. It is an ideal equipment for small size food and drink factories

as well as back-up equipment for medium and large size food and beverage factories.

II. Structural characteristics and working principle   

DRAWING OF CANS pneumatic sealing.jpg

The machine is composed of base plate, power mechanism, chuck , seaming rolls, adjustment mechanism and pneumatic system etc. The seaming rolls are adjustable within certain range, so it is capable of sealing different diameter cans within certain range by changing chuck. Moreover, the height adjustment mechanism can be adjusted to seal certain range height cans.

For operation, place lid-covered can on the base plate and start the machine. Then the base plate will rise automatically with chuck and base plate pressed tightly for revolving together to complete a sealing process.

III. Main Technical Parameters:

pneumatic cans sealing machine.jpg

1. Production Efficiency: 800-1200 cans/hour

2. Applicable Can Diameter: φ50~φ180mm(customization available for large diameter cans)

3. Applicable Can Height: 55~300mm£¨customization available for higher cans£©

4. A. Power Supply: 50Hz/60Hz 220V/110V 370W or 50Hz/60Hz 380V/220V 370W

  B. Air pressure requirement: At least 0.6mPA(97PSI)

5.Overall Dimension£º800×550×1500mm

6.Equipment Weight: 100kg

7.Chuck rotation speed: 900 RPM

IV. Trial Run Operation Procedures:

Step 1 :  Check and Adjust to make sure the base plate and chuck are concentric

operation part for cans sealing equipment.jpg

Methods£º1. Place the easy open lid on the can body well and then put the can on the center of the base plate.

2. Pull the base plate up and check carefully if the easy open lid fully matches with the chuck.

3. If deviation exists, please adjust slightly by referencing to instruction videos.

Step 2:   Adjust the base plate height

Method: 1.Pull the base plate to the highest point;

       2.Place the empty can on the base plate and check to make sure the distance      between the can lid and chuck to be at least 5mm.

       3.If the height is not up to the requirement, please adjust the height lifting support by referencing to the instruction videos.

Step 3: Adjust the distance between 1st operation curling roll and the chuck.

Method:1. Pull the can seaming arm to make the seaming rolls start towards the chuck.

       2.Visually inspect the gap distance between the seaming rolls and chuck to make sure it to be at least 1mm.

3.Adjust the reducer screw slightly if the distance is not correct by referencing to the instruction video.

Step 4: Adjust the distance between the 2nd operation forming roll and the chuck.

Method:1. Pull the can seaming arm to make its seaming rolls start towards the chuck 


mould for supporting cans.jpg

      2.Visually inspect the gap distance between seaming rolls and the chuck to make sure the distance at least 1mm;

V.Operation procedures and daily maintenance instructions:


To use the can sealer correctly and make sure the safety and normal production of the equipment.

2.Application of cans sealing machine:

Applicable for the control of the whole operating procedures of can sealer.


3.1 The operator should be fully acquainted with the the working principle and performances and operating points.

3.2 Shift supervisors shall supervise the operators to ensure correct and appropriate using and maintenance of the sealer.

3.3 Electrical and Mechanical Department shall install and debug the sealer and timely organize personnel for the examination and elimination of equipment faults.

4. Operating Points

4.1 Before Operation.

4.1.1 Check if all parts are well lubricated.

4.1.2 Check if there is loose in any part and breakage in the power cord.

4.1.3 Use the crank to check if the revolving system and the movement mechanism have any faults or abnormal noises.

4.2 Adjustment: The sealing is to be accomplished by both the 1st and 2nd seaming rolls, before which the adjustment of the seaming roll position helps achieving the required seaming roll position for sealing.

cans sealing head.jpg

4.3 Start Machine for Sealing

4.3.1 Start the motor and close the lids of filled cans.

4.3.2 Place the can on the base plate, closely against the positioning pins( can seat)

4.3.3 Sealing can be proceeded after the can positions are correct and the lids are well closed.

4.4 Stop the Machine

4.4.1 Depress the stop button to stop the machine.

Machines with Explosion-proof  motor :

explosion-proof motor cans sealing equipment.jpg

explosion-proof motor for pneumatic cans sealing.jpg

Cans sealing samples

cans sealing samples.jpg

5. Notes:

5.1 When relocating the sealing machine, at least three persons are required to proceed under confirmed security.

5.2 Forcibly pull and pressing the power cord are strictly prohibited.

5.3 Flushing the machine body with water is prohibited, while  wiping with wet cloth is suggested.

5.4 Beating the chuck casting is strictly prohibited.

5.5 During normal production, it is prohibited to adjust the six dovetail rolls by hand.

6. Daily Maintenance

6.1 Surface Wiping: The equipment surface shall be wiped clean and no objects shall be placed on top.

 6.2 Equipment Fastener: Equipment Fasteners shall be checked for their tightening and lubricated.

6.3 Seaming rolls shall be smoothed daily.