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perfume bottling boxing whole packaging line automatic bottles feeding filling capping labeling cartoning overwrapping machines
perfume bottling boxing whole packaging line automatic bottles feeding filling capping labeling cartoning overwrapping machines
The whole line including the machine as below :
Ⅰ.Bottles turntable for feeding&collecting the bottles YX-BS12
Ⅱ.Gravity filling machine 10heads YX-OF
Ⅲ.High speed capping machine YX-C03
Ⅳ.Rotary cold glue labeling machine for both round and flat bottles YX-RL04
Ⅴ.Automatic Cartoning machine YX-CP100
Ⅵ.Group Boxes Overwrapping machinery YX-200A

Our customer from Ukraine places the order for the whole line like filling capping cartoning labeling etc which are listed as below:
Ⅰ.Bottles turntable for feeding&collecting the bottles YX-BS12
Ⅱ.Gravity filling machine 10heads YX-OF
Ⅲ.High speed capping machine YX-C03
Ⅳ.Rotary cold glue labeling machine for both round and flat bottles YX-RL04
Ⅴ.Automatic Cartoning machine YX-CP100
Ⅵ.Group Boxes Overwrapping machinery YX-200A
Here we put all the machine and their model number into one videos in order to clarify every thing .

This whole line is specially designed according to our customer's bottles sizes and shapes and upon our customer's requirement.

perfume filling line.jpg

the machines from bottles feeding table to overwrapping boxes and collecting equipment apply for the packaging line in cosmetic industry;

Herewith the information for the machines respectively

Ⅰ.Bottles turntable for feeding&collecting the bottles YX-BS12

This unscramble bottle machine is the artificial bottles in the round table, wheel rotation will have to dial the conveyor belt into the bottle, into the filling machine for filling. Easy to use, simple operation is one of the indispensable link

Related equipment: the following equipment can be selected, can form unscramble bottle-filling-capping-labeling-the production line

turntable bottles.jpg

Main Technical specifications

drawing of turntable.png

Applicable specifications

20-1000 ml

Bottle diameter

φ 10-φ80 mm

The bottle height

85-300 mm

Production capacity

0-100 BPM (speed adjustable)


220 v50hz


0.5 kw



Machine size


Stainless steel

SUS304 material

Major Characteristics:

for round bottles turntable.jpg

The template of this machine adopts stepless speed adjust foe slew, make all the bottles enter into conveyer belt in order under the rotary tangential force, less labor, boost production efficiency. 
This machine can be used after electrified. Easing operating, it can be widely used for glass bottles, plastic bottles and polyester bottles for pharmaceutical, agrochemical, food, chemical etc. It is a

Good choice for small, medium, large factory.

Ⅱ.Gravity filling machine 1-20heads YX-OF

Automatic overflow filling machine for soamy liquid filler glass bottles liquid levels sensor measurement filling machinery 

Model YX-OF series for oil/liquid detergent/oil/perfume/etc

PENGLAI YX SERIES automatic overflow filling machine is typically used in consumer packaging applications where a consistent visual (cosmetic) fill level is required.

filling machinery gravity.jpg

overflow filling machines.jpg

Drawing of overflow liquid filler equipment model YX-OF06 (examples with 6 heads overflow filler equipment)

overflow filling machinery automatic.jpg

overflow filler equipment for foamy produts.jpg

The desired liquid product to be filled is held in a stainless steel reservoir, then pumped into a manifold to disperse product to each of your filling nozzles. Once the product reaches your desired cosmetic fill level in each bottle, excess product or foam overflows back to the reservoir. Advantages of the overflow filler include even fill levels, variable pressure pump speed control (to reduce foam), and ease of operation.

This Filler is manufactured with a heavy duty 304 stainless steel, high quality tig-welded tube frame and is available with 1 to 16 Fill Heads. It also comes standard with PLC Controls and color touch screen HMI, a stainless steel reservoir, and Pneumatic Indexing Gates, plus many more features. Options are available for even more versatility.

automatic overflow filling machine are commonly used for filling beverages and other thin products, especially where foam or bottle inconsistency might be an issue. NPACK automatic Overflow Filling can be built to suit sanitary, hazardous, flammable and corrosive environments.

automatic overflow filling machineTechnicals

perfume filling line.jpg

No. of filling nozzles: 1-20 heads

Filling volume: 1ml to 10000ml

Air pressure range: 0.4~0.6MPa

Power supply: 220V±5% 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 0.8kw

Single machine noise: ≤50dB

Net weight: 600kg

Overall Dimension(mm): L*W*H=1600×1000×1800mm

automatic overflow filling machine Characteristic:

touch screen information for overflow filling machinery.jpg

Man-machine English interface, intelligent contact screen, human design, easy operation.

Special overflow filling nozzles, accuracy level filling.

Program logic controller (PLC),                        

it is easy for changing size or modifying parameters.

Pneumatic elements are all imported, stability and reliability.

Photo-electric sensing and pneumatic linking control, automatic protection for shortage of bottle.

Close positioning design, easy governing, suitable for packing of all sizes of bottles.

The whole machine is designed according to requirements of GMP.

-Filling nozzles can be equipped according to the output.

Ⅲ.High speed capping machine YX-C03


Basic Parameters of screw capping machine 

filling+capping machines (4).jpg



Production capacity

80-160 Caps /min

Cap size


Bottle diameter


Bottle height






FEATURES of pump caps capping machine:

capping head for machinery.jpg

Model YX-C03 automatic high speed cap machine is the latest improvement of a new

type of capping machine. Aircraft elegant appearance, smart, capping speed, high 

pass rate, applied to food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticides, cosmetics and 

other industries ofdifferent shaped screw-cap bottles.Four speed motors are used

for cover bottle clip, transmit, capping, machine high degree of automation, stability,

 easy to adjust, or replace the bottle cap when not spare parts, Just make adjustments

to complete.

Remarks: bottle no cap facility

2.Different sizes of cap,no need additional tools,easy to adjust

3.Automatic cap-unscrambler,cap-feeding,bottle-fasten,cap-screwing

4.Tested and adjusted before delivery

5.English operation manual and relative spare parts offer

Ⅳ.Rotary cold glue labeling machine for both round and flat bottles YX-RL04

model YX-RL04 Wet Glue Labeling Machine automatic rotary cold paste labeler equipment high speed flat round bottle cola fría máquina de etiquetado designed and manufactured by our engineer team in cosmetic&food&pharma making and packaging machinery is widely used in the daily chemical industry like glue labeling equipments and such like.We as a famous manufacturer moreover can design and produce the packaging machine according to the special requirements from customers.

The fully automatic rotary double stations cold glue labeling machine suits for different industries for beer, white spirit, wine, health wine, seasoning, cosmetics, medicine, cans and others. It is usually equipped with two stations, and can be labeled in the fixed position with the productivity of 3000-15000 bottles/hour. It is essential to satisfy the upgrading of the whole production line and improve the production appearance.
basic parameter of model YX-RL04 Wet Glue Labeling Machine automatic rotary cold paste labeler equipment high speed flat round bottle cola fría máquina de etiquetadoThe different between non-sticker labeling and wet glue labeling machinery

model YX-RL04 labeling glue.jpg

Rotary labeling machine wetglue labeller

drawing for wet glue labeling machinery.png
Model YX-RL04
Main motor power 3kw Main motor SEW
Main voltage 380±10% V Frequency 50 Hz
Label type body label, back label,neck label
Suitable bottle type round&Flat bottle:35~100,H=140~350
Maximum label width 145 mm Pressure bottle  10
No. of taking label plate 4
No. of drum location 4
Adjustable speed range 3000-12000  bottles/hour
Dimension(length*width*height) 2290*1930*2150 (mm)
Weight About 3500kg
Compressed air consumption 0.08M3/min(0.6Mpa;no oil)
Label wastage ≤1‰
Electrical Configration
Touch screen  SIEMENS
Frequency converter  SCHNEIDER
Photoelectric sensor  LEUZE
Encoder  SICK
Low voltage apparatus  SCHNEIDER

Ⅴ.Automatic Cartoning machine YX-CP100

This is mainly used in medicine, food, health care products, cosmetics, audio-visual products, and other industries square exterior decoration items boxed packaging. Such as kit, gum, health products, tea, sugar, condoms, rubber, mosquito coils, cigarettes, tape, VCD (CD) CD, playing cards, transparent soap, square battery, floppy disks, etc. play a security, the role of moisture, and improve product quality, increase product added value. The machine can use in the production line, work with the carton packing machine.

application of cartoning equipment.jpg

Characteristics of soap boxes cartoning equipment fully automatic:

carton soap.jpg

working process for cartoning equipment.jpg

1.It adopts PLC control, frequency inverters control speed, electrical element are all used international famous brand;

2. Adopt human-machine interface

3.Automatically displaying device for malfunction, cartoning speed and finished products counting;

4.Automatic check the neglected cartoning and waste picked out for products and leaflet

5.It is easy to understand and operate, work stably.

6.It doesn’t inhale leaflet without products and dosen’t inhale box without leaflet.

7.It idles and doesn’t push products if there is no products or products supply does not reach the designated position. Machine will work automatically with reinstatement of products supply

8.It stops automatically if there is no box or continuous no leaflet.

9.It is easy to replace different products.  

10.The machine can be used alone,besides,it can be linked to work with blister packing machine,bottle filling machine and heat shrink packing machine.  

Videos of how to adjust the cartoning machine automatic

Basic parameter of automatic cartoning equipment boxing equipment:

3D drawing.jpg




Encasing  speed

30-120 case/min


Quality  requirement


Dimension  range (L× W× H)

(50-180)mm* (30-85)mm* (15-50)mm


Quality  requirement


Unfolded  leaflet  specification L× W


Folded  leafilet  specification(1-4)*(L× W)


Compressed  air

Working  pressure


Air  consumption


Power  supply

220V    50HZ

Motor  power


Machine  dimension(L× W× H)

3200mm* 1200mm* 1900mm

Machine  weight


Ⅵ.Group Boxes Overwrapping machinery YX-200A

Cellophane overwrapping machine is used for wrapping the square, rectangular and even trapezium shaped product with a layer of cellophane paper the same as the packaging of cigarette.

Suitable for single and bundles packaging of various pharmaceuticals, condom, health-care products, confectionery, chewing gum, tea, coffees perfumes, cosmetics, notepad, scratchpad, stationery , eraser, digitalmedia , VCD/DVD/CD cassette, tape, tobaccos, playing cards , napkin paper, etc.

overwrapping machinery.jpg

Functional Features 

filling capping overwrapping email.jpg

This machine is designed on the basis of absorbing,digesting and improving the advanced science and technology from Europe and Japan, using imported PLC control and electric components, which is drived by pneumatic cylinder, the servo motor controls the film falling, the setting and adjustment of the film length could be adjusted freely, at the advantage of stable and reliable operation,high speed,a firm packing, smooth and beautiful. the frame of machine is made up of imported high quality nice aluminium alloy or stainless steel and closed safe glass shield, It could do packing, feeding, folding, heat-sealing, counting and sticky tear tape automatically. malfunction automatic self-diagnosing and alarming, Changing few parts could wrap different specification (dimension, height, width) of different products. Can be used with cartoning machine,save money,reduce human resouce,improve effcet.


Performance Parameter of high speed servor motor materials feeding 3D overwrapping

servor motor film feeding.jpg


YX-200 Button controlling

YX-200A PLC touch screen  system

Packaging speed



Packaging size



Machine dimension



Conveyor dimension






Total power




3N AC 380V 50HZ

3N AC 380V 50HZ

Air pressure



After-sales for production filling line olive filler capper labeller equipment:

container loading system.jpg

Guarantee: for all the machine, it claims three years for guarantee.(Excluded from the warranty are problems due to accidents, misuse , misapplication, storage damage, negligence, or modification to the Equipment or its components. ALSO THE EASY BROKEN SPARE PART IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE GUARANTEE)

Installation: after the machine arrive your factory,if you need,our technician will go to your place to install and test the machine and also training your worker to operating the machine (The time of train depend on you worker). The expenses (air ticket ,food , hotel,the travelling fee on your country) should be on your account and you need paid for the technician USD50 per day. also you can go to our factory to do training.

After service: If you get the problem on the machine ,our technician will go to your place to fixed the machine as soon as possible. The cost should be in your account.(as above).


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