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negative pressure filling machine perfume fully pneumatic rotary type equal level liquid filler equipment 10heads
negative pressure filling machine perfume fully pneumatic rotary type equal level liquid filler equipment 10heads
model YX-PF10
Filling Volume 10
Filling speed 1000~3000b/h
Production capacity 20-50bot/min
Filling volume 30~500ml
Supply voltage 3/N AC380V/220V
N.W 180kg
Dimension 1168*1168*2000mm
Single machine noise ≤70dB
Equipent Charcteristics Pneumatic control or Electric control
Wide suitability High filling accuracy
Labor saving Easy to use and maintain

YX-PF10 Perfume Filling Machine is used for filling floral water, perfume and other water-based materials.

This machine adopts vacuum type filling and fixed liquid level type filling, thus avoiding the different levels caused by the thickness of each container bottom.
The machine is with 10 heads filling, and rotary type filling, which has speeded up and meanwhile saved a lot of spaces.
The filling nozzle number can be customized, like 6 heads, 8 heads, 10heads etc. The vacuum perfume filling machine also is equipped with a recycle system, which saves a lot of time and labor tensity.
Negative pressure suction fluid filling,product filling quantity to liquid level height is the metering method;Equipment with casters,convenient to move
The contact part adopt 316L stainless steel,table with SS 304
Suitable for glass bottle and the plastic bottle which will not easy out of shape after vacuum.
perfume bottles.jpg
samples of perfume boxes bottles (2).jpg
 FEATURE OF Rotary filling machine:
rotary filler equipment.jpg
1.This perfume filling machine adopts imported parts, piston and cylinder which made of stainless steel and polytetrafluoroethylene. Excellent qualified imported components and perfect mechanical design ensure its leading position among domestic similar machine.
2.The new rotary type design, light and easy to operate.
3.Equipment with casters, easy to move.
4. Liquid contact part adopt staninless steel 316L.others adopt stainless steel 314.
5. Switch function between manual and automatic: when machine is in “automation” condition, machine will fill continuously with set speed: when it is under “manual” condition, operator step on footplate to realize filling. If stepping footplate continuously, it will change to continuous filling condition. Cylinder and three-way parts use cuff connection which is easy to remove. It does not need any special tools so it is easy to clean.
6.Anti-leaking filling system: the closure head is moved when the cylinder moves up and down during filling. When the closure head down by cylinder, the valve will open and start to fill material; when it up by cylinder, valve will close and stop to fill, and avoid leaking and wire drawing.
7.The negative filling method can improve the filling speed, reduce the perfume contact with air, make sure the quality of the perfume, and prolong the shelf life.
8.The filling head can be chosen according to your capacity.

WORKING PRINCIPLE for perfume filling machine

machine perfume filling in details.jpg

The level of the perfume is auto-controlled by a floating ball,to keep the fixed level.When the liquid valve bar get into the bottle and the bottle mouth are sealed.
It start to exhause the air and get the negative pressure.The drink in the liquid vat fill into the bottle at the different pressure conditions.The exhaustion stop
when the level over the exhausting hole of the perfume bar.
And the difference isn't existed.The perfume filling stop.The perfume valves are raise and the bottle is conveyed away by pushing wheel and chain.

1)Adopt pnuematic working system, the oil-water separator make the air more pure, so that increases the filling speed and improve the acuracy of filling.
2)Through adjusting the digital display control panel to set the filling time  to control the filling volume.
3)Manual finishing the bottle loading, as the sensor contact the bottle, filling head will down into the bottle inside, pump the air out of the bottle body, make a vacuum suitation inside.
4)Automatic filling.
5)When finish filling, the residual liquid will back to the cylinder, low liquid waste.

Basic parameter of rotary perfume filling machine semi automatic

perfume filling machine rotary.jpg

Type YX-PF10 perfume filling machine semi automatic :
Filling Volume 10
Filling speed 1000~3000b/h
Production capacity 20-50bot/min
Filling volume 30~500ml
Supply voltage 3/N AC380V/220V
N.W 900kg
Dimension 1168*1168*2000mm
Single machine noise ≤70dB
Equipent Charcteristics Pneumatic control or Electric control
Wide suitability High filling accuracy
Labor saving Easy to use and maintain

How to choose filling machine according to the requirement and the features of materials:

website essential oil filler.jpg

Filling machineIs called liquid product packaging container loading mechanical filling machine.According to its viscosity liquid products, can be divided into:
Fluid:Which can be according to certain speed under their own gravity any liquid flows through a pipe.Velocity is mainly affected by the fluid viscosity and pressure,General viscosity range is 1 ~ 100cp,Such as alcohol, juice, milk, soy sauce, etc.
Semi-fluid:In the greater than the pressure of its own gravity to flow in the circular tube under the action of liquid called semi-fluid,The viscosity range of 100-100cp,Like a sponge, jam sauce, meat, etc.
The viscous flow body:The product viscosity of more than 10000The cp,Don't fall into the category of fluid and semi-fluid.Such as paste products belong to this category.
For low viscosity liquid,According to whether they contain carbon dioxide gas in the liquid,Can be divided into gas and gas two classes;As to whether can be divided into the soft drinks contain alcohol elements (No alcohol) and hard drink (alcohol).The fluid flow characteristics will be affected by temperature, viscosity, the content of solid particles and decomposition, the influence of factors such as surface tension or foaming characteristics.
Container is according to its material are glass bottles, metal cans, paper containers, plastic bottles, etc,Also can be divided into:
Rigid container:Any can take 15Pounds of downward pressure and deformation of metal, glass, ceramic or plastic, after the seal cap does not leak liquid containers are called a rigid container.
Semi-rigid containers:Any lightweight plastic (Usually blow molding and thermoforming) or made of cardboard and its composite paper material, after the seal cap does not leak liquid container is semi-rigid containers
The rigid container:Any with plastic film, foil, plastic composite film or containers are made of their compounds called non rigid container.For example, the well-known bag,It generally requires filling system with bag making equipment.Usually in the piston constant volume,Filling system to a certain capacity of liquid filling produced by the device in the container.
(a) by filling bottles of major sports form classification
(1) rotating type filling machine
For bottling by transfer system (Generally by the bottle washing machine by the conveyor belt input)Filling machine or manual entry into the bottle body,Bottle by filling machine rotary table to drive around the main vertical shaft rotary motion to continuous filling,The bottle has filled when the nearly a week,Then gland by rotary table into the capping machine,As shown in figure 5, 6,Shown below:
Beverage filling machine, bottle in the vertical view in the process of filling
The filling machine widely used in food and beverage industry in,Such as carbonated drinks, juice, beer, milk filling,This machine is mainly composed of fluid conveying (The feeder system)Bottle, container transport (that is, for the system), filling valve, the big wheel, transmission system, the body, such as automatic control part,The filling valve is the key to guarantee the normal work of the filler can.
In liquid filling machine, bottle filling process diagram
(2) linear filling machine
Filling bottles along the straight line movement,Filling in rows.As shown in figure 7,All empty bottles that were sent by pushing plate to push forward a bottle,When sent to the filling liquid tube below,The valve open to filling,Intermittent operating。
The relative rotation filling machine filling machine,The structure is simpler,Manufacturing and convenient,But the area is larger,And it is intermittent movement,The improvement of production capacity has also been a certain limit,So only commonly used for steam liquid class filling,Limitations.
3.Automatic filling machine
This type can be divided into:Single machine automata and joint automaton (Can include continuous washing bottle, filling and capping, labeling, packing and other processes) automatic filling mainly adopts mechanical transmission control one of the most common in addition,And according to the filling method, such as the closure and quantitative device classification method。
(2) according to the classification of filling method
(1) normal pressure filling machine
Under ordinary conditions of liquid products filling to packaging container of the machine according to normal pressure filling machine.It is suitable for filling only low viscosity do not contain gas liquid products,Such as liquor,vinegar,Soy sauce etc..Liquor filling machine, for example,Introduces the structure and working principle of normal pressure filling machine。
(2) the negative pressure filling machine
First the packaging container form negative pressure suction,Then the machine within the liquid product filling to packaging container called negative pressure filling machine.Negative pressure filling machine is divided into two kinds:
A. differential pressure filling machine
Night in the storage at normal pressure,Only for packing container extraction of negative pressure,Rely on storage tank and the pressure differential between the filling and container will be liquid products to packaging container filling machine。
B. the gravity type negative pressure filling machine
The liquid tank and container are form negative pressure suction,The filling weight of liquid products rely on itself to packaging container of machines.
Negative pressure filling machine is suitable for filling contain vitamin drink,Toxic pesticides and chemical reagent, etc.
(3) pressure filling machine, etc
To the first container,Make the internal gas pressure equal to the gas pressure of the liquid in the box,Then the machine within the liquid product filling to packaging container called isobaric filling machine.It is suitable for filling drinks and alcohol containing gas containing gas,Such as soda,,Coca-Cola,beer,Sparkling wine etc..It can ensure the quality of filling of the product and the measuring accuracy。(Behind in detail)
(4) pressure filling machine
Pressure filling machine is using external mechanical stress will liquid products to packaging container filling machine.It is suitable for filling viscous materials,Such as toothpaste,ketchup,Bean paste,Balsam etc.。
The total available,Beer contains carbon dioxide gas,The beer filling machine should choose pressure filling machine, etc,To guarantee its quality。

Machine rotary perfume filling integrated with conveyor belt for semi automatic filler production line:

Wooden case packing for rotary filling machine

machinery exported in wooden case.jpg

Guarantee: for all the machine, it claims one year for guarantee.(Excluded from the warranty are problems due to accidents, misuse , misapplication, storage damage, negligence, or modification to the Equipment or its components.

Installation: after the machine arrive your factory,if you need,our technician will go to your place to install and test the machine and also training your worker to operating the machine (The time of train depend on you worker).

The expenses (air ticket ,food , hotel,the travelling fee on your country) should be on your account and you need paid for the technician USD50 per day. also you can go to our factory to do training.

After-sales service: If you get the problem on the machine ,our technician will go to your place to fixed the machine as soon as possible. The cost should be in your account.(as above).


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