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Single head Semi-automatic Magnetic Pump bottle liquid filling machine‎ tabletop type oil medium viscosity materials filler equipment
Single head Semi-automatic Magnetic Pump bottle liquid filling machine‎ tabletop type oil medium viscosity materials filler equipment
Model YX-I
Voltage AC 220v,110v can be customized
Power 10w
Filling Range 2ml-5000ml( Arbitrary filling)
Max Flow Rate 20.0L/min
Nozzles diameter:φ6mm(Standard)φ8mmCustomizable
Package Size 65*50*41cm
Weight 22.5kg Volume Weight
Max Suck Distance 2m
Repeat Error <0.5%

Before installation and use of the filling machine please read the manual carefully.

• Check the packing list and configuration of machine after getting the machine

• The machine enjoys one year guarantee,during which we take charge of the maintenance and reparation without charging our customer(excluding the case that customer operates the machine without following strictly the instruction)。

• The machine adopts the magnetic pump as the actuator .Turn off the power supply before dissembling the magnetic for cleaning and repairing least it cause the damage on the motor and filling part.

• The controlling part and magnetic parts are commissioned before shipping. Don’t dissemble these parts after receiving the machine.

• The supply power should be 220/50hz or 110V/60HZ

• The machine should be kept away from the strong interference source like air compressor/Arc Welding machine/High frequency furnace etc .

• The machine should be kept away from the High temperature source like ultraviolet oven in case the machine suffers the overloading;

• The machine should be placed on the dry place and never let the liquid or water splash into the radiator outlet in order to avoid the short circuit。

Basic parameter of three head magnetic pump filling machinery:

inside magnetic pump filler.jpg












Filling volume

≤20 bpm




≤40  bottles/min


≤60 bottles/min


Flow rate


Power supply

AC220V 50/60Hz

Filling volume


Outlet diameter



Filling error


Relative Humidity


Filling head

1 nozzle/2 nozzles/4 nozzles



Machine materials

Stainless steel

Protection Level

IP 32





Machine weight

15Kg(Excluding spare parts


22Kg(Excluding spare parts


37Kg(Excluding spare parts




























three heads filling machinery tubes.jpg

Characteristics of magnetic pump filling machine model YX-I:
1. It adopts world-famous brand frequency control, and is equipped with imported high-precision multi-circle potentiometer and lockable dial, so the flow can be regulated to
be steady and accurate, with the negative deviation to be less than 0.5%, and the positive deviation to be less than 1.5%.
2. The magnetic gear stainless steel pump is originally imported from Japan, with reliable quality and long life.
3. Durable stainless steel cabinet.
4. With small volume, so can be operated conveniently.
5. Convenient for cleaning and sterilizing.
6. With full function, with automatic or manual. Can be operated
together with the production line.
7. Can be equipped with several filling nozzles, and the usual models include: single pump machine, double pump
machine and four-pump machine.
8. Can fill most types of liquids, including high-viscosity liquid.For instance, such agranular liquids as: medicine, chemical, oil, cosmetics and food.
9. The filling capacity of YX-I filler can be regulated from 1ml to 10000ml, and that of YX-I can be regulated from 10ml to
80000ml, and they can be conveniently regulated.

wooden case packing for two sets of magnetic pump

essential oil bottles.jpg
II. Control panel

three heads magnetic pump filler.jpg

magnetic pump filling drawing.jpg

                                                                             (Take example with two nozzles)

1.filling materials 2.bottles 3output tube, 4、pump, 5、glass valve、 6、switch
for pump, 7、manual-control key, 8、regulation for
flow, 9、filling time, 10、counter,11、Interval,
12、Interval instructions, 13、setting,pre-clean,
working, 14、automatic,stop,manual, 15 Filling
instructions, 16、Power Switch, 17、Re-count to
zero, 18、Fluid tube, 19、Fluid pipe

Instruction on how to operate the magnetic pump filling machine:
a) Place the machine on the working platform.

semi automatic filler equipment.jpg

three heads filling machinery.jpg

magnetic pump filling machine.jpg

b) Put the raw material barrel and such vessels as bottles to
be filled in position.
c) Connect the power supply cord.
d) Turn the “flow control 7” to O.
e) Switch the "manual and automatic switch 14” to "manual".
f) Turn the "power switch 16” to “ON”.
g) When using is for the first time, the feeding pipe and
outlet pipe of the pump should intake the liquid, or filling the liquid slowly from the outlet pipe, so that when
working, the pump can transport the liquid from the raw material barrel to the bottles to be filled.
h) Switch "manual and automatic switch 14” to “manual”; switch the “working setting switch 13” to “working”, and the corresponding “pump 1 switch” to “ON”.
i) The “filling time 9” can be initially set to “05S00”, the indicator of “interval 11” to “0”. Press “manual start 18”, and slowly turn the “flow control” knob. At this time, the
liquid of the raw material is sucked in, and filled into such vessels as the bottles.
j) When the air or bubble in the outlet pipe has been completely exhausted, a proper filling speed can be
selected. Then switch “manual and automatic switch 14” to “stop” to enter standby.
k) Setting of the filling volume: Put the measuring glass under the filling nozzle. Set the “filling time 9” to a value greatly larger than the filling time for each time, such as
“99S00”, and then switch the “manual and automatic switch 14” to “manual”. At this time, the machine starts;filling. Observe the measuring glass; when the filling
volume reaches the needed volume, quickly switch the “working setting switch 13” to “setting” to stop filling.
The number displayed on the shining line of the “filling time 9” is the needed filling time. If it displays "0365",
we can set the “filling time 9” to “03S65”.
l) The setting of “Interval 11”: It can be set according to the time between two times of filling. If it is 2 seconds, the
indicator of the “interval 11” can be turned to 2 under the “automatic” working state.

three head filler magnetic pump.jpg


packaging wooden case before shipping.jpg

wooden case packing for two sets of magnetic pump

a) The reflux valve must be vertically downward, otherwise it will affect accuracy.
b) The filling nozzle must be vertically downward, otherwise liquid dripping will appear.
c) The curve of the pipeline should not be too small, otherwise it will affect the flow and accuracy.
d) The difference of the liquid levels of the raw material barrels should not be too large, otherwise it will affect precision.
e) For volatile liquid, please use it in the environment where the air is circulated.
f) Unsuitable for use with high frequency wave machines. g) Unsuitable for use with large-load equipment.
h) Please notice us of the characteristics of the filled liquid, so that we can choose different feeding and outlet pipes.


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