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Liquid bottling equipment small bottles filling capping sticker labeling machine automated with unscrambling feeding system
Liquid bottling equipment small bottles filling capping sticker labeling machine automated with unscrambling feeding system
Model YX-50G-H liquid filling bottling machine high speed type:
Applicable specifications: 10-100ml
Production speed : 55-65 bottles / min
Filling accuracy: ≤±1%
Suitable for bottle type: φ10-42mm
Power supply: 220V/50Hz
Automatic capping rate: ≥99%
Automatic plug rate: ≥99%
Gas source :1.3 m3/h 0.4-0.8Mpa
Power 2.0 kw
Machine net weight :1000 kg
Dimensions :2400*2000*1900mm
Mark: Machine can be customized to the EX-proof type for the volatile liquid.

What the bottling machine means is the equipment to handle the process of drawing a measured quantity of ready product from a holding tank and filling it into bottles. The bottles may then be capped, labeled, sealed and packaged for distribution. Bottling solutions differ in the product metering system they employ, the nature and consistency of the product they can handle, the capacity requirements,sterilization level, and the type of bottles and sealing system used. Bottling solutions are widely used in the cosmetic,beverage, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

The Spray pump bottles filling capping bottling machine consists of three parts mainly:

►1. Bottles unscrambler equipment to feed the bottles in the filling and capping station from the unpack of bottles;


2.Filling and capping machine at the speed about 60pcs per minute to bottling the liquid;


3.Sticker labeling machine to paste the labels with product information around the bottles.


Automatic plastic round bottle unscrambler:

For this automatic bottle uncrambler, it needs manually adds the materials into the storage bottle warehouse for storage. The materials in the storage bottle library will be automatically quantified and set at a set speed to the turntable. The turntable supplies the bottles as required by high-speed rotation. Standardize the bottles, and divide the bottles at a certain speed to send the bottles supplied by the turntable into the unpacking part. The noise is less than <70dB. The machine frame and barrel are made of 304 high-quality stainless steel material, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection, and there is no dead angle on the whole. Meet GMP requirements. The automatic bottle reversing mechanism is equipped with a bottle collecting device, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

unscrambler for feeding bottles.jpg

The machine is equipped with two stepless speed regulation motors, and one is used to adjust the rotation speed of the bottle unwinding plate, that is, the faster the turntable speed , Then the faster the speed of unpacking the bottle, the slower the converse. And at the exit of this machine is equipped with an Omron photoelectric switch to detect whether there is a bottle jam on the conveyor belt behind. If a bottle jam occurs, the motor of the bottle tray automatically stops. If bottle shortage is detected, it will start and send bottles automatically.

Technical Parameters of bottles unscrambler equipment:

unscrambling drawing.jpg

bottles unscrambling.jpg

bottles unscrambler.jpg
Output: 10-100 bottles / min

Bottle specifications: 10-200ml

Voltage: AC220 / 50-60Hz

Total power: 1KW

Air pressure: 0.5 Mpa

Dimensions: 1500 × 1000 × 1200mm

Net weight: 200KG

rotary type high speed 2 heads filling capping machine:
filling bottling line.jpg

This machine fully reflects the advanced design, reliability and rationality of GMP requirements for pharmaceutical equipment, pays attention to people-oriented, and reduces the human factors in the process of equipment use. Automatic filling, swing arm capping, pre-spinning, and bottle-out, with linkage design, all movements are completed simultaneously.

main body for filling bottling machine.jpg
1. Intuitive operation of the equipment: the setting of the torque, the setting of the screwing speed, the production speed of the equipment, the fault display, the completion workload, etc. are directly displayed on the operation panel, and the adjustment of the working parameters of the equipment can be directly performed on the panel. The operation panel is equipped with a plexiglass door, and the overall open design of the equipment allows the operator to easily observe the operation of the inspection equipment at any time.

2. Easy-adjustable structure: This machine can directly complete the filling and capping of eye drops and essential oil bottles, lotion bottles, cosmetic water bottles, iodine, wind oil, tincture and other products. The production speed, the capping speed and the capping torque can be adjusted on the touch screen according to actual needs.

3. The machine is compact and can be used up to 0.5S from filling to lower cover.

4. The cap lifting mechanism adopts cam control and the structure is stable. The transmission mechanism is driven by eccentric cam, which has small sound and long life. The dropper cover hopper adopts single track cover.

5. Set the star plate overload protection on the main drive system to prevent mechanical failure caused by the card bottle and stop the inspection in time.

Features of automatic liquid bottling equipment:

Drawing of filling bottling line.jpg

a) The filling process of the machine and the contact materials of the medicine are made of high quality stainless steel material and special silicone tube.

b) This machine adopts reliable piston filling, which is convenient for filling and speed adjustment.

c) The filling assembly is easy to disassemble and easy to clean, disinfect and sterilize

d) This machine adopts lifting and filling, and the injection nozzle can be inserted into the bottle to ensure effective injection.

e) Using the company's patented pre-rotation mechanism to greatly improve the success rate and efficiency of the cap

f) Adopting the servo motor cap, the screw cap speed and torque are more convenient to adjust directly in the man-machine interface.

g) PLC automatic control, whole machine stainless steel production, HD visible plexiglass frame

i) With fault alarm, door open, mechanical overload automatic stop device

j) Filling with the piston according to the test machine product when filling

k) Precise control without bottle and no filling

Technical parameters of automatic bottling equipment for liquid &cream:

bottles feeder.jpg

bottles robot arm feeder.jpg

servo capper.jpg

Model YX-50G-H

Applicable specifications: 10-100ml

Production speed : 55-65 bottles / min

Filling accuracy: ≤±1%

Suitable for bottle type: φ10-42mm

Power supply: 220V/50Hz

Automatic capping rate: ≥99%

Automatic plug rate: ≥99%

Gas source :1.3 m3/h 0.4-0.8Mpa

Power 2.0 kw

Machine net weight :1000 kg

Dimensions :2400*2000*1900mm

caps feeding bowl.jpg

Machine can be individually the Ex-proof type for the volatile liquid bottling:

Machine can be customizedly EX-Proof type.JPG

Automatic round bottle sticker labeling:

labeling equipment.jpg

It is suitable for automatic labeling machines for food, medicine, cosmetics, electronics, hardware, auto parts, stationery, batteries, various oil round bottles, and various packaging products of different specifications.

Features of labeling machine:

bottles sticker labeller.jpg

◆Used for labeling on the outer surface of round bottle products. In the circumferential direction of the round bottle, small half-label, half-label, multiple-half label and full label can be attached (full on the circumference)

◆Using man-machine interface, intuitive display and easy operation. With multiple sets of memory devices, there is no need to reset the settings when changing the product

◆With fault display and alarm function. When the label is used up or the label is broken, the machine will stop and alarm.

◆The parts are processed and specially processed to ensure high quality. High labeling accuracy, stable performance and long service life

Technical Parameters of round bottles sticker labeling machine:

labeling sticker machine.JPG

Tag length: 10-250mm

Label height: 20-100mm

Labeling range: Φ20mm - Φ100mm

Production capacity: 20 - 120 bottles / min

Label Reel Size: Φ76mm

The maximum diameter of the label roll: Φ300mm

Bottle size: diameter 20mm - 100mm height 30mm - 150mm

Power: 0.55KW

Power: 220/50 / 60Hz

Overall dimensions: 2000 mm × 1000 mm × 1400 mm

Net weight: 120kg

*Note: The above parameters are for reference only. The machine constantly upgrades parameters that may cause the actual discrepancies, please understand.

Wooden case packaging for shipping rotary filling capping bottling line:

wooden case for shipping filling bottling line.jpg


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