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Indian customer purchases L type sealer machine without shrinkage tunnel shrink packaging
Date:2013-10-06 15:30:28

The indian customers have one L sealer already installed, but for small and light weight components the POF film size required is too large which invites heavy (more than 50%) wastage.
There is need adopting the modified machine design accordingly to economize the POF consumption at desired speed and quality.

According to his samples(see the below picture) whic is normal size for our sealing equipment ,then we recommend our machines model YX-H400 L type sealer without tunnel which owns the function as below:

l sealer india.jpg

shrinking tunnel without sealer.jpg

Automatic L-type Sealer&Shrinking Machine
Sealing system: Stable heating system, easy to change cutter, no smoke and stink, PLC control system
Operation panel: Eview color touch screen
Main material: Stainless steel
The far-infrared shrink packging machine adopts quartz far-infrared tube as heating source.
It is best suitable for PVC material.
The inner cycle type is suitable for PVC. PP. POF packing material. Overlong shrinking tunnel, intelligentized temperature controller with figure, and closing heat wind inner recycles.
Model YX-H400
Sealing model L-BAR
Voltage 380V/50-60Hz/3phase
Max. packing speed 50 bags/min
Sealing line size 570×480mm
Packing height 125mm

L type sealer equip.jpg

Main function of film sealing wrapping machine:
1. Paper carton or other similar article arraying and stacking, automatic material categorizing,
automatic membrane packaging and bag packaging of articles, automatic package moulding by hot air shrinkage.
2. Applicable Object:Solid articles of medical, food, drinking, electronic and daily commodities industries.

L sealing machine for Buch von India.jpg

L type sealing machine with the shrinkage tunnel heat wrapping machine operation video showed as below:

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