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Automatic pillow pack equipment snack food packaging equipment film wrapper HFFS set
Automatic pillow pack equipment snack food packaging equipment film wrapper HFFS set
Model YX-250B
Supply Power (V/Hz) AC 200/50 110/60
Speed (pack/min) 40-250 bags per min
Heating sealing power (KW) 2.4
Film thickness (mm) 0.04-0.06
Bag size (L×W×H)(mm) 50-250×30-100×5-50
Dimension (L×W×H)(mm) 3770×670×1450
N.W(kg) 450


 Model YX-250B Horizontal coffee capsule flow wrapping machine with touch screen 

The pillow type packing machine for snacks food like chocolate,This is a type of packaging with which a wide variety of products can be packed in an organised way either separately or on a tray. It's ideal for packaging single items such as large cookies, blocks of cheese, meat products etc.techniques.


Using PENGLAI brand packaging machines, it is also possible to seal flow packs with or without the addition of gases (protective atmosphere). We can then print the packaging film using a variety of printing.It is a high speed packaging machine for all kinds of variant candy like square, ball, round, column, button and ellipse, applying differential system   for convenient use.

horizontal flow wrapper machine.JPG

Feautures of flow wrapping machine horizontal:

1.Compact and reasonable structure, stable and advanced performance, easy and convenient operation.

2.Be controlled by double transducer, infinintely adjusting speed, flexible cutting and setting of bag length,time and film saveable.

3.Use international famous electric components,PLCcontrol,human-machine interface,convenient and rapid setting parameters.

4.The indincation for troubleshooting is clear,and the use is more humanized.

5.Highly sensitive photoelectric eye tracing color mark makes the sealing position more accurate.

6.Accurat temperature setting be suitable for all varieties of packaging materials,great improvement for quality of sealing.

7.Shut down the machine in the fixed position,without sticking to the blade and no waste of film.

8.Simple and clear driving system,with more relible work and more convenient maintance.

9.All the controls are relized though the soft which facilitate the requirement indifferent period.

10.Automatic feeder can feed aluminium,plastic medicine with various specs.

11.Can be used with cartoning machine,has the function of rejecting scrap.

horizontal flow wrapper drawings.JPG




Supply Power (V/Hz) 

         AC 200/50    110/60 

Speed (pack/min)

                              40-200 bags per min 

Heating sealing power (KW) 



Film thickness (mm) 


Bag size (L×W×H)(mm)


Dimension (L×W×H)(mm) 





                     nitrogen fill settings equipped


Frequently Asked Questions:

horizontal flow wrapper equipment for food packaging.JPG


1.       Require wiring for ISO standard, ie colour coding and RCD protection.
  • Our machine is often in harmony with the export standard so about RCD that disconnects a circuit whenever it detects that the electric current is not balanced between the energized conductor and the return neutral conductor ;  colour coding herein red signified danger and white signified safety, with other colors having similar assignments of meaning.
2.       PLS control with touch screen ??
  •  We have both the button controlled flow wrapper and the PLC touch screen controlled equipment.The horizontal flow wrapper for your coffee capsule is just the one with the touch screen PlC controlled.
3.       What brand PLC ?
  • PLC    FP0-C16T-F    Matsushita PLC
4.       Can attach a pusher for indivual coffee capsule ? Do you have automatic feeder and pusher ??
  • Because of your coffee capsule is irregular form so automatic feeding production is difficult and the whole automatic will often cause many troubles to the machine.A pusher for individual coffee capsule we can do it but not suggest your using it as far as the inefficiency is concerned.
5.       Need to include date printer ?
  • the data printing settings can be equipped with the machine but the machine be more 500USD
6.       Nitrogen fill ready – all I need to do is supply nitrogen ???

  Right,we have already offer all while what you only need to do is to supply the nitrogen from the nitro-generator apparus.

wooden case packing.jpg


Payment term: T/T 50%deposit, the balance paid before delivery.

Package: Each machine wrapped by PO film, then packed to standard wooden case.

Delivery time: Within 7-25 days after received your deposit.

This machine shall enjoy 1 year warranty and life-long maintenance service (Remark: Customer 

should use the consumption material appointed by us, or the failure of machine hereby induced 

shall not be in the warranty range)


Annotations: What is the flow pack?

Flow wrapping, also known as fin-seal wrapping, horizontal bagging, or pillow pouch wrapping, is a quick and economic packaging method used for a broad range of products. During this process, items proceed through a flow wrapping machine, which precisely places a polymer-based packaging material over the product and seals the package. Flow wrapping incorporates three unique seals consisting of two crimps at the ends and a longitudinal fin seal that runs along the back of the package.

Rising operational costs, increased consumer demands, and constant pressure to improve product packaging efficiency sends many manufacturers to flow wrapping technology for more efficient packaging solutions. The speed and seamless action of flow wrapping machines allow businesses to achieve shorter turnaround times for larger orders. Recent developments in the automation of flow packaging machines also significantly reduce labor costs, allowing you to invest more in other areas of your business.

how flow pack works.jpg

Although flow wrapping machines come in a wide variety of forms, they all consist of the same essential elements: an infeed conveyor belt, a film feed assembly, a forming area, and a discharge area.

Operators first place the product on an infeed conveyor belt, which transports the product to the forming area. At the forming area, the machine wraps a layer of sealing material around the product, mating the two outside edges of the material at the bottom. The mating edges then pass through a pair of rotating fin seal wheels, which form the longitudinal seal using heat, pressure, or a combination of both.

The product then moves through a series of rotating cutting heads, or end seal crimpers, that seal the front and back ends of the product while separating the adjoining products into individual packages. After this process, the machine delivers the products to the discharge area, where they accumulate for storage or further packaging. On top of this basic model, factory managers can tailor flow wrapping machines’ packaging speed, packaging dimensions, equipment dimensions, and other optional features to their facility’s requirements.

Flow packaging operates mainly via horizontal or vertical processes. As their names suggest, vertical flow packing packages products vertically, and horizontal flow packing wraps products horizontally. Choosing between the two depends on the type of material being packaged and the desired bag type. Horizontal flow packaging solves most packaging needs, but vertical flow packaging greatly speeds the process for loose products that can be easily dropped into the package, such as powders, granulated products, liquids, and fresh or frozen produce.

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