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Flat Boxes Bottles Labels Applicator tamp Labeller Equipment Semi Automatic Non-dry Sticker Glue Labelling Bags Machinery
Flat Boxes Bottles Labels Applicator tamp Labeller Equipment Semi Automatic Non-dry Sticker Glue Labelling Bags Machinery
Model YX-FL02
Accuracy ±1mm
Speed: 20 - 60pcs per minute
Label Width 30 ~ 120mm
Label Length 30 ~ 120mm
Applicable range of container
Max. OD of Label Roll 300mm
Label Roll ID 76mm
Label pitch 3-4mm±0.2mm
Power Supply 220V 50Hz
Power Rating 120w
Dimension 980×750×700mm
Net Weight 35Kg Gross Weight 45KG

This machine is suitable for labeling the wide range of products. One machine can basically achieve all the required of flat product labeling, 

especially for low-volume, variety and changeable specifications labeling which can largely improve the labeling production efficiency and reduce equipment investment costs;

it is widely used in cosmetics, food, toys, daily chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical, plastics, printing and other industries,such as flat shampoo bottles, packing boxes, cosmetic flat bottles,bottle caps, plastic shell

and SD cards etc.flat,arc,concave,convex or other attached label.Made of stainless steel, engineering plastic and high-strength aluminum alloy having received anodic-oxidation surface treatment,

all surface parts of the machine are structurally light, highly strong and corrosion resistant and meet the GMP standard. 

Technical Parameters of bottle labeling machine for flat bottles model YX-FL01:

schematic diagram of labeling machine.jpg

 model YX-FL02.jpg

Application and features of model YX-FL02 Flat surface labelling machine tamp labeller:
    ►Technological process: place the bottles by hand-labeling-finished products
    ►Exclusively used for products with irregular shapes and applicable to many standards of bottles and lids
    ►Dynamic synchronous tension control uspplies labels stably and quickly to ensure the label-feeding speed and labeling accuracy
    ►Label synchronous location mechanism ensures locating accuracy of labels up to plus or minus 0.5mm
    ►Convenient to use with a customized mould for clients
    ►Distance-stripped of labels is calculated automatically by microcomputer cooperated with photoelectricity according to the length and the photoelectricity location don't need to by adjusted.
    ►Operated smoothly and produces safely with a pedal emergency stop switch
    ►Easy to operate that it could be done by anyone.

Shipping Packaging list including:

close picture for flat bottle labeling.jpg
main machine x 1pc
fuse x 3pcs
user manual x 1pcs
quality certificate x 1pc

Model YX-FL02 bottles labeling machine with date coding:

model YX-FL02-Bottles-labeller.jpg

PENGLAI BRAND labeling machines seriers:

labeling machine series flat round bottles bags boxes contai

Labeling machines come in numerous configurations dependent on the type of packaging that needs to be labeled. PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORP offers many choices such as top labeling, bottom labeling,
wrap labeling, front and back labeling, print and apply labeling, and sleeve applicators in models ranging from benchtop semi-automatic labelers to high speed automatic labeling systems.
Among the types of labelers we have available are pressure sensitive labelers, hot melt glue labeling machines, cold glue labelers and shrink sleeve labelers (also known as full body sleevers).
No one else can offer you the number of selections of labeling machinery as PENGLAI Machinery with its expertise in the labeling equipment field,in many cases allowing you to choose from several selections to match your budget and needs.

For more information please view our business youtube  about how our semi automatic  flat bottle is operated .

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