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Automatic bottles cartoning machine with pamphlet placing system 7 sizes paper boxes sealing in one cartoner equipment
Automatic bottles cartoning machine with pamphlet placing system 7 sizes paper boxes sealing in one cartoner equipment
Automatic horinzontal bottle boxing machine with pamphlet placing station
YX-CP100 (Totally 7 kind of paper boxes Higher boxing speed)
Equipment model YX-CP100
Packing speed 60-80Boxes per minute
Paper box size L70-200×W25-80×H11-80mm
power of motor 1.5KW
Power type 220V 50/60Hz
Applicable package material
Grey card paper, white card paper, corrugated paper
Gas source 0.6-0.8 Mpa
Overall dimension About 2900*1400*1600mm
Machine weight about 1100kg
Mark:pamphlet placing station to automatically feed the paper leaflet
Optional function: Date embossing or ink printer
Hot melt device to spot glue or line glue the flap of boxes

This equipment to carton correction fluid bottles,suitable for the packaging of the products such as face masks,light bulbs, medicine boards, round bottles, different bottles and similar items,can automatically complete the folding of the manual, paper box opening,leaflet folding &inserting, loading of the product into the box, (print batch number), sealing with/out hot melt glue device, etc.

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1.Application of cartoning machine


2.Features of cartoning machine


3.Boxes specifications to be used in the machine


4.Basic parameters of bottles cartoner machine


5.Drawing of model YX-CP100 cartoner


6.Configuration of bottles cartoning machine


7.Spare parts of bottles cartoner


8.How to install &operate bottles cartoning equipment


9.What is the cartoning machine?

The machine uses PLC control.Photoelectric monitoring action of all parts, abnormal operation, can automatically stop to display the cause, so as to eliminate faults in time.The machine can be used alone or with blister packaging and other equipment to form a complete production line.

Application of cartoning machine

correction fluid boxes samples.jpg

bottles boxes samples.JPG
The multi-function bottles cartoning packing machine has a wide range of applications, high efficiency and stable operation, and can be used in one machine. It is suitable for the packaging of light bulbs, drugs, food and cosmetics.

It  functions with the features given as follows:

1.It can automatically open the carton, package the product, seal and so on (and can also add instructions and other institutions).
2.The machine uses PLC control.Photoelectric monitoring action of all parts, abnormal operation, can automatically stop to display the cause, so as to eliminate faults in time.
3.The main drive motor and clutch brake are installed inside the rack, and the torque overload protection of the transmission system is installed on the board, which can remove the main drive motor from the drive part in the case of overload to ensure the safety of the whole machine.
4.The machine is equipped with a removal device. Instructions, products and cartons are tested by sensors and then output after being (batch number) and sealed. Waste products (no products, instructions) are found in the process of testing, i.e. removed at the outlet to ensure that the product quality fully meets the qualified requirements.
5.The machine can be used alone or with blister packaging and other equipment to form a complete production line.

Boxes features suitable to be used in cartoning machine:

cartons suitable for bottles cartoner.jpgSince the quality of the box directly affects the final packaging quality and the normal operation of the equipment, the quality of the box has high requirements.The general paper box is made of 250g/㎡ -350g/㎡

imported whiteboard or 300-400 g/㎡ white gray bottom card, and the packaging process (see the box process requirements) to meet the needs of the equipment process flow.
Paper: 60-70g/㎡ white paper
It is required to cut flat and clean, without paper hair, curl, flounces, sand grains, hard blocks and the stratification phenomenon without strengthening.

Correction fluid bottles cartoning machine is customized with customer's cartons &products:

cartons for bottles cartoning.jpg

cartons boxes samples.jpg

boxes product samples from Malaysian customer.jpg

Basic parameters of cartoning machine model YX-CP100:

carton machine for correction fluid bottles.jpg

machine with nameplate to carton bottles.jpg

nameplate for bottles cartoner.jpg

Automatic horinzontal bottle boxing machine with pamphlet placing station

YX-CP100 (Totally 7 kind of paper boxes Higher boxing speed)

Equipment model    YX-CP100

Packing speed    60-80Boxes per minute

Paper box size    L70-200×W25-80×H11-80mm

power of motor     1.5KW

Power type     220V 50/60Hz

Applicable package material
Grey card paper, white card paper, corrugated paper

Gas source    0.6-0.8 Mpa

Overall dimension    About 2900*1400*1600mm

Machine weight    about 1100kg
Mark:pamphlet placing station to automatically feed the paper leaflet

Drawing of cartoning machine:

drawing of paper boxes cartoner.png

Configration of bottles cartoning machine model YX-CP100:

seies number name Brand mark
1 PLC Delta

The electronic parts

can be customized and 

equipped with the special requirements


2 HMI Delta
3 Inverter Delta
4 Optical sensor Omron
5 Switch power MingWay
6 Relay                                  Schneider                           
7 Contactor Schneider              
8 Air parts AirTac
9 Motor JSCC

Spare parts for bottles cartoning machine:

1.Output belt to deliver the finished products 930*60mm

2. Suction plates; 25mm

3.Synchronous Belt 158L

4.Boxes and products hopper Made in Penglai Factory

How to install and operate the bottles cartoning machine:

Check whether the parts of the machine are perfect. If any parts defects are found, please contact our company quickly.
1.Installation of machine:
(1) This machine belongs to the outer packaging equipment, and can be installed in a clean room with good ventilation conditions and sufficient lighting.
(2)  Keep 1.5m wide workspace around the machine for easy operation and maintenance.
(3) 220V-50HZ Home AC power and reliable grounded.
(4) The machine must be installed on a relatively flat ground. When the machine is installed, apply the horizontal instrument to check the whole machine level.If uneven, it can be adjusted through the four feet of the machine.
(5)After the machine is installed, carefully check the parts of the machine for loosening.If any, it should be excluded promptly.To prevent rust, the machine is covered with grease before packing and shipment, thus removing excess grease from the machine surface before the machine is started.When cleared, apply fiber cotton cloth and alcohol.After removal, refoil each lubrication point.

Normal use conditions.:
Environmental temperature: 20 ± 10℃
Compressed air: greater than 0.6 The MPa traffic is greater than 20m³/h.
Operators: 1-2 people

Operating principle of host mechanism and machinery.。
The machine adopts the shaft transmission, chain transmission, gear transmission, belt transmission and other power transmission structures in the machinery, imitating the human action to automatically complete the automatic box closure, box opening, product loading (or manual) and box sealing procedures.The workflow of the machine is as follows.
The vacuum form of suction box is realized by vacuum generator and rubber suction.
First of all, from the feeding device to the conveyor belt, conveyor belt equipped with photoelectric switch, thus to detect whether the product meets the requirements, if not met, no paper box, no suction box.If met, the PLC communicates the command to the suction box mechanism.
The manual placed on the origami machine, under the joint action of compressed air and vacuum generator, is folded and formed according to the requirements of the user, by the rotating paper clip, is sent to the walking paper chain, and driven by the walking paper chain to the feeding station to wait for the material.At the same time, the box suction mechanism will be used to suck out the box manually placed in the box library, sent to the box chain and open the box, and then driven by the box chain to the push material station waiting for the material.When the sensor located on the manual detection station does not detect a manual on the paper chain, transmit the command to the PLC, when the device control cylinder removes the unqualified product at the predetermined time.

When the carton is correctly sucked out from the carton library and falls on the chain, the sensor has no signal output. When the carton fails during the suction process (such as stuck), the cartridge bar turns upward, and the PLC sends a control signal to cause the host to stop operation and restart after troubleshooting.When the paper box is properly sucked down and placed into the walking box chain, the sensor located on the middle plate detects a box signal at the pending time.The longitudinal feeding mechanism pushes the product and instructions into the box.If the jam occurs in the secondary process, the overload device on the push rod will function, and the sensor will signal and cause the host to stop operation.
When the product is accurately pushed into the box, the paper box will continue to move forward, driven by the walking box chain.After hitting the side page device, hit the side page and enter the box sealing station.
[For example, the machine is equipped with a manual mechanism: on the export conveyor belt is equipped with the waste removal device, the previous product detection problems of the waste can be removed, to ensure that all the paper boxes are qualified.]
►Main structure and working principle:

electric wiring diagram.JPG

  Electric wiring diagram

transmission system.jpg

  Transmission system

main motor.jpg

Figure 1 Main motor-deceleration motor

overloading protector.jpg
Figure 2. Torque overload protector

The rack and panel have sufficient strength and stiffness, and they are internally equipped with the local main drive motor- -deceleration motor (see Figure 1).The board is equipped with transmission parts, and the torque overload protector (see Figure 2) can remove the main drive motor and each drive part under overload to protect the machine parts from damage. The middle plate is supported by several drive shafts, support shafts and three silk bars, suspended in the center of the machine to move front and back.This can be adjusted according to the cartons of different specifications

The rear end of the wire rod has a transmission chain, which can be adjusted by different specifications of the rear end of the wire rod, so as to ensure the parallel movement of the middle plate front and rear.The box chain, paper chain and outlet conveyor belt move intermittently under the control of the intermittent cam splitter.The chain plate spacing of the box chain can also be adjusted according to the width of the paper box. The sprocket driven by the splitter is expanded and tight, so that the time of intermittent movement can be adjusted without cascade。

Lower box mechanism

This part consists of two carton library and suction mechanism.

paper boxes pickup feeder.jpg
Paper Box Stack (see Figure 3)
Built to store the carton, its front and rear two sections were mounted on the front and middle panels, respectively.Since the middle plate can be moved before and forth, it can be adjusted according to the different lengths of the box. The front and rear supports are connected by long holes and movable according to the different specifications of the box. At the front end of the box library, the pressure box device is connected with the box hinge on the pressure box to send a control signal and shut down immediately.

Sucsuction mechanism (see Figure 4)

When the product is detected under the feeding mechanism by the detection switch, the suction disk, under vacuum, absorbs the box on the chain for a specific time and puts the box detection switch located on the middle plate under pressure.There will be no suction box without the product is detected.The entire suction box mechanism is controlled by a set of crank swing poles, so the time allocation can be adjusted as required.

boxes suction system.jpg

Figure 4. Box suction mechanism 

materials delivery device.jpg 

Figure 5. Material conveying device

Delivery unit (see Figure 5)

Longitudinal feed device (see Figure 6)
This device is one of the most key stations for the packing machine.Here, the material packing action will be completed.The power of this section is derived directly from the main axis.The push material action is controlled by a rotating crank to drive a lever, and a box push device and an overload parking device are installed on the sliding port driven by the swing lever.Thus, when the material is stuck during the propulsion box, the overload stop works and the host stops running (see Figure 7).Due to the insufficient rigidity of the material, at the same time, especially when the single product is packed, in order to overcome the resistance encountered in the process of entering the material, so a set of ballast material mechanism is added.The ballast mechanism is driven together by an eccentric wheel, and the ballast rod is mounted on the slider.The cam mechanism can control the lifting of the push material and the ballast simultaneously, so that the push rod and the press rod can not touch the material introduced at the next station when returning.

vertical feeder.jpg
Longitudinal feed device (see Figure 6)  

overload protector vertical.jpg
Figure 7 Longitudinal Overload Protection

►Box sealing device

The box sealing device is mainly composed of two parts.

cartons folding device.jpg
1.Seal device on both sides of the carton (see Figure 8)
Fig. 8 Foldevice on both sides of the box                
Fig. 9 Large side sheet sealing device
This part is mainly composed of discount dial and box track, can make the box move within the specified range, the power of the dial comes from the cam on the box device, make the dial movement within a certain angular range, dial movement time and the intermittent chain movement time, the unit set, the same principle and mechanism.
2.Paper box tongue sealing device (see Figure 9)

large side sealing.jpg
This part is driven by two rotating crank, a typical four-bar mechanism.Three stainless steel pieces on the connecting plate break the box into three parts (bend one-tongue —— seal)
Export conveyor belt
The outlet conveyor belt is an intermittent moving component designed to accelerate the box at the exit to prevent the box chain from scraping the box during rotation.
Automatic forming mechanism with hook paper box

►Make the adjustments required to replace the product specifications

carton forming part.jpg
instructions will help you quickly change the size of the carton specifications, and the main points in the course of these instructions, will be further illustrated by detailed text and illustrations.
1. Adjust the chain of the box
(1)   Cover the box by hand.
(2)   Open the box press.
(3)   Place the box in the center of the chain.
(4)   Rotate the adjustment handle and move the middle plate until the exit conveyor can properly clamp the carton properly, but ensure that the carton chain does not contact any part of the inner fold of the carton or the rear side rail strip.
(5)  Release the screws of the box chain and adjust the chain plate according to the box width (see Figure 10)

chains to transmit boxes.jpg
(6)  Place the hand-sealed paper box into the walking box chain.
(7) Tighten the screws on both sprockets.
(8)Adjust the side guide rail according to the height of the paper box.

2.adjust the boxes stacking:
(1) Adjust the front and rear box frame according to the width of the packaging box when not open.
(2)  Adjust the left and right bars according to the length of the box when not open (see Figure 11)

boxes hopper.jpg
(3)Adjust the position of the suction box mechanism sucker according to the size of the box face of the packaged box.
(4)Adjust the pressure box height according to the height of the packaging box.
3.The time and position of the discount dial piece on the inner part of the paper box shall be synchronized according to the time of the intermittent chain.Adjust the dial length according to the length and height of the carton.
4.The height of the carton adjusts the height of the guide rails on both sides of the carton to place it in the center of the carton.
5.Adjust the height of the carton seal according to the width and height of the carton, and the time shall be synchronized with the intermittent chain.
6.Adjust the position according to the height and width of the carton outer seal, and then adjust the gap amount according to the original thickness of the carton paper.

7.Adjust the height of the carton front plate track according to the carton height

8.Adjust the intermittent position of the walking paper chain according to the width and position of the paper box.

Wooden cases of model YX-CP100 bottles cartoning machine for shipping:

shipping boxing cartoning machine.jpg

Notice: What is the cartoning machine (small boxes cartoner)?

A cartoning machine or cartoner, is a packaging machine that forms cartons: erect, close, folded, side seamed and sealed cartons with/out hot melt glue device.

Packaging machines which form a carton board blank into a carton filled with a product or bag of products or number of products say into single carton, after the filling, the machine engages its tabs / slots to apply adhesive and close both the ends of carton completely sealing the carton.

Cartoning machines can be divided into two types:
►Horizontal cartoning machines

horizontal type bottles cartoner with feeding system.jpg
►Vertical cartoning machines

rotary cartoner equipment automatic.jpg
A cartoning machine which picks a single piece from stack of folded carton and erects it, fills with a product or bag of products or number of products horizontally through an open end and closes by tucking the end flaps of the carton or applying glue or adhesive. The product might be pushed in the carton either through the mechanical sleeve or by pressurized air. For many applications however, the products are inserted into the carton manually. This type of Cartoning machine is widely used for packaging foodstuffs, confectionery, medicine, cosmetics, sundry goods, etc.

A cartoning machine which erects a folded carton, fills with a product or number of products vertically through an open end and closes by either tucking the end flaps of the carton or applying glue or adhesive, is called an end load cartoning machine.[6] Cartoning machines are widely used for packaging bottled foodstuffs, confectionery, medicine, cosmetics, etc., and can vary based on the scale of business。


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