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20L Lubricant oil bucket capping machine semi automatic big drum capper equipment
20L Lubricant oil bucket capping machine semi automatic big drum capper equipment
Model YX-P
Control System Electric-Pneumatic
Capping Range 4-20L
Capping Plate Size 340mm (Be Optional)
Capping Speed (20L)120-150pcs/h (4-10L)150-200pcs/h
Material Painted Steel, Roller without engine
Dimension 1000(L)×520(W)×1300(H) (mm)
Unpowered drum: 1m length
Weight 100KG

20L Lubricant oil bucket capping machine semi automatic

APPLICATION of bucket filling machine:
This kind Lids/Caps Pressing Machine mainly used in open barrels, paint barrels, oil barrels, drums, paint bucket, hand drum (easy handheld type) series: 4L, 5L, 10L, 12L, 18L, 20L. It's belonged to necessary special tools which widely used in Barrel, Can, Lubricants, Coatings, Chemicals, Petroleum, Edible oil and other Liquid packaging industries.

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FEATUREs of filling machine:

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It's an important part the production line, finishing barrel cover capping, twice capping make sure tight & flat during and after capping.
Locating heavy barrel below capping plate, after finishing positioning  work, use foot switch to start capping function, which including twice capping.
Aerofluxus Function: there's an aerofluxus device under the middle size  of capping plate, this function can make barrel air-out to protect barrel when capping.

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SPECIFICATION of bucket press capper:

Name   Semi-auto Capping Machine
Model  YX-P
Control System   Electric-Pneumatic
Capping Range  4-20L
Capping Plate Size  340mm (Be Optional)
Capping Speed  (20L)120-150pcs/h   (4-10L)150-200pcs/h
Material  Painted Steel, Roller without engine
Dimension  1000(L)×520(W)×1300(H)  (mm)
Unpowered drum: 1m length
Weight  100KG

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As well it is available for the filling capping production line such as the monoblock machine :big plastic bucket filling capping machine with drum conveyor system for 4-20kg paint container

Video as heredown:

Delivery Time:

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In apx. 7 work days after a validate contract delivery in Guangzhou or SHENZHEN .
IV. After Service:
Installation: Our Company will fix and test the machine well enough before delivery and your company can use the machine directly in your factory without any more adjustments. At the same time, your company operators can go to our factory and our technicians will teach them how to install, operate and maintain the machine. If you need our technicians to do fixing, testing or servicing abroad, you need to do with correlative charges.
Our machine is guaranteed for one year in which we will supply you with spare parts and services free of charge, man-made damage as well as the delivery cost of the spare parts excluded. When you have problems in process, please feel free to contact our technicians

Annotations: The Principle of Weighing Technology for the Fully Automated Filling of Liquids

loading cell working.jpg
In many industries, packaging processes are automated. There are numerous different methods for making sure that precisely the right quantity of a product is in its packaging at the end of the process: piece goods are sorted, bulk materials are metered, and liquids are bottled. The challenge for all these processes is the same: the packaging must contain the stated quantity of product. If the fill quantity in bottles is too low, for example, this contravenes EU Prepackaging Directive 76/211/EEC and German Pre-packaged Product Act. These stipulate the percentage by which a production batch may fall short of the specified minimum fill quantity. Here, "misconduct" can lead to penalties that include the shutdown of production.

Therefore, during production manufacturers often exceed the minimum quantity in packaging. However, such safety overfilling can be costly. A Chinese milk producer fills around 100,000 bottles of coconut milk per day. By reducing the overfill in individual bottles by a few grams using new, precise weighing technology, the company saved several million euros a year. Manufacturers of complete bottling plants should therefore offer systems that measure the fill quantities with high precision and keep overfilling to an absolute minimum.
Filling by weight is a process with high-precision results: the content stated on the packaging can be accurately filled down to the gram. Furthermore, load cells are very easy to calibrate with calibration weights – like a kitchen scale. This guarantees that the bottle does actually contain the 1,000 grams shown. As well as producers, machine construction firms also benefit from the advantages of digital weighing technology, because programming the filling algorithm in the machine control system is a real challenge. Obtaining the correct ratio of flow rate to filling process is extremely complex, and requires knowledge of filters, control technology, settling times and response times. A digital load cell from HBM considerably facilitates this setting process, because it comes with an integrated filling algorithm that reflects decades of experience in filling by weight. The algorithm can be adapted with ease using free PanelX configuration software. The load cells can run entirely as stand-alone units, communicate with the machine control system via I/Os or fieldbuses, or continuously supply the control system with filtered measured values, if the company wishes to use its own filling algorithms.

Filling by weight is especially suitable for the food industry, as the sensor does not come into contact with the product. All HBM load cells have the maximum possible degree of protection IP68/69K, and can therefore withstand continuous submersion and pressure washing. Some load cells, such as the PW27, are certified to EHEDG, for particularly stringent hygiene requirements. Bacteria from protein or sugar, for instance, are unable to breed on the electropolished, completely rounded contact surfaces of these load cells. They are therefore also suitable for the latest packaging trend: aseptic cold filling without pasteurization and without the addition of preservatives.

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