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USA CA customer for Bucket lids filling capping machine with screw pump high viscosity cream
Date:2014-03-05 15:41:09

The customer Mr Wiliam Lam from San Francisco orders the liquid filling capping machine with manual feeding caps .after checking the cream and jars he took in our factory

on last weekend we confirm that we can manufacture the filling capping line for him .below is the jars and cream (in high viscosity) .


Due to the high viscosity cream so high which seems there be no fludidity .In order to solve this solution we should equip it with the high power screw pump transfer the filling materials

into the filling hopper to finish the high-viscosity cream filling process.see the transfer pump high power screw pump as below pictures:

transfer pump .jpg

The basic description of food grade sanitary screw transfer pump


1. Introduction:

1.G food grade sanitary screw transfer pump is compact, small, easy to maintain, well-adapted to medium, stable flow, also with small pressure fluctuation and strong self-priming ability.

2.Pump has metal lined with rubber stator, which is made of various elastic material, such as NBR rubber, Silicon rubber.

3.G type screw pump could pump high viscosity fluid and medium with hard suspended solid/fiber as well.

4.This pump is widely used in construction field, foodstuff and beverage industries by adopting silicon rubber stator.


2. Product details:

Working Principle: Single Screw, Progressive Cavity
Main applications:        Oil, Slurry, food
Driver: Electric motor
Power Specs: 380/415V 3phase; 220/240V 1phase;50hz/60hz
Max.permissible fluid temperature: 120°C(248°F)
Type of connection: Flange
Installation position: Horizontal
Casing/Inner parts material: Cast iron, Stainless Steel/Cast iron, Stainless steel, Bronze
Shaft seal type:   Mechanical seal
Free passage: 6mm
Maximum viscosity: 1X106C.S.T
Maximum drive rating:  90KW(120HP)
Maximum caliber:   250mm(10inch)
Maximum discharge-side pressure: 1.2MPa(12bar)
Flow rate range:   0.8-150m3/h(3.5-660US.GPM)

screw pump transfer.jpg 

Here is the basic information about the filling capping with manual caps feeding system for 5-20L high viscosity cream

FEATURES of bucket filling capping machine

1. Filling Method: Filling from top.

2. Control Mode: Manual setting filling way, micro switch control.

3. Conveying Mode: Roller Type Conveying without engine.

4. Own digital displaying filling quantity function, can finish multi-kinds filling quantity setting.

5. Automatic peeled, based on net weight filling function.

6. Own vacuum withdrawing function to avoid anti-drip.

7. With manual & automatic micro switch control system function.

8. Dual speed control function to prevent splashing.

9. With emergent treatment to avoid misuse and protect power-off.

10. With SUS316 material of inside pipeline, which is liquid contact part.

  filling machinery high.jpg

Weighing filling machine is made based on international technique, with filling and electronic weigh, electronic displaying functions.

It is suitable for medium bucket filling of various kinds of viscous, non-viscous, corrosive and non-corrosive liquid. 



Weighing Range

Filling Speed

Air Supply

Power Supply




Weighing Filling Machine




AC220V 50HZ


95 kg

 filling bucket.jpg

APPLICATION of capping process

This kind Lids/Caps Pressing Machine FC-P mainly used in open barrels, paint barrels, oil barrels, drums, paint bucket, hand drum (easy handheld type) series:

4L, 5L, 10L, 12L, 18L, 20L. It's belonged to necessary special tools which widely used in Barrel, Can, Lubricants, Coatings, Chemicals, Petroleum, Edible oil and other Liquid packaging industries.

press capper.jpg


It's an important part the production line, finishing barrel cover capping, twice capping make sure tight & flat during and after capping.

Locating heavy barrel below capping plate, after finishing positioning  work, use foot switch to start capping function, which including twice capping.

Aerofluxus Function: there's an aerofluxus device under the middle size  of capping plate, this function can make barrel air-out to protect barrel when capping.

capper bucket lids.jpg


Name   Semi-auto Capping Machine

Model  YX-P

Control System   Electric-Pneumatic

Capping Range  4-20L

Capping Plate Size  340mm (Be Optional)

Capping Speed  (20L)120-150pcs/h   (4-10L)150-200pcs/h

Material  Painted Steel, Roller without engine

Dimension  1000(L)×520(W)×1300(H)  (mm)

Unpowered drum: 1m length

Weight  100KG

filler capper manual feeding.jpg

IIIDelivery Time

In apx. 7 work days after a validate contract delivery in Guangzhou.

IV. After-sale Service

u  Installation: Our Company will fix and test the machine well enough before delivery and your company can use the machine directly in your factory

without any more adjustments. At the same time, your company operators can go to our factory and our technicians will teach them how to install,

operate and maintain the machine. If you need our technicians to do fixing, testing or servicing abroad, you need to do with correlative charges.

u  Our machine is guaranteed for one year in which we will supply you with spare parts and services free of charge, man-made damage

as well as the delivery cost of the spare parts excluded. When you have problems in process, please feel free to contact our technicians