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Bosnia&Herzegovina regular customers order semi auto lotion tubes filling sealing machinery
Date:2017-05-10 17:05:26

After our long holiday we finally finished manufacturing of two(2*) sets of semi automatic tubes filling sealing machine model YX-AB100 ordered from our reqular customer and friend Mr Ante BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA
Yesterday we tested the machine adjusting the system according to the standard tubes . At last we sucessfully perfected everything from the tubes filling sealing machines .

As below there listed the basic information on the business transaction:

Bank copy for tubes filling sealing machine semi automatic

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EMAIL communication between PENGLAI and Customers

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Samples sent from customer

tubes samples  from EU.jpg

Testing video for filler sealer

Wooden case packing for filling sealing model YX-AB100

wooden case packing for filling sealing before shipping.jpg

There given as below the basic description on model YX-AB100 Tubes filling sealing machine

tube filler sealer plastic.jpg

tube filler sealer equipment.jpg

tubes filler sealer semi automatic filling sealing tube.jpg

Plastic (composite) soft tube filling sealing machine

Instruction for use

Plastic hose (compound) filling and sealing machine instructions

Overview and use

tubes filling sealer illustration.jpg

Plastic (composite) soft tube filling sealing machine is mainly used in a transmission principle. Using slot wheel drive with a fixture of the rotary table by intermittent movement, complete interior and exterior heating, automatic filling and sealing, pressure code, trimming, finished product exit and a series of functions. Filling accurate measurement, stable heating time, adjustable, sealing beautiful, neat appearance, strong and health. Trimming is flat and level. The machine is set to 10, in addition to the artificial on tube, other all can be done automatically. The machine running stable and reliable, no noise and other pollution.

The whole machine and some related parts contacting material are made of high-quality stainless steel need to wash part selects the quick change device, easy unpick and wash. Some materials need to heating insulation, tank external heating thermostatic device can be mounted to the system. Those who use plastic pipe and pipe as the material of packaging materials, can be at ease to choose the machine. Is the cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, adhesives, shoe polish industry as well as other related industry such as selection of great products.

 The main technical parameters of model YX-AB100 semi automatic tubes filling sealing machine

semi automatic tube filler sealer line.jpg

tube filler sealer plastic.jpg

1. Power supply: ~ 220 v + / - 10%

2. Power: 350 w * 2 250 w * 2

3. The filling quantity: 50, 100, 200, 100 (ml) (can be customized according to user's requirements)

4. Production capacity: 15-30

5. Measuring accuracy: plus or minus 1%

6. Overall size: 1250 * 550 * 550 (©L)

7. The weight: 200 ©K

8. Working pressure: > 0.4 MPa

  The main technical invention

PLC touch screen controlling for filling sealing.jpg

illustration of tubes filler sealer.jpg

1. Plastic hose (compound) within the heating system, using electric insulation and synchronization of electricity, copper hot air through a nozzle pipe wall uniform heat. Than in the past, only much advanced pipe external heating method. The sealing fastness has increased significantly. Compared two methods, and the heating method, the tube wall heat from the outside, inside and outside the great error, especially the pipe inner surface temperature must be lower than the outer wall, in the process of sealing and pressure code, often caused by adhesion or sealing fastness instability is also a big defect. The machine adopts the internal and external heating method, make the inside and outside tube wall temperature are basically the same, completely overcome the biggest defect of the original simple heating, greatly improving the sealing pressure and code quality.

2. The machine outside heat using scissors reciprocating bonding principle, put through on the way for internal heated good again on the outside of the tube wall heating pipe, plastic tube wall heat condition for further increase, for the back sealing, pressure code created the perfect sealing conditions.

3. The sealing and code. Also driven by cylinder reciprocating scissors mechanism, will have heating (pipe) pressure seal, can according to the production batch number and date exchange seal. Due to internal and external equilibrium temperature, can seal tube end is very clear and firm, and may take considerable pressure. Will not break off, at the same time guarantee the quality of the user product and credibility, which is all users.

4. Cut the tail device. (pipe) yards after sealing pressure, can not necessarily end part tidy, it must be cut. The device has a fixed blade and a piece of driven by cylinder with a certain Angle of the blade to cut the tail, make the product end neat, beautiful, improves the appearance of the user product is considerable.

5. The machine transmission principle

The machine as a major power, by an electric motor through the worm gear reducer and frequency control of motor speed, through a set of groove wheel, gear for intermittent operation, made perfectly on the rotary table 10 fixture isometric exercise. Artificial after tube filler material, can be the whole filling system driven by cylinder, and is equipped with measuring adjustment screw, can be adjusted within a certain range of measurement, precision of + / - 1%. To avoid material outside the drop, the filling nozzle adopt insert form, work is done by lifting cylinder in a dilemma.

Who has been filling pipe, under the import one for a while, at the same time to carry on the internal and external heating, pressing, code, trimming, ejection, all at the same time to complete, so the machine each roll a bit, to complete a product at the same time, the biggest production capacity can reach 30 teams in a minute.

All filling, internal and external heating, pressing, trimming, ejection, by distributing CAM (13) pilot solenoid valve (15) and directional control valve (16) to complete the required action, control the whole working condition of stable operation, reliable, repeat performance is good, the action must be up to 100%, there is no error, safe and reliable, easy to operate. After all users are very satisfied, generally respond well.

 Plastic (composite) soft tube filling sealing machine order list

tubes filler sealer for cream.jpg

Name and function and use

1.VAT   £ºName and function and use

2.Plunger pump: filling

3. Cylinder and measurement: adjust the pump body measurement, conform to the requirements of the filling

4. Within the heating system: use electric heating and gas heating synchronization to make internal heat, can to temperature

5. The filling head lifting system: insert the filling nozzle tube after filling, insurable material does not overflow

6. The heating system: the outer wall heating can achieve inside and outside tube wall temperature of heated evenly

7. The sealing pressure code system: the compaction can after heating, and print the steel production batch number and date code

8. Sheave indexing system: using intermittent mechanism can indexing rotary

9. Trimming mechanism: will have extra can partial nephrectomy

10. Ejection mechanism: pipe has been potting forming out fixture and realize the automatic discharge tube

11. Electrical control system

12. The switch

13. The distribution of the CAM

14. Worm gear reducer

15. Two tee pilot solenoid valve

Noted that Tubes samples should be sent from our customer so that we can make the puck mould and get a better effect for adjustment

see the tubes samples sent from our customer von indonesia

single tubes.jpg

tubes samples sent von customer.jpg

Wooden case packaging for tubes filling sealing machine semi automatic model YX-AB100

WOODEN case packing for machines.jpg

packing for filling sealing machine before shipping.jpg