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benchtop vacuum capping machine semi automatic vacuum capper equipment for glass bottles
benchtop vacuum capping machine semi automatic vacuum capper equipment for glass bottles
Power supply: AC220V/50-60Hz
Capping speed: 1200-1500bph
Power: ≤1.3KW (include vacuum pump)
Cap diameter: Φ30-Φ85mm 、Φ85-Φ110mm
Bottle height: 50-180mm 、120-250mm
Bottle diameter: Φ30-Φ80mm Φ80-Φ150mm
Limiting vacuum degree: -0.08Mpa
Capping torsion: 5-25N.M
Air consumption: 0.5m3/0.7Mpa

YX-RC3050 automatic glass jars vacuum capping machine with cap placer caps feeding system for automatic vacuum screw capper


The machine is widely used for full-automatic vacuum screwing cap in foods & beverage ,spice,medicine ,chemicals, industries and so on.

 vacuum glass jar.jpg

1.The machine is combined with automatic cap arranging, covering and vacuum screwing, features fast speed, high efficiency, reliable and stable running.

2.Photosensor and approximate switch and other elements are using international famous brand, to make sure that the cap unscrambler machine can control automatic no caps the switch is on, full caps the switch is off.

3.the bottle shape what the machine can apply is round shape, square shape, oval shape and special-shaped and so on.

4.Doesn’t require to replace parts for filling different shapes of bottles with easy adjustment, strong adaptability.

5.The electric parts and pneumatic parts are used world-renowned brands, the advantage is low failure rate,reliable performance  and long service life. parts.

5).The main pneumatic and electric parts are from world famous brands to ensure stable, reliable and durable performance.

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Main technical parameter of vacuum capper for glass jar

vacuum capping machine rotary head.JPG




Cap diameter

φ30- 85㎜


φ30- 85㎜,Φ80-150m



Capping speed



Air source:220V/50HZ   Power:750W  







YX-10B Semi-automatic Glass Jars Vacuum Capping Machine (desktop)

1.1 Overview:

This series capping machine is researched and produced by ourself with years of production experience; is the domestic original creation, it uses a vacuum pump to vacuum, available high vacuum degree, capping torque and vacuum level can be set on demand compatible with a variety of different shapes and sizes of bottles for capping, strong compatibility and easy to adjust. The main pneumatic and electrical components are from world famous brands, stable and reliable performance. Widely used in glass bottles with tinplate caps vacuum capping for the food, canned food, beverages, condiments, health care products and other industries.

1.2 1) Main technical parameter of YX-10B glass jar vacuum capping machine benchtop:
Power supply: AC220V/50-60Hz      Power: ≤1KW (include vacuum pump)
Capping speed: 500-900bph     Cap diameter: Φ30-Φ85mm 、Φ85-Φ110mm
Bottle height: 50-180mm 、120-250mm    Bottle diameter: Φ30-Φ80mm  Φ80-Φ150mm
Limiting vacuum degree: -0.08Mpa   Capping torsion: 5-25N.M
2) Main technical parameter of YX-30B glass jar vacuum capping machine benchtop:
Power supply: AC220V/50-60Hz    Capping speed: 1200-1500bph
Power: ≤1.3KW (include vacuum pump)   Cap diameter: Φ30-Φ85mm 、Φ85-Φ110mm
Bottle height: 50-180mm 、120-250mm    Bottle diameter: Φ30-Φ80mm  Φ80-Φ150mm
Limiting vacuum degree: -0.08Mpa   Capping torsion: 5-25N.M
Air consumption: 0.5m3/0.7Mpa

1.3 Sample machine photo for you reference only:

   vacuum capper semi automatic.jpg

YX-10B Semi-automatic Glass Jars Vacuum Capping Machine (desktop)

three vacuum capping head.jpg

YX-30B Semi-automatic Glass Jars Vacuum Capping Machine

Ⅱ.Delivery Time:

In apx. 30 work days after a validate contract delivery in Guangzhou.

III、. After Service:

Installation: Our Company will fix and test the machine well enough before delivery and your company can use the machine directly in your factory without any more adjustments. At the same time, your company operators can go to our factory and our technicians will teach them how to install, operate and maintain the machine. If you need our technicians to do fixing, testing or servicing abroad, you need to do with correlative charges.

u Our machine is guaranteed for one year in which we will supply you with spare parts and services free of charge, man-made damage as well as the delivery cost of the spare parts excluded. When you have problems in process, please feel free to contact our technicians.

the working principle of vacuum capping machine

vacuum capping working principles.jpg

The vacuum capping machine is mainly used for capping various glass bottles and round bottles. How much do you know about the working principle and the machine model?

There are three main types of vacuum capping machines, including semi-sealed vacuum capping machine, fully sealed vacuum capping machine and steam jet vacuum capping machine. The working principle of each model is different. First, let’s talk about the semi-hermetic vacuum capping machine. It uses the sealing ring on the top of the machine to drop and press the bottle shoulder to form a vacuum chamber, because it forms part of the vacuum chamber. It is the bottle itself, so it is called a semi-sealed vacuum chamber. Then the fully sealed vacuum capping machine is different. This kind of functional vacuum capping machine has a structure that can completely form a vacuum chamber on the machine. When working, the bottle is completely in a fully vacuum environment. Then, screw the cap by vacuuming. The steam jet type vacuum capping machine, strictly speaking, it is not in a vacuum chamber, but uses a steam tunnel equivalent to exhaust box exhaust, and simultaneously realizes capping during a short exhaust process. This is the working principle of all vacuum capping machines, the purpose is to tighten the bottle caps so that the quality of the goods meets the standard.

The glass bottle vacuum capping machine, like the vacuum capping machine, has a wide range of uses. At present, beverages, beer and other items appearing on the market have become indispensable necessities in life. All kinds of glass bottled fresh foods that are exposed in life are vacuumized by our glass vacuum capping machine. Encapsulation achieved.

What follows is that it is more automated on the basis of the vacuum capping machine, and its functions are more powerful. In addition to achieving high production capacity in production, it saves more manpower and material resources for the enterprise. Enterprises create more and greater benefits. The working principle of the automatic vacuum capping machine is further optimized and modified based on the working principle of the vacuum capping machine.


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