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Automatic tablet coating machine film coater pan with spray system for chocolate ball peanut
Automatic tablet coating machine film coater pan with spray system for chocolate ball peanut
Machine parameters of tablet coating machine
Model YX-TC600
Production Capacity 10-15kg/time
Motor Power 750W
Fan Power 60W
Internal Heating Power 1.0kw
External Heating Power 1.2KW
Dimensions 1000×600×1050
Weight 100KG
Rotation Speed 0-40r/min

What the coating machin is is the one euipment mainly used for coating and polishing the shaped tablets and micro granules in confectionary and pharmaceutical industry. It can also be used to coat nuts, dried fruit, and seeds etc.

The Different Types Of Tablet Coating Machines

Tablet coating machines are used to coat the surface of tablets with a thin coating of film. The film is employed mostly to:

►mask the colour, taste and smell of the drug
►protect the drug from physical or chemical harm
►control the release of the drug
►protect the drug from disintegrating when exposed to gastric fluids
►improve the appearance of the tablet – make a more elegant product
►incorporate drugs or materials in the coating to prevent any chemical incompatibility
►Tablet coating machines work on the simple principle of applying the coating ingredients in the form of a solution to a group of tablets in a bed that may move horizontally or vertically. A concurrent flow of heated air helps to evaporate the solvent. The coating is equally distributed to the tablets through the movement of the bed.

There are several types tablet coating machines currently in the market today. The three principal types are described below.

COATING machine.jpg

Standard Coating Pan
This consists of a circular metal pan between about 15 and 200 cm (6 to 80 inches) in diameter that is tilted on a benchtop stand. The pan can be rotated with an electric motor.

A batch of tablets are loaded into the pan which is set to rotate. The rotating motion causes the tablets to tumble within the pan. Coating solution is applied to the rotating tablet bed by spraying in atomized form which can produce a faster and more even distribution than simply introducing it as a liquid.

Drying efficiency can easily be achieved by

an immersion sword – the drying air is distributed through a perforated metal sword that is immersed in the bed.
use of a baffled pan and diffuser (as marketed by Pellegrini) which allows the distribution of drying air uniformly over the surface of the tablets.
an immersion tube system – the tube is immersed in the bed where the tube delivers heated air through the spray nozzle.

The sugar-coated tablet coated with a shiny polished surface to prevent oxidation, moisture, or volatile, but also covers the peculiar smell of tablet core, makes it easy for distinguishing and dissolving in human stomach intestine system.

Machine parameters of tablet coating machine:


Model    YX-TC600
Production Capacity    10-15kg/time
Motor Power    750W
Fan Power    60W
Internal Heating Power    1.0kw
External Heating Power    1.2KW
Dimensions    1000×600×1050
Weight    100KG
Rotation Speed       0-40r/min

Working Principle of peanut sugar coating equipment:

peanut coater equipment.jpg

The pot body rotates clockwise, the speed of the pot is adjusted by the frequency converter, and the spray gun sprays the coating liquid on the chip in the pot, so that the coating liquid is evenly coated on the chip, and the tablets are evenly tumbling in the pot, and at the same time, the pot is passed through the pot. A qualified coated tablet is obtained by hot air and removing the moisture on the surface of the tablet.
The machine uses a reasonable control, a stable line speed and a fixed baffle in the pot to form an optimal flow curve in the pot to meet the process requirements of the film coating.
flow chart.jpg

The main motor is driven by the triangular tape, and the worm and worm wheel decelerate to make the pot body get a reasonable speed. The pot body runs smoothly and can be self-locking.
The main motor is mounted on the motor board with adjustable slot on the rear of the fuselage for easy adjustment.

Reducer and lubrication
The pot body and the tray are mounted on the protruding end of the pot wheel shaft, and the fixing bolts of the shaft diameter portion of the tray make the pot body easy to assemble and disassemble.
Tapered roller bearings are used at both ends of the worm shaft to allow the machine to withstand axial forces and withstand radial forces, thus extending the life of the machine.
There is an observation window on the upper part of the cabinet to add lubricating oil, and the wear of the worm wheel can be observed at any time. The right end of the worm bearing cover is equipped with an oil mark, and a circular window is arranged on the lower body of the oil mark, and after opening, the oil is discharged through the tank oil pipe. Lubricating oils, greases and parts of use are listed in the table:
No.    Lubrication Area    Lubricating Grease
Ⅰ  Ⅱ    Worm Gear &Worm Bearing    HJ-20 Machine Oil
Ⅲ  Ⅳ    Worm Gear Bearing    ZG-2 Calcium Based Lubricant

The left bearing cap of the worm is equipped with an "O" ring and a skeleton oil seal ring. The reasonable structure effectively prevents oil leakage.

Consumable Parts

No.    Part Name    Quantity
1    Worm    1
2    Worm Gear    1
3    Coated Pot BYC-600    1
4    600 Type Tray    1
5    Adjustment Screw    1
6    Square Nut    1

hot air device.jpg

The right side of the fuselage is equipped with a hot air device, and the blower motor is placed in the fuselage, and the cold air sent by the fan blades is heated in the hot air pipe to enter the pot body through the air duct. The hot air pipe is equipped with an electric heating pipe, and the internal heating opening, closing and air volume are controlled by switches on the control panel. The bottom of the pot is equipped with two external heating units of one kilowatt, and is also controlled by the switch on the control panel. The user can turn off and adjust according to the work needs.             
Installation and Use
1. Turn on the power. Note: The phase and neutral lines cannot be connected incorrectly.
2. Connect the air source to the air pipe joint on the lower side of the machine through the Φ8PU tube.
3. A uniform and even coating liquid is added to the liquid cylinder.
4. Turn on the power switch and turn on the power at this time.
5. Adjust the host speed according to the host governor. (Packed film suit is suitable for speed of about 15-20r/min)
6. Turn on the air supply switch and the air inlet starts working. Then turn on the internal heating switch, about 2 minutes should have the temperature (the air supply switch does not open, the internal heating does not work); when the main engine is running, turn on the external heating switch, about 2 minutes or so, the electric heating plate should have temperature (the main unit does not run, External heating does not work).
7. Adjust the temperature controller to adjust the temperature to the temperature you need. At this time, if the actual temperature is lower than the set value, the heater power is turned on and the heater starts to heat up. If the actual temperature is higher than the set value, the heater power is turned off and the heater stops heating. When the film coating is applied, the external heating is used as auxiliary heating, and it is not necessary.
8. After the above functions are properly adjusted, the air compressor can be turned on, and the air pressure is about 4 to 6 kg/cm3.
9. Turn on the spray gun switch, adjust the spray flow, cone angle, atomization and the distance between the spray gun and the material (120-180mm), and the spray gun will start working. Refer to the gun instructions for specific use of the gun.
10. Immediately after the operation, clean the machine and gun.

Construction and Use Of Spray Gun

spray gun illustration.jpg
Use of spray gun
Flow adjustment: Loosen the knob adjustment nut (4) clockwise, adjust counterclockwise (3) Increase the flow rate, and vice versa. Lock after adjustment is completed (4).
2. Atomization adjustment: The adjustment method is the same as the flow adjustment.
3. atomization cone angle adjustment: loosen the lock nut (5), rotate the gun head (6), adjust the appropriate atomization cone angle (to ensure that the atomized coating liquid particles are evenly sprayed onto the surface of the tablet chip) and lock Lock the nut (5).
1. The spray gun, liquid cylinder and pipe must be cleaned with distilled water or ethanol after each work.
2. If it is found that the spray gun is not sprayed, check: A. Whether the spray switch on the electrical control cabinet is open; B. Whether the compressed air is pure (preferably install the filter at the outlet of the air compressor); C. Whether the coating liquid is evenly mixed, if there are particles, it is easy to block the muzzle; D. When adjusting the atomizing cone angle, the gun head is locked.
3. If the gun head is blocked, follow the spray gun instruction manual to remove it: flow adjustment knob → spring → needle → gun lock nut → cone angle adjustment gun head. Clean the tip of the gun with a small needle that is smaller than the hole in the tip of the gun, or blow back with compressed air until it is clean. Install the gun in the reverse order of removal.

Maintenance of sugar coating machine:
1. Lubricating oil in the gearbox and the inner bearing grease of the rolling bearing should be replaced regularly (the first oil change should be within 180 working days, and generally no more than six months later).
2. If the coating pan is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and oiled on the surface.
3. The spray gun is flushed with clean water after each shift to prevent clogging.
4. In order to ensure that the worm gear in the gearbox meets the lubrication conditions of the transmission, the temperature rise of the cabinet during operation shall not exceed 50 °C.
5. The oil-proof sealing ring at the shaft end of the worm should be inspected regularly. If oil leakage is found, it should be replaced in time.
6. The machine must be reliably grounded and its grounding resistance should be ≤ 4Ω.
7. Do not remove the added appliance at will.
8. If the wearing parts are damaged, please contact the factory immediately and replace them in time to avoid affecting the damage of other parts and affecting production.

Electrical principle diagram of coating tablets machine:

Electric diagram.jpg


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