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automatic aluminum induction sealing machine plastic bottles pharmacy use container sealer integrated line with screw capping machine
automatic aluminum induction sealing machine plastic bottles pharmacy use container sealer integrated line with screw capping machine
Model YX-IS1800
Rated voltage AC220V50/60Hz
Machine Net Weight 68kg 50kg
The maximum power 1800W
Cooling Method
Cool Air/water double cooling way
Sealing diameter 15-75mm 15MM-45MM 30MM-60MM
Bottle Height 20-180mm
Working methods continue working
Application Scope Large Patch of Production
Sealing speed 0-200 bottle/min
Packaging Dimension 1600*450*1500mm
Generator size 1450*410*1300mm

The line including two main machine like model YX-IS1800 induction sealing machine&model YX-SCM002 inline capping machine ;

The machines are suitable for capping-sealing medical bottles which is used in the analytical agent Lab use. The whole line can be equipped with

the auxiliary equipment like bottles turntable or the batch coding function.

machines in monoblock.jpg

As below there are basic data for the machines respectively :

induction sealing machinery.jpg

Induction sealing, otherwise known as cap sealing, is a non-contact method of heating an inner seal to hermetically seal the top of plastic and glass containers. This sealing process takes place after the container has been filled and capped.

The technology of electromagnetic induction sealing with composite materials is the advanced sealing method recognized by the world now, and its characteristic of non-contact heating is suitable for sealing of plastic bottle (PP, PVC, PET, ABS, HDPE, PS and DURACON), glass bottle and various composite plastic hose, so currently it is the most advanced technology for sealing of the bottles for such industries as pharmacy, food, grease, daily chemistry, domestic chemistry, and agricultural chemistry.

Working principle&how it works

COOLING heating way inside sealing machinery.jpg
The closure is supplied to the bottler with an aluminum foil layer liner already inserted. Although there are various liners to choose from, a typical induction liner is multi-layered. The top layer is a paper pulp that is generally spot-glued to the cap. The next layer is wax that is used to bond a layer of aluminum foil to the pulp. The bottom layer is a polymer film laminated to the foil. After the cap or closure is applied, the container passes under an induction coil, which emits an oscillating electromagnetic field. As the container passes under the induction coil (sealing head) the conductive aluminum foil liner begins to heat due to eddy currents. The heat melts the wax, which is absorbed into the pulp backing and releases the foil from the cap. The polymer film also heats and flows onto the lip of the container. When cooled, the polymer creates a bond with the container resulting in a hermetically sealed product. Neither the container nor its contents are negatively affected; The heat generated does not harm the contents.
It is possible to overheat the foil causing damage to the seal layer and to any protective barriers. This could result in faulty seals, even weeks after the initial sealing process, so proper sizing of the induction sealing is vital to determine the exact system necessary to run a particular product.
Sealing can be done with either a hand held unit or on a conveyor system.

sealing machines induction working.jpg
A more recent development (which suits a small number of applications better) allows for induction sealing to be used to apply a foil seal to a container without the need for a closure. In this case, foil is supplied pre-cut or in a reel. Where supplied in a reel, it is die cut and transferred onto the container neck. When the foil is in place, it is pressed down by the seal head, the induction cycle is activated and the seal is bonded to the container. This process is known as direct application

Drawing of model YX-IS1800 induction sealing machine:

drawing of induction sealing.jpg

1Ammeter: Shows the current status during the operation of the whole machine.

2Working indicator: Shows the working exceptional status

3Overcurrent indicator: shows the abnormal working status.

4Power control: power controller.

5Protection reset: Recover the normal working status.

6Power switch: Controls the power of the whole machine.

7Voltmeter: Shows the voltage status during the operation of the whole machine.

8Conveyor: bottles conveying.

9Hand Wheel: adjustments for the different bottles height size.

10Lift shelvesIt used to fixed and rise or fall height and low function of sealing head.

11Sealing head: Heats and seals the aluminum foil in the bottle cap.

12The speed of adjustment: the adjustment speed of conveyor belt operation button.

13Start Switch: Conveyor control switch.

Model YX-IS1800

induction sealing machinery.jpg

Rated voltage AC220V50/60Hz
Machine Net Weight 68kg   50kg
The maximum power 1800W
Cooling Method    
Cool Air/water double cooling way
Sealing diameter φ15-75mm 15MM-45MM  30MM-60MM 
Bottle Height 20-180mm
Working methods continue working
Application Scope Large Patch of Production
Sealing speed 0-200 bottle/min
Packaging Dimension 1600*450*1500mm
Generator size  1450*410*1300mm    
Description Stainless Steel

Use method on induction sealing machine model YX-IS1800:

induction sealing.jpg

1 Bottles height size adjustment : Put the bottle under the “sealing head”, adjust the “hand wheel”, make sure the distance between the “sealing head” bottom and the bottle cover face at about 1-3mm, turn the “start switch” to “on” so that the conveyor belt starts running and let the bottles go across the belt to check whether they touch the sealing head. The smallest distance without tough is the best.

2 Adjust the speed of the conveyor belt with the “speed control” . The aluminum foil sealing is related to the belt speed and the power. Put some bottles on the belt, turn on the “power switch” and make the sealing test. The operation formally begins once bottles are sealed firmly.

3Wait for the soft startup upon boot-strap and start the sealing 30 seconds later when the after the ammeter shows 3.2A.

4Turn off “power switch” and “startup switch” in machine shutdown.

►Model YX-SCM002 inline capping machine:

model YX-SCM002 induction sealing.jpg

Production capacity  40-60 Caps /min
Cap size  10-50/35-140mm
Bottle diameter  35-140mm
Bottle height  38~300mm
Size(L×W×H)  1000×800×1200mm
Weight  350kg

►Drawing of model YX-SCM002 inline capping machine:

drawing of induction sealing.jpg




Bottles fixing


Handle for adjust position


Friction Pulley


Stroke position module


Caps pressing Cylinder


Handle for positional


Capping adjusting module


Capping cylinder


Capping Motor


Controlling box


Hand wheel







Capping adjustment from A to Z

youtube video capping induction sealing.jpg

A.     Bottles fixing adjustment

1.   Loose the handle (3)

2.   Put the pre-fixed bottles(1

3.   Eyeball if the caps center is coincident with cylinder (9)center; once coincided fix the handle(3)

B.   Capping height adjustmentq

1.   Loose the handle(7)

2. Adjust the handle(12) to make the capping friction wheel(4) bottom distance at 2mm to the caps bottom,fix the handle (7)

C.   Capping friction gaps adjustment:

CAPPING inline for bottles.jpg

1.   Close the air source

2.  Put the fixes caps between the friction wheels(4)

3.  Approach the caps by moving the friction wheel(4) to adjust the stroke module(5)screw (both sides should be symmetrical by eyeballing measurement).The right fas should be 2mm to 3mm for each side ;

D.   Capping cylinder height adjustment (according to caps samples)

1. Loose the screw(8) make the capping cylinder (9) protrude;

2. Leave the distance at 1mm-2mm from the capping nut to the tops of caps

3. Tighten the screw(8)

E.   Capping cylinder speed adjustment

1. Connect the supply power and air source to adjust the pressure setting for air pressure (standard 0.74mpa-0.6Mpa)

2. Adjust the capping time and capping interval (standard 1s to 1.5s) select the state as Manual ,Point the pedal switch to adjust the left-right friction wheel pneumatic speed ,finally it should make the speed at both speed at an equal level;

3. Adjust the capping cylinder speed

F.   Testing run of machine

1. Take out one product for the testing run of capping ; Refurbish the capper according to the capping effect;

2.  Adjust the torque according to the torsion force.

Videos of inline capping machine+induction sealing machine:

Bottles samples for capping+sealing

bottles samples.jpg

Wooden case packing for capping+induction sealing machine:

wooden case packing for perfume filling machine.jpg


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