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USA CA ordered E cigar tubes Cartrige vaporizer assembly packaging labeling equipments
Date:2019-01-05 15:27:53

Our Regular customers from California state USA (United States of America) placed another order on one(1*) pcs of machines: Model YX-90G-02 cartridge E cigar tubes packing labeling machine assembly equipment
For all the machines purchased it is clear to confirm all the information on the products so we often ask our customers to freight the samples to test and commission the machines in order that the machines and customer's products gains the best compatibility and adaptability.
After getting the confirmation &samples of the product in sizes and drawing for manufacturing the cartridge inserting assembly labeling machines
we spent only 25 working days finishing everything and made the machines ready after testing them in a satisfactory feedback.
Recently our customers sent us the positive commentar on the machines which keep running very well in their factory ever since the machines arrived their factory.
The machines was shipped via courier to USA . The documentaries certificated with ISO&CO&CE together with other files necessory are sent via DHL to customer for assisting customers to clear the custom.

As below there listed the basic information on the successful transaction between PENGLAI and their Americancounterpart:

Purchased order issued from American customer:

MACHINE po.jpg
EMAIL Communication.jpg
Samples sent from customers in North America

vaporizer cartridge samples (1).jpg

PACKAGING materials samples from USA (2).jpg

plug for inserting tubes.jpg

vaporizer cartridge samples (5).jpg
cartridge inserting holder.jpg

vaporizer cartridge samples (5).jpg
Bank copy of Down&balance payment for purchasing model YX-90G-02 cartridge packaging assembly labeling line

HSBC Receipt Kavaughn payment labeling machine.jpg

cartridge tubes labeling packing machine balance payment.jpg

HSBC Receipt.jpg
Testing videos on model YX-90G-02 Cigar oil tubes cartridge assembly packaging labeling machinery

Wooden case packing of packaging tubes cartridge cigar labeling machine model YX-90G-02.

As follow there given the description on the machines purchased respectively

samples to decide the designing:

cartridge filling packaging line (1).jpg

Working Flow of cartridge filling packaging line:
wooden case for cartridge packing machines (4).JPG

wooden case ready for shipping.jpg

wooden case ready for shipping.jpg
 Cartridge filling capping Tube Packing Labeling production line£¬empty cartridge loading →filling→Capping→Product discharge→3D Robot hand deliver cartridge to tube packing labeling line OR hand put cartridge into tube packing labeling line.

The whole system diagram
(including Cartridge filling capping Tube Packing Labeling)

 cartridge filling packaging line (2).jpg
¢ÙCartridge filling capping                 ¢ÚTube Packing Labeling

Equipment E cigar Tubes packaging  Dimensions (mm)

 cartridge filling packaging line (3).jpg
cartridge filling packaging line (5).jpg
Drawing of cartridge filling packaging Machine
cartridge filling packaging line (6).jpg

cartridge filling packaging line (7).jpg 
Working Flow£º
1.    Lifter raising product plates,when run out of cartridges, the 3D robot hand will pick up the empty plate and delivery to the collection desk mechanism. (The plate lifter will rise one step to replace the picked-up empty pallet and the empty collecting machine will go down one step after collected empty plate.)
2.    Empty plate lowing mechanism:when collected one plate,mechanism will automatically go down one step.
3.    1st 3D robot hand: pick up cartridge from plate and delivery to holding mould conveyor.
4.    2nd 3D robot hand:pick up empty plate and delivery to collection mechanism.
5.    Cartridges putting position: robot hand can place four 4pcs into holder at one time.
6.    The glass cartridge are started to be filled,there has the internal heating system inside the filling machine, and the fluid flowing pipe is keeping warm with thermal insulation materials to prevent liquid solids. There is a constant temperature heater at the bottom and the overall insulation effect has good performance.
7.    Two caps vibrator feeding two caps into two capping station, when sensors detect two caps,then waiting two capping heads to pick up.
8.    Capping heads take out two caps,first to press and then finish capping
9.    Finally,products discharge to mold conveyor by robot hand.
10.    All the station are running by robot hands instead of human labors
Machine function detail pictures
 1.Plate lifter
cartridge filling packaging line (8).jpg
Picture 1-3                                             Picture 1-4

2.3D Robot Hand
cartridge filling packaging line (9).jpg      
Pushing cylinder(To tighten and fixed screw nuts)
cartridge filling packaging line (10).jpg
Capping mode:Robot hands lock the caps in the correct position and start to cap cartridge
 cartridge filling packaging line (11).jpg   
Technical Parameters of cartridge filling packing machine:

TUBES bowl feeding.JPG

cartridge packing machine.jpg

Equipment Dimensions £º    5200mm*1700mm*2500mm
                Weight £º     around 4500kg
        Electrical Supply £º     AC110-220V 50Hz-60Hz
  Compressed air pressure £º     4-7kgf/cm2
               Capacity £º     About 15-25pcs/minute
inner circuit board packing machine.jpg
Main Part&Brands
Line    Part Name    Brand    Qty.
1    PLC    Panasonic/Delta    1
2    Touch screen    Wenview    1
3    Cylinder    Airtac/SMC    N
4    Motor    YAKO/TAILI    N
5    Triaxial screw molds    Customized    2
6    Guide track    SHANYIN    6
7    Vibrator bowl    Customized    2
8    Optical fiber and amplifier, etc.    Panasonic/Keyence/Ruike    N
9    Relay, photoelectric switch, sensor, etc.    Omron/AIKS    N                
10.  With Aluminum profile cabinet;Oxidized aluminum ,chromeplated rod and SS304 steel structural parts

Final assembly labeling samples:

labeling packaging assembly samples.jpg

tubes samples final product.JPG

Packing the machine in wooden case for shipping:

ocean shipping wooden case packing.jpg

vacuum capper model YX-30B in wooden case.jpg

wooden case Cigar oil filling bottling equipments (9).JPG