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USA WA customers bought small E-cigar oil bottles filling screw capping labeling machines
Date:2019-02-21 17:41:50

Our Regular customers from USA (North America) placed another order on One(1*) pcs of monoblock machines:model YX-50G illing capping horizontal labeling machine e-cigar bottles labeller.
For all the machines purchased it is clear to confirm all the information on the products so we often ask our customers to freight the samples to test and commission the machines in order that the machines and customer's products gains the best compatibility and adaptability.
After getting the confirmation &samples of the product in sizes and drawing for manufacturing the filling capping labeling machines
we spent only 20 working days finishing everything and made the machines ready after testing them in a satisfactory feedback.
Recently our customers sent us the positive commentar on the machines which keep running very well in their factory ever since the machines arrived their factory.
The machines was shipped via courier to USA . The documentaries certificated with ISO&CO&CE together with other files necessory are sent via DHL to customer for assisting customers to clear the custom.

As below there listed the basic information on the successful transaction between PENGLAI and their Washington counterpart:

Purchased order issued from American customer:
PO On model YX-50G filling machine.jpg
Samples sent from customers in Seattle USA
Bottle Image.JPG

Detailed sizes of the final 4 kinds of bottle and cap.jpg

60mL & 120mL Label.jpg

10mL Label.jpg

filling capping labeling samples (2).JPG

bottles for filling capping (2).JPG

bottles for filling capping (2).JPG
Bank copy of Down&balance payment for purchasing model YX-50G filling capping labeling machine

HSBC Receipt USA TED Cigar oil filling line.jpg

bank copy for e cigar bottling machine.jpg
HSBC Receipt Balance Payment E cigar oil bottling line.jpg

Penglai Wire.jpg
Testing videos on Model YX-50G filling capping horizontal labeling machine

Wooden case packing of filling capping labeling machine model YX-50G.

nameplate for filling liquid machines.JPG

nameplate for filling liquid machines.JPG

model YX-50G filling capping labeling line (2).JPG

model YX-50G filling capping labeling line (4).JPG

model YX-50G filling capping labeling line (5).JPG

model YX-50G filling capping labeling line (3).JPG
As follow there given the description on the machines purchased respectively

The automatic small bottle filling and capping machine is specially designed for small bottles and suitable for filling liquid like eye drops, electronic cigarette, iodine etc.

Drawing&Working process:

Bottles type.jpg

bottles E cigar.JPG

Bottles type.jpg

labeling part.jpg
30ml ¡¢10ml£ºVibration plate drop bottle (two bottles of each make a vibration plate, a single discharge) - Double peristaltic pump filling - Vibration plate double on the cover (a vibration plate double out, a material of a vibration plate requires two vibration Plate) - Double locking cap - Vertical transition to lying roller - Horizontal roller labeling machine - Complete.
Vibration plate: two bottles, cover the size of different specifications need to be set for each material a vibration plate, a total of 4 vibration plate (two bottles of each one, two cover each one) corresponding replacement operation;
Host tray: for two products (10ml, 30ml), according to the replacement material on the corresponding mold to achieve;

drawing size for filling line.jpg

Bottles type.jpg

It works automatically with high speed, adopts metering filling by peristaltic pump, controlled by PLC, no bottle no filling and capping. With high position accuracy, smooth transmission, and easy operation.

rotary filler capper.jpg

(bottle feeding machine-liquid filling machine/spout pressing/outer capping 3in1 machine-labeling machine-package table, and so on)

bottle process.jpg

This machine has three functions,liquid filling, spout putting and pressing, outer cover capping 3in1 machine. Also may according to the customer request to capping outside lid. No bottle, no filling. This machine is simple operation, saving merits of human, not consumption field, etc. It can be equipped with a protecting cover and a checking-drop installation according to client’s requirement.
It is applicable to different-shaped bottles and plastic bottles: PP , PE , PVC ,glass bottle and mould bottle The bottle-in and bottle-out has specialized structure .It doesn't drop bottles or nip bottles 
PLC control , simple and easy to operate. 
The part which touches the liquid medicine is made of 316L stainless material completely, meeting the requirement of GMP. 
It can be connected with the bottle-washing machine and the label-attaching machine to form a complete set of produce line.

Feature on E liquid filling line:

bottles filling process.jpg

1. Microcomputer setting, high filling accuracy

2. The main engine is equipped with stepless frequency speed control.

3. Automatic production capacity quantitative control.

4. With all kinds of fault alerting, for low pressure, no filling, no inner cap etc.

5. The machine can stop automatically in case of no filling, no inner cap etc.

Basic specificaiton of model YX-50G filling capping machine:

filling tubes.JPG

filling pump.JPG

capping process.jpg

Model YX-50G Cigar oil bottling line
Filling head: 2pcs
Capping Head 2pcs
Filling way:Peristaltic pump
Filling volume:3ml-60ml
Overall size:About 4100mm*2700mm*1800mm
Weight About  750kg
Working voltage    AC110-220V 50Hz-60Hz
Working air  pressure    4-7kgf/cm²
Working speed    20-25pcs/minute
Filling precision    ±95%

labeling connection part.JPG

labeling machine.JPG

Labeling Parameter model YX-BS series
► Label width: 10-135mm;
► Labeling speed: 30-350bottles/Min;
►production diameter: 15-150mm;
►label height: 15-180mm;
►Labeling precision±0.5-±1mm
►Power supply: 4200W , 110V/220V , 50/60HZ;
►Machine size: L2880 * W1700 *H1580 mm;
► Reel Inner diameter: 75mm;
► Reel outer diameter: Max 360mm

Sample  picture:

bottles samples for filling capping.jpg

bottles samples for filling capping.jpg

Wooden case packaging for Cigar oil filling capping horizontal labeling machine:

filling operation language.jpg

for USA customer Thom PENGLAI CHINA Website building (1).JPG

for USA customer Thom PENGLAI CHINA Website building (2).JPG


equipment automatic.jpg


For automatic small bottle filling and capping machine for electronic cigarette question:

First of all, before we operate automatic small bottle filling and capping machine , to clearly understand the instructions clearly automatic small bottle filling and capping machine, first read through the instructions again, adjust and use the familiar automatic small bottle filling and capping machine, the operating time must be in strict accordance with the instructions to automatic small bottle filling and capping machine instructions, pay attention to details of the problem , certainly the details determine success or failure .

Secondly, in accordance with the instructions on the machine for regular repair and maintenance of the automatic small bottle filling and capping machine fuselage Oil it, so automatic small bottle filling and capping machine body as far as possible to protect the reservoir, so that the air can be isolated to avoid automatic small bottle filling and capping machine rusty, well protected automatic small bottle filling and capping machine body, and this is a way to extend the life of the 3 in1 filling machine.

Once again, we have to pay attention to hot stand-sealing cloth for cleaning, not retained foreign body in the above, to ensure clean small bottle filling and capping machine try to avoid the amount of material for a long time into the mouth of the left cause corrosion .

Fourth, we should always check the machine to see contacts at various parts of the machine is good, important to ensure safe use of electricity, no electricity properly to prevent harm .

Fifth, if found faulty , we have to turn off the power , when necessary, by pressing the emergency stop button , and then deflated lift cover, and then close the voltage , check the reason , and troubleshooting.