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USA NY customer for tabletop cans sealing machinery semi automatic easy open tin can sealer
Date:2016-07-14 11:53:43

Our Regular customer in USA placed another order on our model YX-160A cans sealing machine tabletop type;

After we received the samples like cans and lids from our customers we spent one week to customize our in-stock cans sealer to beadjusted with the cans samples ; When we finished manufacturing of sealing machinery the detailed videos and demo were sent to our customers for check and confirmation ;

Our customer got rather satisfied at our machines when they run it in their factories . Two days ago they placed another 2sets of the same machine .

As below there is the basic information for the business cooperation:

Samples sent from customers :

cans sealing samples.jpg

Bank copy for cans sealing machine:

payment slip for desktop cans sealing.jpg

Testing run video of cans sealer equipment:

Wooden case packing for cans sealing machine:

can sealing machine benchtop in crate.jpg

Basic description of cans sealing machine model YX-160A:

Model YX-160A tabletop can sealing machine is applicable of sealign the cans like tea cans/easy open cans/metal cans/paper cans .The sealing machine is characteristic of low working noise.compact structure as well as taking up small space than the traditional cans sealing machine like our model YX-41AA series.

cans sealing machine tabletop model YX-160A.jpg

It can seal different cans with various sizes of diameter by changing mould of punches.It is the perfect choice for the small workshop or medium drinking company in the sealing of cans.

desktop cans sealing machiens.png
According to our customers' requirements we design and manufacture the cans sealing machine in order to solve the problem in difficult adjustment of sealing plum taking up too much space .The price is economical than the model YX-42AA series while the later is more advanced in sealing problem by keeping the cans stationary.

450ml cans PET.JPG
Basic parameter of Model YX-160A Tabeltop cans sealing machine metal PET can sealer benchtop علب الفوق ختم الآلة:

close shot for cans sealer equipment.jpg

capping head.JPG

DETAILS of cans sealer.jpg

Tabeltop cans sealing machines
Pedal switch&automtic working function
Main parameter of cans sealing desktop:
Capacity:25cans per min
Applicable height: 39mm-280mm
Cans diameter φ45-φ190mm
Machine size£ºL620×W260×H880
Packign size£º800×350×1000mm
Net weight£º70Kg Gross Weight£º84KG

How to adjust the cans punch and roller for the sealing machine step by step

illustration for steps to seal the cans .jpg


roller details.png

►In the picture 1 The left part is the first cutter from the roller .the
cutter groove in the first cutter which has the Cusp Slot is deeper than
the second cutter. In the picture it can be as a reference for the
distance between first cutter and the punch head.


roller punch.JPG

►The right part in the picture 2 is the second cutter. There is no
the Cusp slot and the cutter groove is a little smooth .The function
of second cutter holds blank. The picture as a reference for the
distance between the second cutter and the punch head .

Picture 3

CUTTER arm for sealing benchtop.jpg

The small bear from cutter arm rotates together with the Camshaft .The left roller corresponds
with the lower Cam; the right roller with the upper cam .The roller will start to roll-seal
by means of lever principle when the lower small bearing touch the small cam. Theoretically
the cans should lift to the position just to line with the punch .At the same time the position
is the optimal value to adjust the height of shaft .(this is the key point and tip)

Picture 4

cam small.jpg

By means of Lever principle when the small bearing corresponds with the small cam and hits the
highest point, the nearest distance from the roller to punch, which is the key time to adjust the
distance between the roller and punch (The important step)

Cans samples for sealing machine desktop

cans samples from Servi (2).jpg

easy open can sealing machine samples products.jpg

Other models of can sealing machine

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