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USA NY buyer for coffee powder racking machine semi automatic filler equipment tabletop type
Date:2016-06-01 22:32:32

Our USA customer from Plainview, NY 11803 ordered two (2*)set of rice granules tealeaf coffee filler model YX-PF50 1-50G packing machinery while The other customer in Singapore purchased one (1*)set of tea packing machine model YX-PF20 1G-25G computer controlled small packaging equipment.
First we manufactured the normal machine but our customer's bags opening is narrow so we changed and connected the discharge with the pipette for keeping the materials flow into the bags.

When the machine gets at the local custom in USA due to the listed Powder in the declared docs like CI&PL so the goods is kept in custom for more than 15month and our customer paid the cost more than 300USD;

So we would rather share the half of the loss of our customer even if it is the blame on our customer's wrongly list on the machine with "Powder" which is the sensitive objects for transfer;
The basic information for this successful business transaction:

Bank copy of model YX-PF50 tea racking machine

wu for racking machine.jpg

Custom bags samples for powder filling

wu for racking machine.jpg

Machines testing video in factory

Wooden case packing for model YX-PF50 before shipping

shipping racking machine powder.jpg

As below there is the basic description of model YX-PF50 tea racking equipment:

This product tea racking packing machine semi automatic model YX-PF50 has been excellent engineers carefully study design, the use of microcomputer control of optical technology, high accuracy, fast, good quality, solve the traditional tea packaging tedious process. An automatic dosers several labor equivalent amount of tea production and tea shop is a good helper.

Uses: Suitable for tea, food, food, seeds, fruit, grain shape chemicals and pharmaceuticals, micro and small components such as general non-sticky solid materials.

tea leaf racking machine.jpg
Features of weighing and packing bag tea packaging machine automatic measurement of particle packing machine 2-50g
machines with english control panel.jpg
1: microcomputer control self-energy, so that more precise and accurate dispensing, fast, fully automated dispensing process.
2: The contact material parts all stainless steel, no contaminated material.
3: double shock structure, the machine is running smoothly, low noise.
4: small size, light weight.
5: minimal power, energy conservation.
6: oblique throwing feeding, do not squeeze the material damage, especially for fragile materials packaging.
7: Show Package weight and number of packages.
8: Adjustable packing speed.
9: Set weighing excessive alarm.
10: stainless steel, never rust;
The main technical parameters of semi automatic tea powder granules packing machine
semi automatic granules packing machine.jpg
machines with english control panel.jpg
Model YX-PF50
Filling speed :10-25 times / min 600 bags / hour (depending on materials and different aliquots weight)
Scope: general particulate material
Dimensions: 38 × 32 × 52cm
Power supply: 220V ± 10% 50HZ
Power: 15W
Filling Weight :1G-50G (range of different specifications can be customized) Filling Accuracy :0-0 .3 G (depending on material)
*Note: The above parameters for reference only. The machine constantly upgrades parameters may cause the actual discrepancies, please understand.
Packaging samples final product from tea powder granules racking machine semi automatic
racking packing machine filling materials.jpg
final product racking machines.jpg
Paper carton shipping packaging with protective foam:
protective foam packing machine.jpg
protective foam packing machine.jpg
Sales terms for tea powder granules hardwares small articles rack packing machine model YX-PF seres
payment terms for racking machine.jpg