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USA NC customer orders spout bags filling machine semi automatic juice liquid filler customized
Date:2016-06-02 14:38:43

Our regular customer in NC USA recently placed another order for the spout bags filling machine model YX-SF01. We tested the machine within one week after

getting the samples from our customer ; After finishing the adjusting and testing we finished the machine very well shipping ; The machine was transported to customer

within 3days since the day when we confirmed the remaining balance ;

Today we sent one letter about enquiry on how our machine runs then our customer feedbacks positively on the quality on our bags filling machine ;

As below there is the basic information on this sucessful business transaction :

Bank copy of spout bags filling machine

TT copy via email fuer filling machine youtube.jpg

Spout bags samples sent from customer

spout bags filler samples sent from USA customer.jpg

Testing video for spout bags filling machine

Wooden case packing for filling machine before shipping

wooden case for single pouch filling machine bags (4).jpg

This semi-auto piston type filling machine based on the reference of the foreign similar products, is a new design added some additional functionality .it makes an easy job and convenient for the operation, accuracy error, filling volume adjustment, machine cleaning and maintenance.

The design of this pneumatic filling machine adopts the pneumatic components instead of the electrical controlling circuit, so it is suitable for the use in the environment with the explosion-proof requirements.

►Machine model selection

The machine model selection is concerned with the maximum filling volume requirements.

Spout bags filling equipment.jpg    

►Basic parameter of model YX-SF01 pneumatic filling machine

spout bags filler equipment.jpg

Model YX-SF1-1000 
Voltage: 220/110V 50/60Hz 
Power: 27W 
Rated pressure :0.4-0 .6 Mpa 
Filling speed :20-35 bottles / min / head 
Filling precision: ¨Q ± 1% 
Filling range : 100-1000ml 
Over dimension :160cm*44cm*37cm
Net Weight :50kg ; Gross Weight 65kg     

►Machine working principle

The pushing and pulling of the air cylinder£¬it drives the cylinder piston do the reciprocating motion, which makes the material cylinder to generate the negative pressure.

When the cylinder is pushed forward, it pulls the piston to the back, and  inside the material cylinder, the negative pressure absorbs the material into the inlet pipe from the material hopper.

When the cylinder pulling back, it pushing the piston forward, the material will be absorbed to the filling mouth from the pipe, then, it fills to the empty bottles.(the filling head open and close automatically when the material is absorbed in and out)

This piston type filling machine is a single, simple mechanical action for the each filling , so it has a high filling accuracy and stability for standard container.

►Features on pneumatic filling machine semi automatic

how to adjust the spout filling machine (1).jpg

A. The machine uses the compressed air the for controlling, it has high safety especially suitable for use under the explosion-proof requirements.

B. It won't generate static electricity and hemp electricity phenomenon;the machine does not need to connect the grounding wire.

C. Due to the pneumatic controlling and fixed filling volume, the filling volume is therefore characteristic with high precision,which can be controlled within 0.3%.(this is basis on maximum filling volume)

D. In the case of emergency stop, you just need to turn off the pneumatic switch, the piston will be pulled automatically back to the starting position, and the machine will stop filling.

►The inspection and operation sequence before machine starting

Take the inspection before starting the machine, this can be avoid the mechanical failure or personal injury accident.

The inspection and operation:

A. The clamping handle of the front and behind, is it clamping tight of not?

B. The three-terminal clamp of the inlet and outlet, is it fixed or not?

C. The filling head and its horizontal, vertical lever, is it clamped?

D. Connect to the air compressor machine, the pressure is less than 8©K/c©O, pressure adjustment is about 4-5 ©K/c©O.

E. Turn on the air supply switch.

(Note: it is strictly prohibited to work long time without filling material)

►Filling volume adjustment

Spout bags filling machine (7).jpg

The filling volume adjustment is depends on the filling materials, liquid (ml) or weight(g), because the proportion of materials is different, also, the measurement data is different. So, for setting a required precision filling volume , please adjust the Volume adjuster.

Operation details:

A. General adjustment: For a satisfactory filling volume, please adjust the adjusting screw gas switch, move the position to the left or right.

B. Using measuring cup or electronic balance to check the filling volume is accurate.(note: the filling material absorbed inside the cylinder must be full) 

C. if there is any filling error, please adjust the volume adjuster, move it forward for the filling volume reduction, and backward is volume increasing.

D. For a required filling volume and precision, please do repeated adjustment until the filling volume is standard.

Filling speed adjustment

The filling speed is determined by the following six factors:

A. The absorbing speed of the filling materials is depends on the material viscosity and the length of the absorbing pipe.

B. The filling speed is depends on the diameter size of the filling head, the more bigger diameter size the more faster filling speed .

C. The foaming degree of the filling materials, if the foaming degree is higher , the filling speed should be slow down.

D. Filling volume,  more filling volume more slowly.

E. Filling volume precision, high accuracy and filling speed should be adjusted slowly.

F. The valve controller of the air pressure.

♦Valve adjustment operation:

A. Loose the speed regulating valve nut

B. Turn the front valve handle clockwise, the speed of the cylinder go forward slow down, also, the speed of the materials absorbing will slow down.

C. Turn the front valve handle by counter clockwise rotation, the speed of the cylinder go forward getting faster, also, the speed of the materials absorbing will getting faster.

D. Turn the back valve handle clockwise, the speed of the cylinder go forward slow down, also, the speed of the materials absorbing will slow down.

E. Turn the back valve handle by counter clockwise rotation, the speed of the cylinder go forward getting faster, also, the speed of the materials absorbing will getting faster.

► Filling accuracy adjustment

The reason why the machine has the filling error is because it has so many influencing factors, like filling volume, filling speed, and speed of the valve switch. The speed of the valve switch is affected by the viscosity of the filling materials, the larger viscosity as well as the slower speed .The adjustment is simple by adjusting the main valve spring pressure, and the speed will be accelerated by more and more pressure.

The Adjustments of the spring pressure for the measuring and filling depends on the personnel experience of the operator.

►Machine cleaning and maintenance

Spout bags filling machine (4).jpg

Before cleaning the filling machine, it should clean up the materials inside the machine, and then pour the soft cleaning fluid into the material hopper; It is recommended to use the warm water and if needed the soap water, alcohol or other cleaning fluid can chosen. When you do the cleaning, please make sure there be no leakage from the washers on the filling parts. Turn on the machine, let the machine fill in a circulated way, until the cleaning is finished. The cleaning parts includes cylinder piston, piston head, washers, one-way valve, filling head and material hopper etc. If there is damaged one for all the sealing washers, it should be replaced.


Before the cleaning job, make sure the compressed air is off.

It is forbidden to use organic solvent for the cleaning, such as petrol, benzene, ethylene, sodium hypochlorite etc.

After the the cleaning job is finished, please wait and make sure all the cleaning parts is dry without water and foreign objects in the joints&pipes, then install the machine.

►Solutions for the common problems

spout bags  packing (4) semi automatic.jpg

common problems


The piston can not move

Make sure the air pressure is on.


Make sure the air pressure valve is on.


Make the air source switch is on, no stuck pressure on the pneumatic valve.



Air pressure is 4-5©K/c©O


Make sure the valve is installed correctly.


Make sure no sticky and bunged up for the piston head.


Make sure no damaged switch of the air pressure.

The filling precision is incorrect

The larger viscosity filling material, the filling speed should be slow down.


Make sure there is enough material inside the hopper and material tank.


Make sure the material hopper and volume switch is tied tightly.


Material overflow from the material cylinder

Check the sealing washer, if it is damage, change to the new one.


If the material is thin, please use two sealing washer.

Absorb pipe no absorbing

Make sure the absorb cylinder is installed correctly.


Make sure the pipe is  tied tightly.



Make sure the absorb pipe head is inside the material tank.

The filling is overflow out off the bottles

Make sure the volume switch is no damage and shifting, the filling mouth must lean to the bottle mouth and the air valve adjustment should be let the filling smoothly.

►The applicable scope of the filling material

spout bags sent from customer.jpg

Water          honey           yogurt

Fruit juice      bath dew         gear oil

Liquid coffee      ink        eye shadow fluid

Tea          shampoo            glue

Food/pigment  hand sanitizer     Cold cream

Milk           cream           liquid soap

Syrup          food oil