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USA FL buyer purchased irregular-shaped bags twin lane liquid bagging packaging machine
Date:2019-06-20 15:35:19

Our Regular customers from USA (North America Continent) placed another order on one(1*) pc of machine: Model YX-IP100-02 two lanes packing machine liquid bagging for animal food
For all the machines purchased it is clear to confirm all the information on the products so we often ask our customers to freight the samples to test and commission the machines in order that the machines and customer's products gains the best compatibility and adaptability.
After getting the confirmation &samples of the product in sizes and drawing for manufacturing the filling sealing bagging machines
we spent only 20 working days finishing everything and made the machines ready after testing them in a satisfactory feedback.
Recently our customers sent us the positive commentar on the machines which keep running very well in their factory ever since the machines arrived their factory.
The machines was shipped via  DHL courier to USA . The documentaries certificated with ISO&CO&CE together with other files necessory are sent via DHL to customer for assisting customers to clear the custom.

As below there listed the basic information on the successful transaction between PENGLAI and their American counterpart:

Purchased order issued from Amercian customer:
customer requirement 1st mail PENGLAI].jpg

plate cost for printed film PL.jpg

PO foR Irregular bags packing machine (1).jpg

PO foR Irregular bags packing machine (2).JPG
Samples sent from customers in America
bags samples.jpg

bags designed confirmed for irregular packing machine.jpg

specification on bags.jpg
Bank copy of Down&balance payment for purchasing filling bagging machine model YX-IP100-02:

30% down payment 20170715102651 PENGLIA.jpg

HSBC Receipt USA Irregular bags packing machine PENGLAI.jpg

HSBC receipt USA Two lanes packing machine PENGLAI.jpg

HSBC Receipt USA Irregular bags packing machine PENGLAI.jpg

HSBC receipt USA Two lanes packing machine PENGLAI.jpg
Testing videos on Model YX-IP100-02 Packing bagging animal liquid food machinery:

Wooden case packing of packing bagging machine model YX-IP100-02&1500kg roll film with printed pattern.

wooden case packing for shaped bags machine.jpg

PRINTER film packaging purchased (1).jpg

PRINTER film packaging purchased (3).jpg

PRINTER film packaging purchased (3).jpg
As follow there given the description on the machines purchased respectively

The irregular-shaped bag packaging liquid is specially designed for our customer who only offered us the size of film. We not only manufacture the machine for them,the film as well drawn by our engineer team according to the requirements from the Buyer.

The twin lanes packaging machine packs the liquid or oil or other fluid liquid into the shaped bags which are made of PE/PET/Paper materials film.

bag size designed type.jpg

Drawing of model YX-IP100-02 LANES Packing machine.jpg

A vertical form fill sealing machine is a type of automated assembly-line product packaging system, commonly used in the packaging industry for food, and a wide variety of other products. The machine constructs plastic bags out of a flat roll of film, while simultaneously filling the bags with product and sealing the filled bags. Both solids and liquids can be bagged using this packaging system
The typical machine is loaded with a continuous flat roll of plastic film, which has had labeling and artwork applied to the exterior or interior of the film. Note that while plastic is the most commonly used packaging material in the food industry, the technology can also be used to form continuous metalized foil/film, paper, and fabric product containers by changing the edge sealing/seaming methods. For some products the film may first be fed through a sterilizing chemical bath and dryer prior to use in the packaging system
For a vertical form-fill-seal the film approaches the back of a long hollow conical tube, which is called the forming tube. When the center of the plastic is near the tube, the outer edges of the film form flaps that wrap around the conical forming tube. The film is pulled downward around the outside of the tube and a vertical heat-sealing bar clamps onto the edges of the film to create the "fin Seal", bonding the film by melting the seam edges together.

To start the bagging process, a horizontal sealing bar creates the "Bottom Seal" by clamping across the bottom edge of the tube, bonding the film together, and cutting off any film below. This sealing bar can be on a fixed height, which is called an intermittent sealing process. Faster systems include a sealing bar that moves down with the bag while sealing. This is called a continuous process. The product is either pre-measured by a multi-head weighing system or the sealed tube end is then lowered onto a precision weighing table and the product to be bagged is dispensed through the long conical tube in the center of the bag. When the gross weight of the product-filled bag is reached, filling stops, and the horizontal sealing bar seals the top of the bag, simultaneously forming the bottom of the next bag above. This bag is then cut off from the tube and is now a sealed package, ready to advance onward into the product boxing and shipping processes.

During the final sealing process, the bag may be filled with air from a blower or from an inert gas supply such as nitrogen. Inflating the bag helps reduce the crushing of fragile products such as potato chips, while inflating with inert gas helps drive out oxygen and retards the growth of bacteria that would spoil the product. Other product finishes such as hole punching for retail hanging racks will be done concurrently or just after the "Top Seal" is made.

The feeding of material and cutting of the bag/pouch can be determined either by pouch length, or by indexing to an eyespot (photo registration mark), which is detected by a visual sensor. While single web systems are popular for food applications, the dual web four side seal system is often popular for IVD and Medical device products. Closely related is the horizontal form-fill-seal machine, which generally uses more floor space than a vertical system. Modern advancements in pouch forming technology have allowed for smaller and smaller Vertical pouch forming systems.

Many food filled packages are filled with nitrogen to extend shelf life. Food manufacturers are often looking for ways to improve their geographical reach or otherwise extending the shelf life of their product without the use of chemicals. Nitrogen filling is a natural means of extending shelf life. More and more manufacturers are choosing to create and control their own nitrogen supply by using an on demand nitrogen generators.

Basic parameter of packaging machine liquid bagging two lanes:

Illustration of packing machine.jpg

01 ) MachineFrame                   02) H. Sealing

03)  Bag Cutting                         04) V. Sealing

05) Filling part                            06)  Molding part

07)  Film Supply                        10)  Electric Part


size of the whole machine.jpg

Model YX-IP100-02
two lanes packaging machine
Suitable materials: Oil paste sauce liquid etc
Film volume: 5ML-50ML
Contact materials:SUS304
Packaging speed:45-50bpm
Sealing Way:Back Seal            
Bag size:Width 25-210MM
Sealing pattern:Net type,vertically plain
Roll of film diameter:280mm or less; Inner dia:3"
Horizontal sealing way:Cylinder heat sealing
Film dragging type: Servo-driven
Working power: 220V/Single phase/50HZ(North American standard customizable)
Air pressure:6kg,Air consumption:0.5-3m3 per minute                                  
Weight: 450KG

Feature of liquid packing machine two lanes:

two lanes packaging machine.jpg
bag forming set.JPG
1.Automatic  packing for all kinds of liquid,powder,granule materials.
2.Show packaging speed and number of packages,adjustable packing speed.
3.Microcomputer control selfenergy,so that more precise and accurate dispensi
ng,fast,fully automated dispensing process.
4.We stock all spare parts for this machine.
5.Machine is made of US304 stainless steel, ensuring hygiene production
6.Famous brand Keyance sensor for high sensibility to detect the film
7.Servo-motor driving system to keep the machine running in a stable&lasting working

Basic confirmation for model YX-IP100-02 Two lanes packing machine liquid bagging equipment:
   ¡ó Omron Touch screen 7"+ Panasonic PLC+Servo motor Delta
   ¡ó AIRTAC Pneumatic part
   ¡ó 4lanes PID Temperature controller£¨Vertical sealing/horizontal sealing 2lanes each£©
   ¡ó Solid Relay:Omron    ¡ó  Cutting way motor-driven
   ¡ó Sensor:Keyance; Bag length adjustable by changing parameter in Touch screen
   ¡óFrame: Stainless steel  ¡ó Safe door

Easy-worn parts&Spare parts for model YX-IP100-02 twin lanes packaging machine:

SPARE parts together with machine.jpg

Easy wear part for packaging machine two lanes.jpg


►Horizontal sealing adjustment
(1)Make sure that the seal fittings are set as shown in Figure (a).
(2)  Adjust the seal fittings as follows if they are positioned as shown in Figure (b) or (c):
1.    Turn off the gas main switch, close to the left and right heat sealing device, and loosen the heat sealing fastening screw (M6).¡£
2.    Loosen the fastening screws and then reduce the pressure on the fastening. This time the heat sealing device can be moved.Seal the left and right heat sealing devices together. In the left and right sides of the heat sealing device, the two sides of the normal, slow closing the horizontal sealing mechanism, and lock the fastening screws.

Readjustment and verification for sealing condition
(Check the sealing condition to make sure the adhesion and form are both correct.)
 (1) adhesion
The most important factors for the adhesion are the adjustments for the temperature and the seal pressure. If both of these adjustments are correct, the locations other than the polyester are separated when it is peeled.
(2) Refer to the section “3.2 temperature controller (PID)” for a description of the temperature setting procedures.
HOW To adjust sensor.jpg
In general, the strength of the adhesion increases if the sealing time and pressure is increased.

►Photoelectric eye adjustment:
    1.Detection of position adjustment 1 photoelectric switch, to ensure that the light electric eye detection point to the heat sealing device for transverse sealing intermediate integer bag length, i.e. optical sighting electric eye color, then the heat sealing device is sealed in the sealing mark color.
2. Lens of the photocell is in a distance of about 3mm to the packing film. When the film is being fed the photo spot must detect a registration mark. After the photocell has detected a registration mark, the photocell’s function indicator should show a change such that if the checked mark is in light color, the indicator will not turn on. The indicator only turns on when a dark color is checked up. Otherwise, the sensitivity knob has to be readjusted. If the base color is in a little difference with the registration mark, the sensitivity of the photocell should be readjusted once more in order to avoid erroneous action.

3£®Adjustment on the sensitivity: When the packing material has been put in the right place, slide the film through the film guide plate at the photocell, make the packing material align with the registration mark area, switch the MODE key on the fiber amplifier to SET status, and press ON key, when put the fiber head on the non- registration mark area, then press the OFF key, at last, press the MODE key to return to the original status. At this time, slid the packing material, when light source casts on the non-color-mark area, the red indicator won’t be on; When the light source casts on the non-color-mark area, the red indicator will on, if not, please readjust!

Final Product picture bag sample:

bag final samples.jpg

FAQ of irregular packiagng machine model YX-IP100-02 twin lanes liquid packing equipment:

a. = Breakdown phenomenon

q. = possibly causes reason

*. = Elimination method

The power source cannot start
q.        The power source plug has not connected?
*.  Forked connection plug in.

Although the power source has started, the machine cannot run.
q.  Power source plug connection reliable?
*.  Plug head and plug body reliable connection.

Although the power source has started, the machine cannot run.
q.  The machine emergency gate has opened?

*.  The machine emergency gate must shut down reliably, if not reliably, it will can start the safety device.

Although the power source has started, the machine cannot run.
q.  Has open the emergency switch?
*.  Raveling emergency switch locking.

a.  Although has pressed down the stop button, also is unable to stop the machine.
q.  The machine program makes a mistake.
*.  Turn off the power source, restart the machine

a.   Because color code examination is not normal, the machine stops the operation.
q.   Is color code examination correct?
*.  Again adjusts the photo sensor the sensitivity.(Reference related explanation photo sensor sensitivity adjustment chapter)

a.     Because color code examination not normal, the machine stop the operation.
q.     Is Photocell compensation establishment appropriate?

*.   Need to guarantee the machine parameter the hypothesis to be correct.(Please refer machine operation method chapter related machine parameter hypothesis procedure)
 touch screen.jpg

a.      The instruction of temperature controller can’t increase.
q.      Has the heater electric heating tube separated?
*.   Replace the heater.

a.      The instruction of temperature controller can’t increase.
q.      Do the Thermo-element broke line?
*.   Replace thermo-element.

a.      The instruction of temperature controller can’t increase.
q.      Has the temperature controller been damaged?
*    Replaces temperature controller.

a.      The instruction of temperature controller can’t increase.
q.      Has the fuse separated?
*.   Replace this fuse

a       The instruction of temperature controller can’t increase..
q.      Has the thermo-element loosened?
*.   Connect thermo-element reliably.

a    The instruction of temperature controller can’t increase.
q.      Has the relay been damaged?
*    Replace this relay

a    The instruction of temperature controller can’t decrease..
q.      Has the thermo-element been damaged?
*.   Replace this thermo-element.

a.      delivering  paper motor of packing material can’t rotate.
q.      Has delivering paper motor broken?
*.   The replacement for delivering paper motor

a. delivering  paper motor of packing material can’t rotate..
q.      Has close switch been damaged?
*.  The replacement for close switch

a   delivering  paper motor of packing material can’t rotate.
q.  Has relay on the power panel been damaged?
*.  Replace the relay.

a   delivering  motor of packing material can’t rotate.
q   Has this line already been broke contact?
*   If has any line break contact, must make the correct connection. (Refer to circuit diagram, check wiring correctly.)


9.1 Refill oil timely to the places where gears mesh, to the oil holes, and to the moving parts.

9.2 Never run the reduction gears without oil. Change the oil after 40 hours of initial run, and then change the oil every 3 months of operation.

     Oils recommendation:

Ambient temperature

Oil selection


gear oil HL-20 or machine oil HL-50


Gear oil HL-30 or machine oil HL-50

9.3 Clean the machine one time at the end of each work-shift. Clear out any residuals in the measuring plates and in the platforms of the machine to avoid any moisture that would affect the next shift of operation.

9.4 Check regularly for loosening of fix screws at every component, to ensure a reliable operation.

9.5 Clean regularly the photo head.

final samples packing for USA customers.jpg

Wooden case packaging for two lanes packing machine:

wooden case packaging machine irregular.jpg

wooden case of packaging liquid machine.jpg