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USA CA normal customer orders tubes filling sealing carton sealer inline screw capping machines
Date:2016-05-26 16:53:04

Recently our USA customer in CA state ordered three (3*) sets of machines like carton sealing machine model YX-CS20+capping machine model YX-SCM002+Tubes filling sealing machine model YX-AB100 .
After receiving the samples (tubes three sizes+bottles 4kinds)from our customer we started to manufacture the machine and finished the machine within the 10working days lead time . When the machines are done we test the machines  in details just as we normally do ,sending the files docs to our customers for checking&approving. Today our customer has already settled the 70% balance payment

as below there are the machines basic information as below :

Customer's samples for capping tubes filling  carton sealing:

samples sent from customer in USA.jpg

jars samples from customer.jpg

tubes for filling sealing.jpg

tube carton size for carton sealing.jpg

Bank copy for filling sealing capping machinery:

Bank copy from Federico for machinery.jpg

Testing video for machines filling sealing capping line:

Crate packing for shipping machine via ocean

wooden case packing for machinery.jpg

As below there is the basic description on the machines ordered by CA customer in USA:

Basic parameter of the machines as below :
Cream honey tubes filling sealing machine
semi automatic toothpaste filler sealer equipment
Model YX-AB100
Power supply: ~ 220 v + / - 10%
Power: 350 w * 2 250 w * 2
The filling quantity: 50, 100, 200, 100 (ml) (can be customized according to user's requirements)
Production capacity: 15-30
Measuring accuracy: plus or minus 1%
Overall size: 1250 * 550 * 550 (©L)
The weight: 200 ©K
Working pressure: more than 0.4 MPa

tube filler sealer plastic.jpg

tube filler sealer equipment.jpg

tubes filler sealer semi automatic filling sealing tube.jpg

Plastic (composite) soft tube filling sealing machine

Instruction for use

Plastic hose (compound) filling and sealing machine instructions

Overview and use

tubes filling sealer illustration.jpg

Plastic (composite) soft tube filling sealing machine is mainly used in a transmission principle. Using slot wheel drive with a fixture of the rotary table by intermittent movement, complete interior and exterior heating, automatic filling and sealing, pressure code, trimming, finished product exit and a series of functions. Filling accurate measurement, stable heating time, adjustable, sealing beautiful, neat appearance, strong and health. Trimming is flat and level. The machine is set to 10, in addition to the artificial on tube, other all can be done automatically. The machine running stable and reliable, no noise and other pollution.

The whole machine and some related parts contacting material are made of high-quality stainless steel need to wash part selects the quick change device, easy unpick and wash. Some materials need to heating insulation, tank external heating thermostatic device can be mounted to the system. Those who use plastic pipe and pipe as the material of packaging materials, can be at ease to choose the machine. Is the cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, adhesives, shoe polish industry as well as other related industry such as selection of great products.

 The main technical parameters of model YX-AB100 semi automatic tubes filling sealing machine

semi automatic tube filler sealer line.jpg

tube filler sealer plastic.jpg

1. Power supply: ~ 220 v + / - 10%

2. Power: 350 w * 2 250 w * 2

3. The filling quantity: 50, 100, 200, 100 (ml) (can be customized according to user's requirements)

4. Production capacity: 15-30

5. Measuring accuracy: plus or minus 1%

6. Overall size: 1250 * 550 * 550 (©L)

7. The weight: 200 ©K

8. Working pressure: > 0.4 MPa

  The main technical invention

PLC touch screen controlling for filling sealing.jpg

illustration of tubes filler sealer.jpg

Model YX-CS20 Carton sealing machine:
Max sealing size W500×L600mm
Min sealing size W180×L120mm
Tape width 36mm 48mm 60mm
Work table height 550-750mm
Used tape Kraft paper tape, BOPP tape
Sealing speed 18m/min
Power  220V 50HZ 180W
Size of paper carton sealing machine 1720×740×1130mm
Weight  130kg

carton sealer for fed.jpg

Stable and tidy.

Fit for all kind of RSC carton. Especially for heavy carton. Machine fit for long period single carton size packing

Easy carton size change over.

Standard machine height can reach to 600mm. more packing range without customize.

Machine can be used in many industries. Such as: food industry, medicines, hardware, cosmetics, daily use chemical industry, electronics and furniture. 

Sealing ( Taping ) Process

Manual folding---manual pushing in---automatic top & bottom taping--taping complete

sealing process from semi automatic carton sealer.jpg

Technical Parameter of carton sealing machine semi automatic:


Model YX-SC20

Production speed


Carton size(mm) 


Power supply 

220/110V,1¡Ó ,50HZ 



Adhesive tape width


Machine dimension 


Machine weight 


close shot for carton sealing machine semi auto.jpg

1. Taiwan Motor. Stable.
2. Carbon steel painting, durable.
3. Special tape head design, perfect taping.
4. Italian material belts. wear-resisting
5. Japan blade, sharp and wear-resisting.
6. Blade safety cover, prevent Injured
7. Front and back extend roller.

carton sealer equipment semi auto.jpg

1. Fully/partly stainless steel.
2. Can add printing machine, labeling machine and coding machine.
3. Customize packing size.
4. can add nailing machine.
5. 110V, 240V, available.   6. Color selective. 
7. Lack of tape alarm, tape broken alarm.
8. machine safety cover.  9. European plugs, USA plugs.
10. can add electricity box.

►Type YX-SCM002 inline capping machine
Production capacity 40-60 Caps /min
Cap size 10-50/35-140mm
Bottle diameter 35-140mm
Bottle height 38~300mm
Size(L×W×H) 1000×800×1200mm
Weight 100kg

Drawing of model YX-SCM002 inline capping machine:

drawing of induction sealing.jpg





Bottles fixing


Handle for adjust position


Friction Pulley


Stroke position module


Caps pressing Cylinder


Handle for positional


Capping adjusting module


Capping cylinder


Capping Motor


Controlling box


Hand wheel





youtube video capping induction sealing.jpg

Capping adjustment from A to Z

A.     Bottles fixing adjustment

1.   Loose the handle (3)

2.   Put the pre-fixed bottles(1

3.   Eyeball if the caps center is coincident with cylinder (9)center; once coincided fix the handle(3)

B.   Capping height adjustment©q

1.   Loose the handle(7)

2. Adjust the handle(12) to make the capping friction wheel(4) bottom distance at 2mm to the caps bottom,fix the handle (7)

Wooden case packing for capping+induction sealing machine:

wooden case packing machinery.jpg

wooden case packing for perfume filling machine.jpg