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USA CA customer orders metal rings sealing machinery automatic rotary lids jars sealer capper
Date:2016-10-22 20:14:50

The machine Model YX-AC50 ordered by our USA customer underwent about one moth to be finished manufacturing ; In order to perfect the machine our customer sent us the rings samples more than 300pcs and bottles more than 50pcs ;

The jars sealed with rings is for decoration with flower inserted. the picture given as below:

appearance purposes for customer production PENGLAI.jpg

The video shows from the caps lifting process from the buffer through the plastic slat then down the track for feeding the coming jars ; Then finished the pressing capping process;
The machine is driven by the servor motor ; the rotary dial can be changed easily without requiring to change many parts for different sizes of jars ; For every machine before shipping we will take the detailed instruction videos for teaching our customer how to operate &maintain the machinery ;
As berlow there is the basic information for this business cooperation of jars sealing capping machine:

Purchase order issued from USA buyer:

signed stamped PO 001.jpg

Bank copy for model YX-AC50 rings sealing machine :

bank copy for rings sealer.jpg

Samples sent from customer in USA

Jars samples taped measured.jpg

CUSTOMER sent samples jars sealer.jpg

Testing videos of model YX-AC50 rings sealing machine:

Wooden case packing before shipping :

wooden case packing for rings sealing machine jars

As below there is the basic description of rings sealing machinery

The whole automatic capping  machine adopts elaborate DIY design.By eliminating unnecessary complex and heavy machinery, it adopts suit type assembly.The maintenance and servicing can be completed without professionals.when it is necessary to replace the product,just make some simple adjustments, it can be immediately put online for production.

The machine is suitable for capping various types of round bottles in such industries as food, condiment,medicine,wine,oil and cosmetics etc.

Drawing for model YX-AC50 rings sealing machine :

details drawing.jpg

CAD pictures FOR sealing machine.jpg

Basic parameter of model YX-AC50 rotary sealing machine for glass jars:

Model YX-AC50
Speed: 20pcs-40pcs per min
Rated voltage:   110V/60Hz(USA market customized)
Machine Power:   800W
Exterior dimension:   About 2300*1800*1800 MM (L*W*H)
Air Pressure: 0.7-1.0 MPa
Weight:   About 400 Kg

double layer starwheel.jpg

Notification before Operation of the rotary sealing machinery

1: Before the machine is plugged in, make sure the power switch is in the closed state, and then follow the instruction.

2: If the machine does not run in a long time, it should be wiped with a piece of dry cloth and must not be cleaned with any corrosive cleaning agent.

3: It is strictly prohibited to spurt any liquid into the electric box of the machine, so as to avoid corrosion to the internal electrical components and cause short circuit.

4: Check according to the equipment packing list models, specifications and quantity of the equipment and materials to make sure that they meet the requirements of design and product standards and accompanied by certificates of conformity.

5 : Check the appearance of the equipment to make sure that it is free from any deformation, damage and corrosion, and all spindles that they should be flexibly rotating without any blockage.

6 : This machine is working under single phase AC 110V, and the flat 3-legged power plug should be plugged into the power socket with a ground wire.

How to operate the model YX-AC50 rings sealing machine glass bottles capper equipment:

Press the "Power Button" and the touch screen shows as follows:

touch screen for sealing machine.jpg

It is the boot picture and also the picture to select an operation language:

Click "English" to enter the following picture:


The picture also has the following functions:

    1, Start up the equipment. When the equipment is in the normal standby mode, click 360截图20160706145641203.jpg and then it shows

"AUTO" equipment is in a readiness state, then clickstart.jpg, and the equipment will be in an operation state.

Note: if the equipment is still in the standby state, check the prompt below the screen, eliminate the alarm as required and then it will be normally started.

2, Output setting, output zero clearing. Click clear.jpg to clear the current output and the equipment will be started counting from 0.

3, Empty the remaining materials on the turntable. After the completion of the products to be completed, if there are still remaining materials in the turntable, click operation.jpg to clear bottles in the turntable.

Clickoperation.jpg to enter the following picture.

manue for sealing.jpg

This column screen is for manual debugging

Only when360截图20160706145641203.jpg shows “Man”, buttons in the picture are valid.


ClickParameter.jpg to enter the following picture:


This picture is used for setting of the process parameters.

Incoming bottles detection time: when bottles are induced in the bottle-mouth, delay the time before the cylinder moves to block later bottles.

Glanding time: when the caps are pressed on the bottle mouth, stay at the time and loosen up.

Cap locking time: when the cap locking motor is pressured on the bottle mouth, stay at the time and loosen the motor up.

Alarm and trouble-shooting method:

1、Emergency stop has been pressed. Push the emergency stops on the machine cap and next to the touch screen.

2、The output reaches the set value. Set the output, press the clear button to clear the current output.

3、When caps are not detected for a long period of time, please check. Check the bottle cap induction fiber as to whether it is well provided. Check whether caps are in place or not.

4、When bottles are not detected for a long period of time, please check. Check as to whether bottles are in place.

Electric eye adjusting:                                                                                      1.  Amplifier structure

amplifier structure.jpg

Diagram for Optical fiber:

Amplifier structure diagram.jpg

1.Optical fiber lock bar 2.Operating status indicator

3.Set  4. DSC indicator light

5.Digital monitor 6.Manual button

7.Extended protection cover 8.Expansion connector

9.Power Selector Switch 10. Mode button

11.Output selector 12.Cables

13.Dust protector 14.Set value (In green)

15.current value (In red)

Working process for the fiber optical setting:

Step one: When the electric eye falls in the gap, the red current value is 144.

Step two: When the electric eye falls on the label, the red current value is 4.

Step three: Adjust the set value",about 1/2 of the value that the electric eye is on the body paper (in the gap between the objects to be detected) and the value that the electric eye is on the paper
the set value is (144+4)/2=74, adjust the manual button to adjust the set value to be 74.

Step four: Move the label gap back and forth in the electric eye location and the red “signal light/indicator light”.

Circuit description:

internal machine electronic.jpg


Circuit 2.jpg

Cuicuit 3.jpg


触摸屏Touch screen

开关电源Switch Power Supply

变频器Frequency converter

刹车盘Brake disc

电源指示灯Power indicator light

转盘电机Turntable motor


断路器Circuit breaker

Wooden case packing for rings sealing machine automatic model YX-AC50

wooden case packing for rings sealing machinery.jpg