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Tunisie customer orders two pcs magnetic pump filling machine semi automatic oil filler equipment
Date:2016-04-23 15:44:11

Our Customer from Tunisie north Africa country bought two (2*) pcs of model YX-II magnetic pump filling machine which is used for filling perfume&oil ;

We spent about 7 days finishing manufacturing the semi automatic filling machine and tested them in our factory .When sending to our customer we got

the positive feedback then we crated the machine in the standard exporting wooden case before shipping the machines via DHL ;

As below there is the basic information on this sucessful business transaction:

Bank copy of model YX-II filling machine:

bank copy for double heads filling machine.jpg

Spare parts offered free for our customer:

tubes 3 meters as spare parts for magnetic pump filling mach

Testing video for model YX-II magnetic pump filling machine:

Wooden case packing for courier shipping

wooden case packing.jpg

Custom doc for customer to clear

custom doc.jpg

As below there is the basic information on the model YX-II magnetic pump filling machine

Here is the basic description on model YX-II double filling nozzles filling machine semi automatic

side picture for double head filling machine.jpg

Model YX-II Double head liquid filing machine semi automatic olive oil filler equipemnt for Switzerland customer machine de remplissage Huile designed and manufactured by our engineer team in cosmetic&food&pharma making and packaging machinery is widely used in the daily chemical industry like Model YX-II Double head liquid filing machine semi automatic olive oil filler equipemnt for Switzerland customer machine de remplissage Huile and such like.We as a famous manufacturer moreover can design and produce the packaging machine according to the special requirements from customers.
model YX-II double heads liquid filling machine ordered from customer from europe got the sucessful trial run two days after confirming the customer'spayment .Below is the basic parameter of liquid filler

front picture for model YX-II filler.jpg

number digital panel.jpg

double heads model YX-II 
Voltage  220V 50/60Hz
Cooling Mode  Air cooled
Power  80W
Max capacity:Unlimited for water oil 
Deviation  ±2%
Machine Size 450X420X300MM
Weight  46KG
Capacity/min*nozzle 2L/min*nozzle
Application of model YX-II magnetic pump filling machine:

magnetic pump filler model YX-II.jpg

1) can fill oil, juice, perfume, ink, water, etc for all containers such as bottles, jars, cans, etc
2) Widely used in cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, food industry etc, which can highly improve productivity and product quality.
Warranty : 
One Year Warranty , Permanent Technical Service
Packaging including:

liquid filling machine packing.jpg

a) main machine x 1pcs
b) silicon pipe x 2meters
c) glass value x 2pcs
d) fuse x 1pcs
e) one-off injector x 1pcs
f) user manual x 1pcs
g) quality card x 1pcs

Operation instruction:
semi automatic filling machine liquid filler.jpg
1, turn on the machine ,and put the bottle under the filling head 
2, push the button "setting". When the filling reaches the range you want , push the button "setting" once again . Then the machine will keep the filling range in memory .
3, push the button "auto ", and it will work automatically . Push the button "manual", and it will work manually .
4, the warranty of the machine is 1 year .
The pump is diaphragm pump and is consumable . When you find the filling turns slow, please change the pump .
back view of magnetic filler.png




not work

1. Check the power supply cord 


2. Inspect the fuse

If burnt, replace it

3. Pipeline blocked by foreign substance

Clear away foreign substance

4. the pump does not operate

Connect the manufacturer

Can not stop

1. setting error

Check the setting of “filling time”

2. No digit display

Connect the manufacturer

Bubble in the pipe when filling

1. Leakage at the joint

Check the joint

2. short of raw material

Supply raw material

There are continuous bubbles in the outlet pipe when stopping the machine

Foreign substance in the reflux valve

Take apart and clean the reflux valve

Filling nozzle drips and leaks

1. The filling nozzle is not vertical

1. Install the filling nozzle vertically

2. The liquid gravity is to too small

2. Replace a smaller sized filling nozzle

3 improper material for the feeding and outlet pipes

3. Choose suitable flexible pipe