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Trinidad buyer purchased magnetic pump filling machine semi automatic liquid filler for lotion perfume
Date:2015-03-29 09:39:20

Our customer Ms Natasha from Freeport TRINIDAD,W.I recently ordered one(1*)set of magnetic pump liquid filling machine model YX-I about which we have more than 10sets in our stock .so this morning
after we confirm receiving of the payment from our customer we soon  test the machine and ensure every part is perfect then to plywood
it into case,finally ready to ship to our buyer via DHL

Meanwhile the customer also equired on our model YX-F02 powder filling machine with lifter semi automatic .they promised then if they use the model YX-I magnetic pump filling machine in good experience

they would soon feedback for purchase of powder filling machine semi automatic .Certainly recently they contact us again and tell us everything is on the way for ordering the screw auger powder filling machine.

Thanks for the trust from our kindly customer. As below there is the basic information for this happy international business cooperation :

Purchase order issued from Caribbean customer:

purchase order for magnetic pump filling machine.jpg

Testing run of model YX-I magnetic pump filling machine for liquid filling

Wooden case packing before shipping for liquid filling machine model YX-I

wooden case.jpg

Here listed for basic parameter of Model YX-I Magnetic pump filling machines semi automatic liquid filler pequea máquina de llenado de líquido:

model YX-I filling machine semi automatic.jpg
Filling Range 5ml-unlimited filling (adjustable)
Voltage AC220V,50/60Hz
Max Power Rate 80W
Mainframe Size 350*320*220mm
Mainframe Weight 22kg
Precision ±1%
Max Flowing Rate more than 2 L/min
Overall Dimension 360*340*220mm
Pump Quantity 1

As below there listed for the basid manual instruction information for the model YX-I magnetic pump filling machines:

magnetic pump filling machine.jpg

1.      It adopts world-famous brand frequency control, and is equipped with imported high-precision multi-circle potentiometer and lockable dial, so the flow can be regulated to be steady and accurate, with the negative deviation to be less than 0.5%, and the positive deviation to be less than 1.5%.

2.      The magnetic gear stainless steel pump is originally imported from Japan, with reliable quality and long life.

3.      Durable stainless steel cabinet.

4.      With small volume, so can be operated conveniently.

5.      Convenient for cleaning and sterilizing.

6.      With full function, with automatic or manual. Can be operated together with the production line.

7.      Can be equipped with several filling nozzles, and the usual models include: single pump    machine, double pump machine and four-pump machine.

8.      Can fill most types of liquids, including high-viscosity liquid. For instance, such agranular liquids as: medicine, chemical, oil, cosmetics and food.

9.       The filling capacity of SF-II can be regulated from 1ml to 10000ml, and that of SF- I can be regulated from 10ml to 80000ml, and they can be conveniently regulated.

II.     Control panel

number digital panel.jpg

1.Back board

a). 220V AC power supply socket. This hole is the socket of the power cord, with one end of the power cord plugged into this socket, and the other end plugged into the 220V AC power line, in order to supply the equipment with power.

b). Fuse socket. With one fuse in it, for safe of the operation of the whole machine.

2.Panel (see the figure)

a). Power switch 16: switch the switch to “ON”, the machine is powered on, so it can enter all the operations.

b). Filling time 9: Used to set the filling time; the shining part of the upper line displays the actual filling time for each time, the left two digits displays seconds/minutes/hours, and the right two digits the detailed value of seconds/minutes/hours. In the lower line, there are five setting digits; the middle digit is used to set S/M/H, namely second/minute/hour, and normally it is used to set “S”, namely “second”. The two digits on the left are used to set S/M/H, and the two digits on the right are used to set the detailed value of S/M/H.

c). Interval 11: Used to set the waiting time after filling.

d). Counter 10: Used to display and set the filling number. The shining part of the upper line displays the actual filling number, and the five digits of the lower line is used to set the needed filling time for each time. When it reaches the needed production number for each time, the shining part of the upper line will give a prompt of red shining point in the upper corner. The very right digit of the lower line is the setting digit for order; when set "×1", the shining part of the upper line will display the visual reading.

e). Manual and automatic switch 14: with three states of manual, automatic, and stop. When switched to “manual”, it will work in the manual state, and work together with “manual start 18”. Pushing “manual start” one time will fill one time. At this time, the “interval 11” should be adjusted to 0 second for the convenience of manual operation. When switched to “automatic”, it will enter the automatic filling state. The filling will be conducted automatically with the cooperation of “filling time 9” and “interval 11”. When switched to “stop”, the filling will stop. This switch should also work together with “working setting switch 13”.

f). Working setting switch 13: with three states of working, pre-clean, and setting. When switched to “working”, it will work together with “manual and automatic switch 14” to enter the corresponding working state. When switched to “pre-clean”, it will wait for a period of “filling time 9”, and can clear the filling time set last time. This state is used when the filling time is reset. When switched to “setting”, the filling will stop; but when this state works together with “working state”, the filling time for each bottle can be set. (see instruction <11>).

g). Counter zero-reset 17: reset the number displayed by the counter (the shining line) to zero, in order to start the new filling counting.

h). Manual start 18: When the “manual and automatic switch 14” is switched to “manual”, pushing this one time will make the machine fill one time.

i). Filling indication 15, interval indication 12: displaying the working states of filling interval.

j). Flow control 7: Used to adjust the flow of the pump. When used together with “filling time 9”, it can determine the filling Volume for each time. This regulation is the 10-circle potentiometer plus the lockable panel, so it is convenient and accurate for adjusting. When locking, uphold the panel to make it clip outward, and then turn it slightly clockwise, so the potentiometer is locked. The larger the value, the larger the flow.

k). Pump 1 switch, Pump 2 switch 6: The working switch of the corresponding pump. When the multi-pump machine is used, the unused pump is strictly prohibitted from working, so the switch is switched to "off".

l). The raw material barrel 1: The container containing the liquid to be filled.

m). Outlet pipe 3: the plastic flexible pipe from the pump to the bottle to be filled.

n). The feed pipe 8: the feeding flexible pipe from the raw material barrel to the pump.

0). Pump 4: The power body transporting the liquid from the raw material barrel to the bottle to be filled.

p). Reflux valve 5: In the state of standby, it prevents the liquid in the feed pipe, outlet pipe, and the pump from flowing back to the raw material barrel.

q). Filling nozzle mount 19: Used to fix the filling nozzle, and to adjust the vertical position of the filling nozzle.

r). Filling nozzle 20: Stainless steel nozzle, used to fill the bottles and vessels.


model YX-I filling machine semi automatic.jpg

a)        Place the machine on the working platform.

b)        Put the raw material barrel and such vessels as bottles to be filled in position.

c)        Connect the power supply cord.

d)       Turn the “flow control 7” to O.

e)        Switch the "manual and automatic switch 14” to  "manual".

f)         Turn the "power switch 16” to “ON”.

g)        When using is for the first time, the feeding pipe and outlet pipe of the pump should intake the liquid, or filling the liquid slowly from the outlet pipe, so that when working, the pump can transport the liquid from the raw material barrel to the bottles to be filled.

h)        Switch "manual and automatic switch 14” to “manual”; switch the “working setting switch 13” to “working”, and the corresponding “pump 1 switch” to “ON”.

i)          The “filling time 9” can be initially set to “05S00”, the indicator of “interval 11” to “0”. Press “manual start 18”, and slowly turn the “flow control” knob. At this time, the liquid of the raw material is sucked in, and filled into such vessels as the bottles.

j)          When the air or bubble in the outlet pipe has been completely exhausted, a proper filling speed can be selected. Then switch “manual and automatic switch 14” to “stop” to enter standby.

k)        Setting of the filling volume: Put the measuring glass under the filling nozzle. Set the “filling time 9” to a value greatly larger than the filling time for each time, such as “99S00”, and then switch the “manual and automatic switch 14” to “manual”. At this time, the machine starts filling. Observe the measuring glass; when the filling volume reaches the needed volume, quickly switch the “working setting switch 13” to “setting” to stop filling. The number displayed on the shining line of the “filling time 9” is the needed filling time. If it displays "0365", we can set the “filling time 9” to “03S65”.

l)          The setting of “Interval 11”: It can be set according to the time between two times of filling. If it is 2 seconds, the indicator of the “interval 11” can be turned to 2 under the “automatic” working state.

4.Common faults and their solutions:

inside magnetic pump filling machines.jpg




not work

1. Check the power supply cord 


2. Inspect the fuse

If burnt, replace it

3. Pipeline blocked by foreign substance

Clear away foreign substance

4. the pump does not operate

Connect the manufacturer

Can not stop

1. setting error

Check the setting of “filling time”

2. No digit display

Connect the manufacturer

Bubble in the pipe when filling

1. Leakage at the joint

Check the joint

2. short of raw material

Supply raw material

There are continuous bubbles in the outlet pipe when stopping the machine

Foreign substance in the reflux valve

Take apart and clean the reflux valve

Filling nozzle drips and leaks

1. The filling nozzle is not vertical

1. Install the filling nozzle vertically

2. The liquid gravity is to too small

2. Replace a smaller sized filling nozzle

3 improper material for the feeding and outlet pipes

3. Choose suitable flexible pipe

5. Attentions

back side of liquid filling machine.jpg

semi automatic small filling equipment.jpg

a)        The reflux valve must be vertically downward, otherwise it will affect accuracy.

b)        The filling nozzle must be vertically downward, otherwise liquid dripping will appear.

c)        The curve of the pipeline should not be too small, otherwise it will affect the flow and accuracy.

d)       The difference of the liquid levels of the raw material barrels should not be too large, otherwise it will affect precision.

e)        For volatile liquid, please use it in the environment where the air is circulated.

f)         Unsuitable for use with high frequency wave machines.

g)        Unsuitable for use with large-load equipment.

h)        Please notice us of the characteristics of the filled liquid, so that we can choose different feeding and outlet pipes.

The wooden case with protectice foam inside it before DHL shipping

TD filling packing.jpg

packaging wooden case before shipping.jpg

ready for shipping magnetic pump filling machine.jpg