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Switzerland customer bought beverage cans sealing machine semi automatc tin metal can sealer
Date:2016-05-14 12:18:20

Our customer from Switzerland Europe ordered one(1*) pcs of cans sealing machine semi automatic model YX-41AA for the beverage can sealing process ;
We got their samples cans in cartons ;One weeks later,we finished manufacturing of the machines and tested the machines with their cans getting the perfect sealing effect .
Soon after we got nodded from customer we crated the machine and made it ready for ocean shipping ;
As below there is the basic information for this sucessful business transaction:

Bank copy for cans sealing machine model YX-41AA

bank payment for cans sealing machinery.jpg

Cans sealing samples

cans samples received.jpg

cans samples sent.jpg

Testing video for model YX-41AA cans sealing equipment

Wooden case packing for cans sealing equipment

cans samples received.jpg

Basic description of cans sealing equipment semi automatic:

youtube cans sealing machinery.jpg
Application of crown beverage cans drinking tin sealing machine semi automatic metal container sealer equipment Dosen Verschließmaschine:for easy open cans with various shapes like round&square with the materials like iron&glass&plastic,is characteristic of its high quality and easy operation,thus an ideal small machine in the industry like food packaging as well as drinking field.
Features of cans sealing machine model YX-41AA

1.This semi automatic can sealing machine is suitable for all kinds of iron, plastic, glass, paper cans.For the capping of the  tinplate cover, aluminum cover,pop can cover capping.
2.Reliable Quality, simple and convenient operation. This semi automatic can sealing machine is an ideal equipment for the  food, drinks, tea and other industries essential.
3.Customzied service for this semi automatic can sealing machine is available. According to customer different can size.
4.This semi automatic can sealing machine is suitable for small capacity production, economice price.
Basic parameter of crown beverage cans drinking tin sealing machine semi automatic metal container sealer equipment Dosen Verschließmaschine:

control panel.JPG
Model    YX-41AAsealing machine
Package     Wooden crate
Material    stainless steel
Material Power and W    ~220V/50Hz 550W
Suitable height    30~350mm
Suitable diameter    50~200mm
Sealing speed    700~1800 cans/h (depend on workmanship)
Machine size    660*400*1350mm
Weight    105kg
Structure     made of motor, rotation-part, major axis, wrench, pallet, pedal switch, rack mount.
Maintenance for cans sealing machine

capping head.jpg
Every Maintenance Technician should strictly carry out every maintenance work in a regular period by following the maintenance menu and regulation, to lower the wear and tear speed of spare parts, to eliminate the risk of breakdown, to extend the work life of machine.
Making Cleaning , smoothing, examing and fastening as the focus, during and after production, Routining maintenance according to the requirements.
1.The first grade maintenance work is processing on the basic of general protection, and the main work is to keep it being smoothly and well-resistence,checking related parts and the cleaning
2.The second grade maintenace work take the key points as checking and adjustment. It depends on the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission components, steering and automatic component
3The key points of the third maintenance is to check,adjust and sweep off faults and take the balance of every parts' damage level. It's essencial to detect and examine the component that may affect the usage of spare parts,for further,finishing thte replacement,adjustment and the solving of faults

DRAWING OF CANS pneumatic sealing.jpg
1) Seasonal Maintenance.
It has to be done that detect and repair the sealing machine before summer and winter on the fueling system, the pneumatic part and so on
2£©Stop using Mainteance:
It has to be done that cleaning, assorting,anticorrosion,embalming and so on during operation when the equipment has to be stopped because of circumstances

cans samples.jpg

cans samples crown.jpg