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Spanish csutomer bought cartons opening with top sealer &tabletop banding &screw driver
Date:2021-08-04 10:21:27

Our visiting customers from Spain (West Europe placed the order on four(4*) pcs of machines: one is carton erecting machine with bottom sealing model YX-CR5025; One is flap folding carton sealing machine model YX-GPC50-A; The third is Benchtop type paper band sealing boxes machine; The last one is handheld screw driving machine model YX-GW4.
For all the machines purchased it is clear to confirm all the information on the products so we often ask our customers to freight the samples to test and commission the machines in order that the machines and customer's products gains the best compatibility and adaptability.
After getting the confirmation &samples of the product in sizes and drawing for manufacturing the end packaging  machines
we spent only 15 working days finishing everything and made the machines ready after testing them in a satisfactory feedback.
Recently our customers sent us the positive commentar on the machines which keep running very well in their factory ever since the machines arrived their factory.
The machines was shipped via  DHL to 03680 – Aspe (Alicante) Spain . The documentaries certificated with ISO&CO&CE together with other files necessory are sent via DHL to customer for assisting customers to clear the custom.

As below there listed the basic information on the successful transaction between PENGLAI and their European counterpart:

Purchased order issued from  European customer:
email communication for cartons line.jpg

PO Miguel.jpg

Erste Shrift von Miguel.jpg

PO email.jpg

meeting notes.jpg
Samples sent from customers in West Europe

samples from spainish customer (5).jpg

samples from spainish customer (4).jpg

samples from spainish customer (6).jpg

samples from spainish customer (1).jpg
300kg SAMPLES (2).jpg

BANDING Product size (2).jpeg

BANDING Product size (1).jpg

screw samples (2).jpg

screw samples from Spain.jpg

screw samples from Spain.png
Bank copy of Down&balance payment for purchasing cartons machine &banding &tightening equipment:
WhatsApp Image 2019-09-10 at 5.20.44 PM.jpeg

screw driver payment.jpg

Inward payments notification.jpg

Inward payments notification Juan fuer tabletop paper band b

samples cost bank copy.jpg

down payment bank copy.jpg

bank slip.jpg

last payment for spare parts.jpg

last payment.jpg

Inward payments notification Spain Juan.jpg

Balance payment for cartons machine.jpg
Testing videos on cartoning banding screws driving machines:

Wooden case packing of carton erector sealing machine and benchtop type banding &screw driver machine.
wooden case for packing machine end line (1).jpg

wooden case for packing machine end line (3).jpg

machine for shipping.jpg

paper banding machine tabletop type (4).jpg

wooden case for packing machine end line (4).jpg

wooden case for packing machine end line (5).jpg

wooden case for packing machine end line (7).jpg
As follow there given the description on the machines purchased respectively

Eleven points Conclusion before building machines:

1.   Top cover plus side cover for the boxes former; Front cover 50cm with leaflap;
2.   Add the stop button beside the emergency button in the boxer former;
3.   Different Name plate for each machine;
4.   Flap folding
5.   50cm cover added with the box former output part to stop worker’s hand putting into the machine;
6.   Blue PVC plastic part to cover all the aluminum profiles holes;
7.   Add the sensor to detect BOPP tapes and give off the light alarm and notify warning in the TOUCH screen when there are few tapes remaining or breakoff in the taperolls.
8.   Pneumatic circuit electric diagram and user manual offered
9.   Cover for flap folding sealer/ no cover for banding machine
10.  Easy-worn parts for all the machines

►The machine is operated and maintained easily with simple structure and high quality, for which it is widely used in various industries.
Safety precautions

1.The operator and maintenance personnel should read the operating manual carefully before operating and maintaining this machine.
2.The operator must keep away from the back folding plate to avoid injury.
3.The power and gas must be closed when installing the tape and doing the daily maintenance.
4.Only the trained personnel can operate the machine.

Performance/Features(carton erecting machine) 

automatic sealing machine cartons.jpg

►Easy operation,machine can be used individually and combined with the packaging line.  

►Vertical storage,cartons can be added at any time without stopping the machine. 

►Suitable for forming and sealing cartons of the same size.  

►Manually adjust to change the carton sizes(finishing in 2-3minutes).

►Advanced photoelectricity induction control system. 

►Rationally designed, the forming, folding and sealing process are accomplished simultaneously.

►Cutter Safety system to prevent hands form stabbed by the cutter.  

►Heavy duty built, both steel and stainless steel types.

►Equipped with PLC system, saving labor and easy to operate.

►Adopted international advanced technology, with imported parts and electrical components, this machine

has a stable performance and long life-using.

Carton erecting packing machine  Options:

automatic sealing machine cartons.jpg

Stainless steel version; Hot melt glue sealing type

Right hand or left hand; Specified machine color

Specified pneumatic and electrical elements brand

Open safety guard alarm, machine stop function

Isolate electrical cabinet

2 & 3 inch tape head; 24V low voltage control

Fully automatic carton erector + top sealing+ strapping machinery automated line:

fully automatic carton sealing line.jpg

Basic parameter of automatic carton erector equipment model YX-CR5025 :

carton erector automatic factory.JPG

WITH protective chamber.jpg

touch screen for carton machine.jpg

Voltage (V/Hz)

AC 220/50(can be adjusted with US power supply)

Power (W)


Gas Pressure (Mpa)


Max. Carton Size (W×H) (mm)


Min. Carton Size (W×H) (mm)


Taping Speed (m/min)


Adhesive Tape Used

BOPP   Water-free Adhesive Tape   PVC Adhesive Tape

Height of Table (mm)


Width of Adhesive Tape (mm)

60 (There will be some change on min. carton size if you use the tape in width 48mm or 76mm)

External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)


Net Weight (kg)


















Illustration of carton erecting machine model YX-CR5025

MACHINE in details.jpg

Malfunctions and solutions on carton erection bottom sealing equipment:


Malfunction and Solution of the Sealer 



Possible reason



Adhesive tape can

 not be cut off

The reamer patch is not sharp enough.

The reamer tine isjammed by the bond.

Change the reamer patch

Launder the reamer patch


There is tail 

after the adhesive tape

 is cut off.

The reamer patch is not sharp enough. 

There is stem on the reamer seating. 

The pulling spring is too loose.

Check if the nut on the reamer

 seating is too loose or not. 

Lubricate the nut if necessary.


The adhesive tape 

can’t stick to the carton 


Main spring is too loose 

and there is glue 

on the axis of the roller. 

The adhesive tape is disqualification

Adjust the pull of main spring

 and clear up the roller. 

Change the adhesive tape


The carton is locked 

in the midway.

The nut on the pasting wheel 

is too tight, 

the height adjustment of the carton’s

 transporting line is not suitable, 

and the main spring is too tight.

Loosen the pasting wheel, 

regulate the nut, 

re-adjust the height

 and loosen the main spring.


The adhesive tape 

is cut down

 during sealing.

The reamer patch protrudes

 excessively long.

Lower the place 

of the reamer patch.


The adhesive tape is 

often off the track.

The pressure of the guiding roller 

on the carton is not equal.

Re-adjust the space 

of the guiding roller.


The adhesive tape

is not on the central line.

The anti-retrorse wheel is broken.

Change the anti-retrorse.


There is abnormity 

during the sealing.

There is dust on the axletree seating.

Clean the axletree

 seating and lubricate.


There is jut

 before sealing 

and drape after sealing.

The speed of different straps

is different, and the carton is not 

at the proper place 

when pushing into the machine.

Adjust each transporting line’s 

pull to be consistent 

so that the carton

 can be put at the correct place.


There is drape 

after sealing

the strain of adhesive tape is too large

Factory pictures for carton sealing.jpg
Carton erecting machine integrated with encasing equipment for bottles filling line

Carton erecting machine integrated with encasing equipment for bags packaging line

►Model YX-GPC50-A Semi automatic Carton Flaps Folding Machine carton baxes sealer equipment with adhesive tapes folding cover sealing machinery


This product is suitable for carton sealing and the tape,

Automatic sealing adhesive tape machine with automatic folding cover, is the ideal packaging equipment characteristics of the function of  convience&economy and efficience.

Carton sealing machine with safety fence run Customer's factory

Machine without protective safety guard

YX-G50 carton sealing machine with flaps folding.jpg

Parts Adopted for carton folding sealing machine semi automatic  model YX-GPC50-A
1.Motor : Taiwan Luyang  
2.Power switch: Korea KACON
3.Bearing : Japan NSK  
4.Cutter :Japan SKD11  
5.Conveyor Belts: import from Italy
6.Caster :YX-200    
7.Touched Switch:Japan OMRON
8.Intermediate Relay : Janpan IDEC
9.AC Contactor :CHINT  
10.Cylinda   : Taiwan SHARKO
11.Magnetic Valve:Taiwan SHARKO

Basic parameter of model YX-GPC50-A carton boxes flaps folding sealing machines :

carton sealer.jpg

machines factory.jpg

CARTON Sealing details.jpg

Model YX-GPC50-A
Production speed 0-20ctns/min
Carton size(mm)  L200-600xW150-500xH150-500
Power supply  220/380V、50HZ、1∮-3∮ 
Power 240W
Adhesive tape width 48/60/75MM
Machine dimension  L1770xW850xH1520mm
Machine weight  250KG

Flow chart for carton sealing process from box cartons sealer equipment:

process of carton sealing machine.jpg

Working Flow for fully automatic carton sealing end packaging process:

carton sealer equipment automatic edge sealer.jpg

drawing for end packing project carton line.jpg

Adhesive tapes equipped with the carton sealing machine for sealing the cartons :

tapes for sealing.jpg

Cartons samples after folding sealing by PENGLAI YX series carton boxes sealer equipment

carton samples.jpg

Plant workshop for carton sealing machines various model for assembly&commissioning

sealing machinery in factory.jpg

machines factory.jpg

►Model YX-WKK01-30B Banding machine

The paper bands banding machine is widely used for kinds of industries, such as medicine food, printing, cloth, journey, vegetables etc, which can strap big-sized box together and also wrap hard or soft products with multi-PC and multi-pack.

 Features of benchtop paper banding machine hotmelt

tabletop paper bands banding machine close pictures.jpg
1.Strapping diversification: Includes single straps, double straps, three straps, well type straps etc.
2.Strapping speed fast: It takes only 3 seconds to finish one strapping, which integrate press, tight, scaled cutter for one time.
3.High quality and low cost, more economical
4.Strapping function is better for heat sensitivity.
5.Touch screen: Adopt PLC control program, touch screen can adjust or operate about parameter, set convenient button and reach four model including handle, automatic, temporary stop, stick. All will satisfy users request.

Basic parameters of model YX-WK01-30B tabletop banding machine:

drawing of machine banding.jpg

drawing for banding paper machine.jpg

Model Number

Binding tape width 30mm paper tape or OPP tape
Binding tape length 150m
Max binding size 470*200MM(W*H)
Min binding size 30*10mm(W*H)
Binding tape inner diameter 40mm
Binding tape external diameter 155mm
Binding speed less than 2.5s per bundle
Binding tension 5-50N
Binding way hot heat to seal
Power AC220V/50Hz/80W
Weight 32KG
Volume 596*364*504mm

Note: Previous improvements or improvements to mechanical specifications,
dimensions will not be explained separately.

More detailed pictures on tabletop banding machine model YX-WK01-30B:

bench type banding machine (1).jpg

bench type banding machine (2).jpg

bench type banding machine (3).jpg

how to wind the paper.jpg

bench type banding machine (4).jpg

Paper type tapes.png

Repair and maintenance


Problem 1not working


Possible reasons



Safety switch not closed


The right door is not closed and the safety switch contacts   are not pressed



No fuse or damage inside the socket


Replace the fuse


Loose socket, plug or power cord


Check power supply and connection device



Circuit boards defected

Detect or replace the board

Problem 2Tape cutting abnormally


Possible reasons



Medium knife blade or  front blade wears too much




Loosening screw


Tighten the front head screw



Medium knife blade and  front knife pressure is too small


Adjust the tightening screw pressure in the middle seat  (the pressure of the two screws is even when adjusting, the pressure should not be too large, and the middle knife will not fall too much)

Problem 3Tape in stuck or make crease


Possible reasons



Over force of the bindling

Force decrease


The belt slot and the drive wheel gap are too large


Adjust the gap, the gap is ≤0.2



There are burrs or foreign objects in the groove


Clean up burrs or foreign objects



There are burrs or foreign objects in the belt slot


Clean up burrs or foreign objects


Problem 4Tape can not close well


Possible reasons



The proximity switch does not detect the signal


1. The contact does not reach the last position 2. The proximity switch position is too close



Motor failure


Check if the motor or wiring is normal


Problem 5Tape can not feed


Possible reasons



The proximity switch detects the signal


1. The contact is not returned.  2. The proximity switch position is too far.



There are burrs or foreign objects in the groove.


Clean up burrs or foreign objects.



Motor failure


Check if the motor or wiring is normal



The drive wheel has friction with the grooved plate.


Adjusting the front and rear position  of the drive wheel makes it flexible.



Problem 6Tape can not through the groove stably


Possible reasons



The guide groove is unevenly


adjusted to level the front and rear guide grooves 

at the same horizontal direction.



Misalignment of the interface with each slot

The slotted interface is higher  than the slotted interface



The interface gap between each segment  and slot connection is too large

Adjust the gap2.5


1. Turn off the power after resetting the machine before maintenance.
2. It is recommended to clean the inside of the machine after packing every day. The main performance is the dust inside the machine.  Please use the air gun with a pressure less than 0.1MPa to remove the dust at the bottom of the machine and the dust at the three cutter poles.
3. Regularly check the power cord and electrical components for damage and looseness.
4. Regularly check whether the moving parts such as the blade, rocker arm, skateboard and arbor are seriously worn.
5. Regularly check the bolts and nuts for looseness.
6. Regularly lubricate moving parts. Especially when the machine is not used for a long time, it should be lubricated with lubricating oil in the sliding part to achieve flexible effect. Add 2-3 drops of lubricant each time.
Refueling parts as shown below: 

1. Add the lubricating oil once a week to the arbor, chute and driven wheel frame of the three knives (or lubricate the lubricating oil when the knives are not falling), and remove the parts without adding lubricant.

lubrication parts illustration.jpg 

 2. The bushing and shaft moving piece need to be lubricated once a week.(Or when the frame is not flexible, it should be lubricated in time), and there are four places before and after.

electric diagram strapping machine.jpg

Wooden case packaging for tabletop banding machine:


paper banding machine tabletop type (3).jpg

nameplate for banding machine.jpg

paper banding machine tabletop type (4).jpg

Vertical paper &OPP bands banding machine can used with large paper in width 50MM and the product size with Wdith more than 500MM*Height 200mm

►Handheld screw driving machine with automatic screws feeder
Parameters of model YX-G4 screw driving machine portable type:

handheld screw driving machine.jpg
Voltage    AC220V/110V  50HZ/60HZ
Working pressure    2-3KGF/cm2
Working efficiency    50-70PCS/MIN(Depends on screw length)
Noise    Lower than 65db
Conveying distance    1-4m
Hopper capacity    5000pcs for M 2x6 screws
Size    L370*W250*H190MM
Weight    9KG
Screw length    Less than 45mm
Suitable screws    M2.0-M6.0
Automatic    Yes, Auto feeding, sorting and locking screws
Main components:
handheld driver.jpg

screw driver with feeder.jpg
Screw locking machine is made of 3 main parts: 1.Screw feeding system. 2. Screw sorting system. 3. Screw locking system.
These 3 systems are controlled by the machine's program.
Handheld automatic locking screw machine feeds screws in a turbine way and order screws on a vibration guide rail, and transport screws to Screw Sorting System  through magnetic resonance,  then sort one screw per time and send it to screwdriver nozzle, finally electric or pneumatic screwdriver will lock the screw into products.
Features :
1. Automatic screw feeding, sorting and locking for various shapes screws. One-hand operation.
2. Torsion precision and convenient adjustment, ensure the quality of screw locking
3. Turbine feeding, low volume and noise, convenient maintenance. Light weight and small, mobility and save space.
4.  Warning function when lack of screws.(Acousto-optic alarm)
5. High efficiency. No need to pick up screws, move screws and put screws. Just need to lock the screws aimed at the screw hole.
6. Sensor controls screws feeding one by one to avoid  feeding repetition.
7. Can lock screws very fast, around lock 60 screw per minute.
High efficiency---One hand working. Easily locking screws repeatedly, no need to pick up and put screws.
Easy to use---With training, New users can easily operate it. Long-term operation cause no tire.
Stable function--- Imported parts, precise processing, stable and safe.
Working conditions
1, Screw specification requirements:
The screw length should be over 1.3 times greater than the screw cap’s diameter
If the screw cap is greater than the screw length, the screw cap may come out first, because the screw will turn over during feeding screws.
The screw length should be less than 45mm.
size for screw.jpg
2, Product requirements:
No barrier within 3mm around the lock hole. The screwdriver nozzle and the locked products should have a plane contact. There is enough space for the screwdriver nozzle to press the screws into locked products.
Working Area
1, Available Screw head styles: Slotted, Phillips, Triangle, Six-Lobe, Hexagon, H-type, etc
2,Suitable Screws: M1-M6
3, Suitable Screw Finish Code: Ni-Plated, wreath, colored Zinc-plated, white zinc-plated, copper-plated, etc
4, Suitable screw materials: iron, copper, stainless steel, etc
5, Suitable lock screws product’s materials: plastic, iron, aluminum etc.
6,Suitable for various industry: such as cell phone, keyboard,toy,LCD/LED module, Communication Equipment, and other electronics production and installation.

Applicable products for screw driver.jpg

screw samples.jpg

Plywooden crate&ocean Shipping for carton sealing machines

wooden case packing for carton sealer.jpg

Guarantee: for all the machine, it claims one year for guarantee.(Excluded from the warranty are problems due to accidents, misuse , misapplication, storage damage, negligence, or modification to the Equipment or its components. ALSO THE EASY BROKEN SPARE PART IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE GUARANTEE)

Installation: after the machine arrive your factory,if you need,our technician will go to your place to install and test the machine and also training your worker to operating the machine (The time of train depend on you worker). The expenses (air ticket ,food , hotel,the travelling fee on your country) should be on your account and you need paid for the technician USD50 per day. also you can go to our factory to do training.

After service: If you get the problem on the machine ,our technician will go to your place to fixed the machine as soon as possible. The cost should be in your account.(as above).