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SINCE 2003



This line is full automatic,which can make soap easily. By this line ,you can make both toilet and laundry soap.It inclusdes mixer, three roll mill, plodder, cutter and stamper(if you make toilet soap).

All the parts which are in contact with soap adopt high quality stainless steel and all the motor brand is very famous.

solid bar maks line PENGLAI.jpg
Basic parameters of solid barr production line:
Model YX-RZHJ-150B YX-RZHJ-300B YX-RZHJ-500B
Capacity100kg/h~ 200 kg/h  250kg/h~350 kg/h  450kg/h~ 600 kg/h
Mixer volume 0.5 m3  0.7 m3  1.0 m3
Mixer Power  2 X 2.2 kw    2 X 5.5 kw     2 X 7.5 kw
Outcharge  Electric
Outcharging Power consumption:0.15 kw  0.37 kw  0.50 kw
Miller diameter Φ150mm  Φ260mm  Φ260mm
Mill roll length 300mm  670mm  670mm
Mill power consumption 4 kw  11 kw  15 kw
Screw rod diameter Φ150mm  Φ200mm  Φ250mm
Ratio  L=4.5Φ    L=4.5Φ    L=4.5Φ
Cutter 5.5 kw  11 kw  15 kw
Soap weight 10g-150g  10g-250g  10g-300g
Stamper power consumption3 kw  3 kw  3 kw
Materials lifting 0.55 kw×2  0.55 kw×2  0.55 kw×2
Total power consumption 18.1 kw  37.5kw  49.5 kw
Size ( L*W*H ) 7.1×2.5×2.5  7.5×3.0×2.8  7.9×3.0×2.8
Whole line weight 4500kg  6000kg  6700kg
Air-type chiller:
Cooling compacity: kcal/h 3310  Power consumption 3.85KW
Total power consumption 7.25
Power consumption: 3PH 380V 50HZ
Freezer type R404A/R507
Controller: Expansion valve
Compressorr: Piston type turbo Hermit
Water  (m3) 0.82  Water pipe 1”
Pump power 0.75  throw of pump  (m)18
Size L(mm)×W(mm)×H(mm) 1310×720×1270
Weight 310

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soap samples by machine soap maker.jpg