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Senegalean customer ordered 3lanes honey packing machine high speed VFFS packaging system
Date:2016-09-18 11:51:29

Our West African customer from Senegal&Congo bought one machine model YX-M520-L series three lanes packaging machinery ; With about 30working days we finished manufacturing the machinery and tested it for more than 3hours with the function like

how to wind the film&to install the materials hopper ; The machine should be connected with the high power transfer pump as we advised to our customer because it can save a lot workforce ;

The machine has been shipped with the Maersk boat for the fast shipping; but it is well know to African countries the shipping time takes longer time than the counterparts in EU&American regions;

Our customer should wait for another 30days to get the machines;

As below there is the basic information for the international business transaction:

Samples sent from customers:

samples for three lanes 1(3).jpg

Bank slip for deposit&balance collection:

bank copy for 3lanes packaging.jpg

bank copy for 3lanes packaging.jpg

Testing video for machinery three lanes packaging:

Wooden case packaging for machinery packing via ocean:

wooden case packing.jpg

YX-LM520-L03 multilanes packing machine VFFS packaging bagging solution is a full automatic packing machine with high quality and high performance made by this co.,ltd through introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology from abroad, and has a series of automatic functions, such as automatic-delivering, measuring, bag-making, sealing, date printing, finished product exporting.

This machine adopts high precision servo film-transferring system, PLC program control, advanced touch-type human machine interface, photoelectric automatic positioning tracing and digital type temperature control, which make operation of the complete machine simpler, perfect, and it is the first-choice equipment for improving producing efficiency, decreasing labor intensity, upgrading packing level in food packing industry.

Performance and Specifications of multilanes packing machine VFFS bagging system:

drawing of packing machine.jpg

THREE lanes packing machine.jpg

power supply

single-phase 220V/50Hz


total power


packing material




power of horizontal sealing heating sheet (4-sheet in series)


thickness of packing film



power of vertical  sealing heating sheet (2-sheet in series)


maximum width of packing film


measuring range



220mm (width)x300mm (length)

air pressure used


packing speed

5-60 packages/minute

air consumption


weight of complete machine



overall dimension

1850(length) X123(width) X 2320(height)

 suitable materials to be packed

Liquid and powder and granules etc.

Notice: Packing speed according to packing material and packing weight .packing materials should be used in rolls, the outer diameter should be 400mm, inner diameter of framework should be Φ75mm, thickness of compound packing material should be 0.05-0.08mm, surface of the packing material should be smooth without wave, in the range of 10mm on the side should not have printed pattern and characters (namely the grounding should be pure), contrast between color dot and grounding should be obvious.

2.A►Arrangement plan of the complete machine

liquid packing machine 3lanes.jpg

3. Installation notice

1). Packing machine and finished product transferring machine should be connected with 220VAC power supply with earth leakage protection and a current of more than 10A

2). Automatic lifting machine should be connected with 3-phase 380VAC power supply with earth leakage protection and open-phase protection and a current of more than 10A.

3). Please dont forget to install earth wire.

4). Connect the air source with entrance of triplet of packing machine.

5). Use elevator to transfer material into big material hopper at the top of packing machine.

6). Install date printing ink ribbon 

7). Install packing film.


1)Loosen the handle



2)Put in packing film

    roll of film.jpg

3) Bold line direction indicated in the chart passes through the packing film and move it along a continuous line, and lead the packing film into the bag former(Vertical sealing device should be opened first).

film winding illustration.jpg 
4)After lead the packing film enter bag former, adjust swing lever to make packing film pass through feeding tube. At this time, film-delivering switch and film motor at the bottom of packing machine enter automatic work status.

Debugging of human machine interface

french-english dual version touch screen.jpg

Touch screen language English-French Bilingual version

turn on display will show main menupress English ,enter into second step :

6 (2) E

1Use hand touch parameter setting,Screen display as show


2Touch next page,screen display as shown

4 (2)E

12 E

Cutter delay xxx  stands for the time period after film conveyance and before electromagnetic valve gaining electricity (unit: second), the set number takes that after film conveyance and before electromagnetic valve gaining electricity as standard

Cutter xxx stands for the time of cutter electromagnetic valve gaining electricity (unit: second), the set number takes that cutter cutting packing film, but not impacting drop of next bag as standard

Film sealing xxx stands for the time of horizontal sealing electromagnetic valve gaining electricity (unit: second), depending on thickness of packing film and packing speed, and  taking that packing film sealing is well done and leakage-free as standard

Vertical sealing xxx stands for the time of horizontal sealing electromagnetic valve gaining electricity (unit: second), depending on thickness of packing film and packing speed, and  taking that packing film sealing is well done and leakage-free as standard

Bag length xxx stands for the length packing film can run without color code magic eye (unit: mm), length setting should be central distance between the two color codes plus 10mm.

(Due to film drawing belt sliding and other reasons, it is possible that the actual packed length is different from set value, in this case, it is necessary to increase set bag length to make correction.)

Printing date action xxx stands for the time of printing date electromagnetic valve gaining electricity.

Printing date delay xxx stands for the time period after film conveyance and before air inflate.

Horizontal delay xxx stands for the time period after film conveyance and before horizontal sealing .

Vertical delay xxx stands for the time period after film conveyance and before vertical sealing.

3If it is required to set parameters of various functions, touch the

function, it will display at the left end of the screen(as shown in the chart).

At this time, parameter can be amended, after the amendment, press the

key of return to confirm.

For example: amend horizontal sealing electric parameter: (change the original 0.65 into 0.75)

Touch the parameter of 0.65 of horizontal sealing, and it will twinkle, at the same time the screen displays digital table of the above chart, touch 0.75 of the digital table, then press the key of return.

4.Return homepage,touch the key of Manual,screen display


    Touch pull filming ,pull filming once.

Touch make one bag stands,make one bag once

Touch horizontal sealing open, horizontal sealing jaw open.

Touch vertical sealing open,vertical sealing jaw open.

Touch cutter return: cutter action open.

5turn to homepage, touch auto, screen displays

make one bag.jpg
On: touch the key of on, packing machine will start.

Off: touch the key of off, packing machine will stop.

touch Alarm, display show

On:touch the key of on, open the alarm

Off:touch the key of off, turn off the alarm


Note: Establishment of parameters of packing machine is directly related with actual packing speed reached by packing machine. The bigger the value of various parameters, the lower the packing machine can reach, on the contrary, the quicker.

►Common faults, reasons and elimination

3 lanes packing machine liquid bagging in factory.jpg

fault type


eliminating method

Touch the key of ON, but the machine does not work

1.check if emergency stop switch is restored

2.transducer and servo controller display RC

1.restore emergency stop switch

2.turn off main power supply, turn it on after 20 seconds

creep-age switch trips

creep-age of heating sheet and other electrical appliances

check electric appliances one by one, eliminate

sealing roll not hot

1.protector of open circuit trips

2.heating sheet burnt out

3.temperature control meter damaged

1.check and eliminate open circuit, recover it

2.replace heating sheet

3.replace temperature control meter

Number on temperature control meter bounces repeatedly

Thermcouple loose

or damaged

fasten or

replace thermocouple

temperature is normal when close down, but descends continuously when running


1.environmental voltage is low, causing descending of power of heating sheet

2.power of heating sheet is too low


1.reduce packing speed or add voltage stabilizing device

2.replace it with heating sheet of bigger power


air leak at sealed mouth of packing bag 

1.temperature is insufficient

2.pressure is insufficient

3.sealing time is too short

4.irregular front and back horizontal sealing rolls

5.material clamped

1.properly increase temperature

2.check if total pressure is 6.5 kilograms

3.properly increase sealing time parameter

4.carefully adjust parallel status of mouth of horizontal sealing roll

5.adjust baiting time or inflation delay

cutting position or cut into half a bag can not be controlled

1.side of packaging film cockles or photoelectric wrong action caused by poor quality of light path

2.sensitivity of photoelectric head isnt  adjusted well

3.bag set length is insufficient and different lengths caused

1.replace packing film photoelectric sensitivity

3.increase bag length

 conveyance film does not drop

1.pressure of conveyance film cylinder is insufficient or too much

2.belt slides of damaged

3.static of packing film is too big

1.check if pressure of conveyance film is 2.5 kilograms

2.scrape surface of belt with saw sheet or replace it

3.replace packing film

Operation methods

1) Open the total power of the machine, then preheat the vertical and horizontal sealing jaw date printer to the temperature setting and the horizontal sealing jaw which parts should be add some adequate lubricating oil.

2)Please pay attention to check the cleanliness of the tooth surface of vertical and horizontal sealing jaw.

3)Please check the equipment of the code date, packing film right or wrong, and check the Electronic location.

4)Open the switch of the printer of the date, and send the packaging film to the intended location. Open the motor, make 4-5 empty bags and then stop it. Check the bags is qualified, if done then open the materials falling switch to work.

5)First to shut down the materials falling switch when it needs to cut off the power,and then related the electrical power supply ,so as not to damage folders, tool damage.

Equipment maintenance

1Before on or off duty, it is necessary to clean interior and exterior of the machine, thoroughly sterilize the parts passed by food

2Before on or off duty every day, please check if 1/3 of the oil table of air source air source triplet oil storage jar is maintained, is less, it is necessary to pour 20# pure and clean oil until about 1/2 of the jar body.

3Before start every day, pour 20# machine oil into oil cup on the horizontal sealing support until it becomes full.

4Before off duty, it is necessary to take off unused packing film so as to prevent from bending supporting tube.

5During the process of start, if material is clamped in vertical sealing or horizontal sealing, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately and clean tooth surface of vertical sealing or horizontal sealing with brass wire brush.

Pneumatic schematic diagram 1

pneumatic diagram1.jpg

L-----相线                   L-----phase wire

N-----零线                   N-----zero wire

QS-----总开关                QS-----main switch

QFO-----空气开关             QFO-----air switch

QF1-----断路器               QF1-----breaker

QF2-----断路器               QF2-----breaker

QF3-----断路器               QF3-----breaker

220VAC/24VDC-----开关电源  220VAC/24VDC-----on-off power source

SGDL-02AR-----伺服控制器   SGDL-02AR-----servo controller

BFV7002FBR-----变频器      BFV7002FBR-----transducer

GK1-----固态继电器         GK1-----solid-state relay

GK2-----固态继电器         GK2-----solid-state relay

GK3-----固态继电器         GK3-----ical sealing and horizontal sealing temperature control switch

B1-----打印发热元件              B1----- print heating element

R1-----横封发热元件200W/50VAC    R1-----200W/50VAC horizontal sealing heating element

R2-----横封发热元件200W/50VAC    R2-----200Wsolid-state relay

JK3-----放纸光电开关      JK3-----paper-placing photoelectric switch

K-----纵封横封温控开关    K----vert/50VAC horizontal sealing heating element

R3-----横封发热元件200W/50VAC    R3----- 200W/50VAC horizontal sealing heating element

R4-----横封发热元件200W/50VAC    R4-----200W/50VAC horizontal sealing heating element

R5-----横封发热元件160W/50VAC    R5-----160W/50VAC horizontal sealing heating element

R6-----横封发热元件530W/170VAC  R6-----530W/170VAC horizontal sealing heating element

J5-----继电器触点          J5-----relay contact

M1-----主电机              M1-----main motor

M2-----运膜电机            M2-----film conveyance motor

M3-----毛刷电机            M3-----brush motor

M4-----放膜电机            M4-----film placing motor

C1-----电容                C1-----capacitance

C2-----电容                C2-----capacitance

BT1-----横封温度控制器     BT1-----horizontal sealing temperature controller

BT2-----纵封温度控制器     BT2-----vertical sealing temperature controller

BT3-----打印温度控制器     BT3-----print temperature controller

i.插座    socket

i.测试盘 test table

►Pneumatic schematic diagram 2

air passage diagram3.jpg

l   PLG接线端子示意图    sketch map of PLG junction terminal

l   X0—光电盘传感输入    X0photoelectric table transducer input

l   X1—色标传感器输入    X1color code transducer input

l   X2—停止              X2stop

l   X3—低温报警输入      X3low temperature alarm input

l   X4—碳带传感报警输入       X4-----carbon belt transducer alarm input

l   X5—包装膜传感报警输入     X5-----packing film transducer alarm input

l   X6—物料传感器报警输入     X6------material transducer alarm input

l   X7—切刀传感器输入         X7------cutter transducer input

l   YO—伺服电机2脚输出       YO------servo motor 2-foot output

l   Y1—充气输出                      Y1------inflation output

l   Y2—纵封输出                      Y2------vertical sealing output

l   Y3—横封输出                      Y3------horizontal sealing output

l   Y5—变频器输出                    Y5------transducer output

l   Y6—切刀输出                      Y6------cutter output

l   Y7—连包输出                      Y7------package output

l   JK1—光电盘传感器                 JK1------photoelectric table transducer

l   JK2—色标传感器                   JK2------color code transducer

l   JK4—切刀传感器                   JK4------cutter transducer

l   JK5—碳带传感器                   JK5------carbon belt transducer

l   K2—运膜气缸微动开关      K2------film conveyance cylinder jogging switch

l   SB—急停开关              SB------emergency stop switch

l   B1—切刀电磁阀            B1------cutter electromagnetic valve

l   B2—纵封电磁阀            B2------vertical sealing electromagnetic valve

l   B3—横封电磁阀            B3------horizontal sealing electromagnetic valve

l   B4—运膜电磁阀            B4------film conveyance electromagnetic valve

l   B5—充气电磁阀            B5------inflation electromagnetic valve

l   J2—继电器                J2------relay

l   J3—继电器                J3------relay

l   J4—继电器                J4------relay

l   J5—继电器                J5------relay

l   J6—继电器                J6------relay

l   J7—继电器                J7------relay

l   有连袋装置时安装J7       installation in case of package bag device J7

l   绿 green

l   white

l   orange

l   black

 CH-DL-3 air passage diagram

air passage diagram3.jpg

            1.气源             air source

l   2.气源三联体         air source triplet

l   3.二位五通电磁阀     2-position 5-way electromagnetic valve

l   4.横封气缸           horizontal sealing cylinder

l   5.日期打印气缸       date printing cylinder

l   6.纵封气缸           vertical sealing cylinder

l   7.切断刀气缸         cutter cylinder

l   8.运膜气缸           film conveyance cylinder

l   9.减压阀             pressure reducing valve

l  10.充气              inflation

►Listing of easily damaged parts




We advise you to change it once every three months



►Spare parts list

SPARE list together with machine.jpg

horizontal sealing heater     4 set

vertical sealing heater        1set

interior hexagonal spanner  4-10mm  1 set

copper brush 120mm                  1 piece

cutter         220mm                1set

oil kettle           150ml          1 piece

character grain                     1 box