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Automatic Screwdriver tightening machine Hand Held type screws feed dispenser tightener system
Automatic Screwdriver tightening machine Hand Held type screws feed dispenser tightener system
Model YX-GW4 screw driver machine
Voltage AC220V/110V 50HZ/60HZ
Working pressure 2-3KGF/cm2
Working efficiency 50-70PCS/MIN(Depends on screw length)
Noise Lower than 65db
Conveying distance 1-4m
Hopper capacity 5000pcs for M 2x6 screws
Size L370*W250*H190MM
Weight 16KG
Screw length Less than 45mm
Suitable screws M2.0-M6.0
Automatic Yes, Auto feeding, sorting and locking screws

Handheld automatic locking screw machine feeds screws in a turbine way and order screws on a vibration guide rail, and transport screws to Screw Sorting System  through magnetic resonance,  then sort one screw per time and send it to screwdriver nozzle, finally electric or pneumatic screwdriver will lock the screw into products.

Features of automatic screw driving machine:

inner picture of screw tightening machine.png
1. Automatic screw feeding, sorting and locking for various shapes screws. One-hand operation.
2. Torsion precision and convenient adjustment, ensure the quality of screw locking
3. Turbine feeding, low volume and noise, convenient maintenance. Light weight and small, mobility and save space.
4.  Warning function when lack of screws.(Acousto-optic alarm)
5. High efficiency. No need to pick up screws, move screws and put screws. Just need to lock the screws aimed at the screw hole.
6. Sensor controls screws feeding one by one to avoid  feeding repetition.
7. Can lock screws very fast, around lock 60 screw per minute.
Advantages of screw driving equipment automatic screws tightener:

High efficiency---One hand working. Easily locking screws repeatedly, no need to pick up and put screws.
Easy to use---With training, New users can easily operate it. Long-term operation cause no tire.
Stable function--- Imported parts, precise processing, stable and safe.

Parameters of screw driving machine:

screw feeder.jpg

handheld type screw driving head.jpg

automatic tightener.jpg

Model YX-GW4 screw driver machine

Voltage    AC220V/110V  50HZ/60HZ

Working pressure    2-3KGF/cm2

Working efficiency    50-70PCS/MIN(Depends on screw length)

Noise    Lower than 65db

Conveying distance    1-4m

Hopper capacity    5000pcs for M 2x6 screws

Size    L370*W250*H190MM

Weight    16KG

Screw length    Less than 45mm

Suitable screws    M2.0-M6.0

Automatic    Yes, Auto feeding, sorting and locking screws

Working conditions

1, Screw specification requirements:
The screw length should be over 1.3 times greater than the screw cap’s diameter
If the screw cap is greater than the screw length, the screw cap may come out first, because the screw will turn over during feeding screws.
The screw length should be less than 45mm.
clear pictures of screw driver.jpg
2, Product requirements:
No barrier within 3mm around the lock hole. The screwdriver nozzle and the locked products should have a plane contact. There is enough space for the screwdriver nozzle to press the screws into locked products.
Working Area
1, Available Screw head styles: Slotted, Phillips, Triangle, Six-Lobe, Hexagon, H-type, etc
2,Suitable Screws: M1-M6
3, Suitable Screw Finish Code: Ni-Plated, wreath, colored Zinc-plated, white zinc-plated, copper-plated, etc
4, Suitable screw materials: iron, copper, stainless steel, etc
5, Suitable lock screws product’s materials: plastic, iron, aluminum etc.
6,Suitable for various industry: such as cell phone, keyboard,toy,LCD/LED module, Communication Equipment, and other electronics production and installation.

Guide how to choose the screw driving machine:

screw samples from Spain (2).png

screw driver samples.jpeg

What screws fit the machine?
guide how to choose screw driver (1).jpg

How can you choose auto screwdriver machine and give you suggestions? we need to know

1.Screw detailed size:
guide how to choose screw driver (2).jpg
(For examples this is the one offered by our EU customer who purchased dozens of the screw driving machines handheld type)

Screw size.jpg
2.Screw positions on products
guide how to choose screw driver (3).jpg
The distance and height  from Screw head edge to the product edge raised position
Wooden case packaging for the machine:

wooden case packing.jpg


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