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New Zealand friend buys baby talcum powder filling machine semi automatic with elevator feeding
Date:2015-01-11 10:06:12

Mr Aaj from Broomfield Christchurch  8042 New Zealand recently placed another order for the baby talcum powder filling machine

semi automatic model YX-F02 after he had bought our machines two times in june-Sep 2014 .

according to our customer's detailed requirements like the items as below:

►The supply power for the whole machine is 220V/50HZ;

►the ground tank with mixing function &dust-proof cover ;

►The feeding hopper with helix mixer; 25Liter

►the motor is servor motor ;

►The spare parts including thus:filling nozzles 4*set ;relay several; tools box 1*set;

Strictly following the requirements we finished the powder filling machine with elevator feeding system within

10work days ,and then tested the machine sucessfully.After offering all the docs like manual&pictures&videos to our customers

who after checked all the info and rather satisfied themselves at our machine .Soon afterwards we prepared the shipping for our

buyer .

Below is the basic parameter of baby powder filling machine with elevator feeding system semi automatic model YX-FL02:

TT copy from customer for purchase of powder filling machine

TT copy for powder filling machines.jpg

Testing run of powder filling machine semi automatic model YX-F02

Wooden case packing for powder filling machine model YX-F02

wooden case packing for powder filling machine (2).jpg

Delivery of machines to the FOB port before shipping to Christchurch

warehouse receipt booking for ocean shipping.jpg

Below is basic information of model YX-F02 powder filling machine with material feeding system

Before we start to manufacture our machines ordered by our customer we must first prepare for the drawing and CAD effect

from our tech R&D department in order to manufacture the great machine for our buyer .

helix mixer inside the hopper.jpg

drawing of filling machines.jpg

This machine  is suitable for packaging fluidity Powdery product like milk powder, albumen powder, solid drink, white sugar, dextrose, coffee powder, rice powder, fodder, pharmaceuticals, agriculture pesticide, granular additive, dyestuff etc in bag,can,bottle package. Stainless steel design, in line with GMP standard, It can do measuring and filling work.




drawing of powder filling machines.jpg

filling machine with screw feeder for machinery filler.jpg

1, With mechanical, electrical, optical, instrument in whole one, single-chip control, with functions of automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement errors and so on.

2, Speed quickily: use The spiral blanking, the light-control technology

3, High precision: use The stepper motor and electronic weighing technology

4.5-5000g of materials may be on the same quantitative packing machine continuously adjustable, by adjusting the electronic keyboard and different models of blanking screw

5, Applicable to a wide range: a certain fluidity of powder-like, granular material all can be packed.

6, Suitable for bags, cans category, Bottles and other containers powder Packing

7,The error caused by the proportion of materials and materials level changed can be automatically tracked

8, Photoelectric switch control, only need manual set bags, pocket clean, easy to seal

9,The material contact parts are made of stainless steel production, easy to clean to prevent cross-contamination

10, Can be configured with feed device,for uses more easier for users


Basic parameter of model YX-F02 powder filling machine semi automatic with elevator feeding system

filling machines semi automatic.jpg

mixing function inside powder filler.jpg

touch screen information.jpg



Measuring way

Auger measuring&feeding

Weight range





10-30 bottle/min


 220V (customizable)



  Filling nozzles

10mm (another for  15mm18mm20mm25mm)



G.N. Weight




Basic data of elevator system with screw auger feeding 

screw auger.jpg

motor for elevator.JPG



Transferring volume

    1M3/Hourintegrated with filling machine



Elevating height

    2000mm (Integrated with filling machine)

  Motor power


   Supply power


Height between hopper and ground


Motor brand


 Hopper materials

 SS304 Thickness 1.50mm

Pipe for feeding materials transfering


 Diameter 103mm

 Thickness 3.00mm


 SS304thickness 3.00mm


 SS304Diameter 35mm




 1900*880*2100mm customizable

Other clear real beat of pictures for model YX-F02 powder filling machine with screw auger elevator system

screw auger.jpg

Auger&mixer inside the hopper

details picture for powder filling equipment.jpg

main body of powder filling machines semi automatic with aug

Machines shipping information about powder filling equipment model YX-FL02 is listed as follow:

Three crates in total
1. Power filling machine&spare parts: 770*730*1930mm    220kg
2. elvator&hopper&motor:840*720*1150mm   120kg
3. Pipe of elevator:2490*320*240mm     50kg

powder filling machine packing before shipping.jpg

Contract terms for after-sales service

Contract for powder fillign machine.jpg

Guarantee: for all the machine, it claims one year for guarantee.(Excluded from the warranty are problems due to accidents, misuse , misapplication, storage damage, negligence, or modification to the Equipment or its components. ALSO THE EASY BROKEN SPARE PART IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE GUARANTEE)

Installation: after the machine arrive your factory,if you need,our technician will go to your place to install and test the machine and also training your worker to operating the machine (The time of train depend on you worker). The expenses (air ticket ,food , hotel,the travelling fee on your country) should be on your account and you need paid for the technician USD50 per day. also you can go to our factory to do training.

After service: If you get the problem on the machine ,our technician will go to your place to fixed the machine as soon as possible. The cost should be in your account.(as above)