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Milk powder filling canning line with cans turntable &sterilizing tunnel two nozzles filler seamer equipment
Milk powder filling canning line with cans turntable &sterilizing tunnel two nozzles filler seamer equipment
Basic parameters of milk powder canning line
1.High speed powder filling machine model YX-PF02;
2.Vacuum seaming machine model YX-44AA;
3.Model YX-UT01 Sterilizing tunnel;
4.Nitrogen gas flushing generator system
5.Optional equipment Spoon dropping feeder:
6.Cans turntable &sterilizing tunnel;
Filling volume 5-5000grams
Filling accuracy: 1g or less
Filling speed 30-50Cans per minute
Seaming speed 8cans per minute
Oxygen residue 2%
Rejection system equipped for less-weighted products
Cans diameter 25mm-180mm
Power supply 220V/380V single or three phases 50-60HZ
Nitrogen generator 99.99% or more in N2 purity
Vacuum pump brand Made in China while Busch Pump as an option
Whole line size 9200*2600*2100mm
Weight 1250kg

The milk powder canning line includes the machines as below:

►1.High speed powder filling machine model YX-PF02;


2.Vacuum seaming machine model YX-44AA;


3.Nitrogen gas flushing generator system;


4.Optional equipment Spoon dropping feeder:


5.Cans turntable;


6.sterilizing tunnel;


►Wooden case packaging for milk powder canning line;


Working process for powder canning whole line;

Powder line for canning milk powder drawing:

drawing of powder line.jpg

drawing of filling line.jpg

Two nozzles powder canning line drawing:

powder filling two nozzles canning line.jpg

Machine customized according to the cans samples:

metal milk powder cans.jpg

cans samples (1).jpg

cans height.jpg

Automatic powder filling machine for milk powder cans:

This  automatic  powder filling machine for bottles&bags is an economic applicable automatic powder and grain filling  machine, can complete locate the bottle, filling and metering automatically, It consists of a filling head, a chain plate conveyor belt and a positioning device, adopt the servo (or step) motors, PLC and touch screen control,  simple operation, high stability.

To unscramble bottle machine, screw cap machine, labeling machine, etc of a complete set of filling line.Suitable for packing powder and small granular materials, such as powder, small granules drugs,  veterinary medicine, glucose, seasoning, solibeverage, carbon powder, talcum powder, pesticide, etc.

Features of automatic powder filling machine:
1.All the main parts ,except the motor, are made of stainless steel,composite transparent hopper,easy to clear.

2.Adopts servo (or step) motor driven,difficult to wear out, accurate positioning,manual control and stable working performance.

3.Adopt PLC control, stable work performance, high precision

4.English and Chinese Touch screen,shows the working state, operating instructions , fault status and production statistics clearly, very easy to operate.

5.Has the record function for the powder ingredients, could be storaged for later use. At most could record 10 ingredients.

6.By replacing the screw,the machine is also workable for either powder or some small granular material

7.Installation of centrifugal device to make sure higher packing precision of some good fluidity material

8.As to powder material,can also equipped with the dust collection device to make sure good working environment.

Basic parameter of semi autoamtic powder filling machine model YX-PF02

basic parameters of powder filler two nozzles (2).jpg

basic parameters of powder filler two nozzles (1).jpg

two nozzles filler for milk powder.jpg
model    YX-PF02

Couting way    Auger

Precision    Error≤±1%

Packing speed     20-40bottles/min

Power supply     3 phase 380V 50-60Hz

Power    1.2Kw

Air pressure    5-8kg/cm3

Conveyor width    150mm

Conveyor length    220cm

Conveyor stainless steel thickness    1.5mm

Weight     220Kg

Size     2000×850×1850

The milk powder filling system can be equipped with the vacuum feeder:

vacuum feeder for powder.jpg

MILK powder vacuum feeder (2).jpg
Configuraiton of powder filling machine:
Line    Part Name    Country of Origin
1    PLC    FATEK(Taiwan)
2    Cylinder    AirTAC (Twaiwan)
3    Servo motor(servo system)    Jin-bei(China)
4    Servo driver(servo system)    Jin-bei(China)
5    Reduction gearbox    Delta(Taiwan)
6    Touch screen    WEINVIEW(Taiwan)
7    Solenoid Valve    SHAKO (Taiwan)
8    Photoelectric    leuze (Germany)
10    Contact parts    304LStainless
11    relay    OMRON(Japan)
12    Electronic components    Schneider (France)

vacuum cans sealing machine with nitrogen gas flushing infilling funtion dried nuts cans tins sealing seaming equipment fully automatic

vacuum canning machine.jpg
This product is suitable for all kinds of tinplate cans, aluminum cans, plastic cans and circular specifications cans vacuum first, then fill nitrogen, finally the sealing.

Quality is reliable, easyto operate and lighter, it is food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries essential ideal equipment.

This machine is with two pairs (four), single roll seam sealing round inflatable head automatic vacuum sealing device. Specifically for tinned,aluminum cans of a variety of system size round shaped empty cans, paper cans cover or end real purposes.

The cans seamer has the seal on the tank while the vacuum suction function,add sufficient nitrogen. To a machine. Milk and other food to be particularly suitable for encapsulating nitrogen gas filling.

By replacing the corresponding pressure head molds can form parts with different specifications can be sealed circular cans. Application scope is wide, adjust the easy to operate, use and reliable.

The machine is equipped with the following safety devices to ensure the safe operation of equipment.

1, the lid combination control device: When the body into the tank when the lid was allocated accordingly, no tank no cover.

2, "Volume without cover letters": When mistakes do not ration into the lid of the tank body, they can be passed seaming bodies

Cans will not bite as well as damage to the paper punch die seal body parts.

3, safety clutch device: When the transmission failure and overload, can interrupt transmission and stop sending tanks.

THE PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS 0F vacuum canning equipment model YX-44AA

vacuum seamer.jpg
1  the machine cover and main parts adopt SUS304 stainless steel production;

2. the vaouum system of seal materials are silica gel;

3. Tank lid from spreading devioe: when the body enters to the corresponding
Rationing tank cover,no tanks, no oover;

4. this machine automation control, using the panasonic brand of programmable
controller, parameters can be set on the touch screen;

5. all pneumatic components and solenoid valve adopt Taiwan's"guest" brand;

6.with high precision digital display pressure sensor detection of vacuum pressure;

7. Vacuum with German vacuum pump;

8. the whole process are conducted in a sealed interior.
Basic parameter of model YX-44AA cans sealing machine
model YX-44AA



Supply power : AC380V 50Hz 4kW


Canning speed:1000-1500 cans/hour

Cans height:100~190mm

Cans diameter:99~127mm

Air compressor: ≥0.6MPa

Air comsumption: 150L/min

Nitrogen gas pressure:≥0.4MPa

Nitrogen consumption:50L/min

Noise: ≤ 80dB Vacuum power:-0.09Mpa

oxygen residue less than 2%

Configuration of model YX-44AA vacuum seaming equipment:

configration of model YX-44AA seaming machine.JPG

Name    Components    Brand    Country
vacuum canning machine
model YX-44AA    HMI     MCGS    
      PLC     Panasonic     Japan
    Photoelectric sensor     Panasonic     Japan
    pressure sensor     Panasonic     Japan
    Switch Power     Ming Well    Taiwan
    Relay     Omron     Japan
    Cylinder     AirTac     Taiwan
    Selenoid     AirTac     Taiwan
    Contactor     Zhengtai    China
    Canning motor          China
    Conveyor Motor          China
    Vacuum MOtor     Haokaodo     Deutschland
    Stainless steel SS304     Baosteel    China
    Filter         China
    Vacuum valve     Haokaido    Germany
    conveyor belt and guide bar     Shanghai Baosteel     China


Nitrogen Generator for can seamer

N2 generator.jpg
Basic parameters of N2 generator

N2 generating capacity: 5Nm³/h

Power consumption:100W

Purity ≥99.9% Dew Point ≤-38℃

Air pressure 0.8-1.0Mpa

N2-generating pressure 0.1-0.65Mpa

Dimension 1200×570×980mm(L×W×H)

N2 Generator controlling panel.jpg

Optional equipment: Spoon dropper vibrator feeding system:

The milk powder cans may require the spoon for easier scooping the product.

The equipment is just the one to automatically feed the spoon in the cans before filling sealing. The vibroatr
can feed the spoons stably; The detector system will signal the machine to stop when there is no spoons feeding
or spoons in the vibrator;

Basic parametes of scoop dropper:

spoon inserting function.jpg

scoop dropper.jpg

1.Vibrator feeding, pneumatic type feeder

2.Power supply 220v/50-60hz/Single pase

3.Speed 20-30pcs per minute

4 Power consumption: 0.45kw

5.Size: 1300*700*1600mm

Rotary Bottles In-Feed /Collection Turntable

This unscramble bottle machine is the artificial bottles in the round table, wheel rotation will have to dial the conveyor belt into the bottle, into the filling machine for filling. Easy to use, simple operation is one of the indispensable link
Related equipment: the following equipment can be selected, can form unscramble bottle-filling-capping-labeling-the production line.

Main Technical specifications of cans turntable:
sterilizer tunnel rotary type (2).jpg

Applicable specifications    20-1000 ml

Bottle diameter    φ 10-φ80 mm

The bottle height    85-300 mm

Production capacity    0-100 BPM (speed adjustable)

Voltage    220 v50hz

Power    0.5 kw

Weight    100kg

Machine size    1300*1000*1300mm

Stainless steel    SUS304 material

Major Characteristics:
The template of this machine adopts stepless speed adjust foe slew, make all the bottles enter into conveyer belt in order under the rotary tangential force, less labor, boost production efficiency.
This machine can be used after electrified. Easing operating, it can be widely used for glass bottles, plastic bottles and polyester bottles for pharmaceutical, agrochemical, food, chemical etc. It is a
Good choice for small, medium, large factory.

rotary turntable.jpg

UV sterilizer tunnel

Model YX-UT01 UV sterilizer tunnel

sterilizing tunne l.jpg
This machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry for ampoules,oral liquid bottles and vial bottles,glass bottles sterilizing.
This machine complete the whole procedure of bottle feeding, preheationg sterilizing, cooling and bottle outleting automatically
Use the laminar flow principle and hot air high-speed disinfection technology, which can make the container in the sealed tunnel achieve the national cleanliness class A standard,
is currently the most popular , best drying and sterilizing deffect equipment, even heat distribution and good depyrogenating.
The unit can be used as a single machineor be combined into a production line with the front bottle washing machine and the behind filling machine.
Parameter of Ultraviolet sterilizing tunnel
powder filler euqipment with tunnel.jpg

drawing of powder line.jpg

powder filler euqipment with tunnel.jpg

Model YX-UT01

Conveying Speed 10M/min

Power Supply 3P 208-415V 50/60HZ

UV light Power 0.96KW

Chain conveyor Power 0.55KW

Total Weight 200KGS

Overall size 3200*400*1150MM

Rotary type sterilizing tunnel

sterilizing tunnel picture.jpg

sterilizer tunnel rotary type (1).jpg

rotary sterilizer tunnel package for shipping (1).jpg

Speed 20-45cans per minute

Cans size    cans diameter φ73-φ127mm

cans height 80-200mm  

Power supply Three phases 380V  50HZ

Power consumption 1.1KW

Weight 250kg

Szie 2500(L)×1510(W)×2435(H)mm

Testing videos for powder filling line

Wooden case packing of KSA ing machines.

nameplate for canning line.jpg

wooden case packaging for canning powder line.jpg

cans line in wooden case (2).jpg
wooden case packaging for machine powder canning.jpg

cans line in wooden case (1).jpg

shipping loading of milk powder canning line.JPG

canning line in container.JPG
Guarantee: for all the machine, it claims one year for guarantee.(Excluded from the warranty are problems due to accidents, misuse , misapplication, storage damage, negligence, or modification to the Equipment or its components.
Installation: after the machine arrive your factory,if you need,our technician will go to your place to install and test the machine and also training your worker to operating the machine (The time of train depend on you worker).
The expenses (air ticket ,food , hotel,the travelling fee on your country) should be on your account and you need paid for the technician USD50 per day. also you can go to our factory to do training.
After-sale service: If you get the problem on the machine ,our technician will go to your place to fixed the machine as soon as possible. The cost should be in your account.(as above).

Annotation: Whole line working process for milk powder canning process from depalletizing to finished cans collecting. Among the illustration process you can choose the equipments related according to your requirement and capacity demand:

whole process for canning line powder milk.jpg

What is the milk powder:

Powdered milk, also called milk powder. dried milk, or dry milk, is a manufactured dairy product made by evaporating milk to dryness. One purpose of drying milk is to preserve it; milk powder has a far longer shelf life than liquid milk and does not need to be refrigerated, due to its low moisture content. Another purpose is to reduce its bulk for the economy of transportation. Powdered milk and dairy products include such items as dry whole milk, nonfat (skimmed) dry milk, dry buttermilk, dry whey products and dry dairy blends. Many exported dairy products conform to standards laid out in Codex Alimentarius.

milk powder product from canning line.jpg

Powdered milk is used for food as additive, health (nutrition), and also in biotechnology
Powdered milk is frequently used in the manufacture of infant formula, confectionery such as chocolate and caramel candy, and in recipes for baked goods where adding liquid milk would render the product too thin. Powdered milk is also widely used in various sweets such as the famous Indian milk balls known as gulab jamun and a popular Indian sweet delicacy (sprinkled with desiccated coconut) known as chum chum (made with skim milk powder). Many no-cook recipes that use nut butters use powdered milk to prevent the nut butter from turning liquid by absorbing the oil.

Powdered milk is also a common item in UN food aid supplies, fallout shelters, warehouses, and wherever fresh milk is not a viable option. It is widely used in many developing countries because of reduced transport and storage costs (reduced bulk and weight, no refrigerated vehicles). Like other dry foods, it is considered nonperishable and is favored by survivalists, hikers, and others requiring nonperishable, easy-to-prepare food.

Because of its resemblance to cocaine and other drugs, powdered milk is sometimes used in filmmaking as a non-toxic prop that may be insufflated.


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