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Electric manual book of Model YX-30B semi automatic vacuum capping machine for Florida customer
Date:2014-05-20 19:29:10

Mr Francisco Diez von Miami USA purchased our vacuum capping machine semi automatic model YX-30B half month ago .after

we received the samples of glass jars via UPS from USA customer we so far have customized the vacuum capping machine accordingly .

below is the basic information on the bottles sizes and pictures :

bottles samples from custoemr.jpg

180mm high, 73mm lid diameter.

130mm high, 56mm lid diameter

78mm High, 66mm lid diameter.

Here is the video for the trial run of Model YX-30B glass jars vacuum capping machine semi automatic:

Below is the electric manual book for YX-30B glass jars vacuum capping machine ,please read carefully before you use the machine for vacuum-capping the bottles :

YX-30B Glass jar vacuum capping machine


A. Structure and working priciples

Picture1 Vacuum capping machine


(1) Working principles and functions


  This machine is consisted of machine frame, upper mould down mould, rotary position system,capping structure, vacuum system, electric and pressure control system. Working as: put the glass with caps into the down mould, then put the down mould down to the center of the capping head by hand. Then the machine will be automatically capping with vacuum.

This machine has below functions as

2.11when you put the down mould to the center of the capping head, the machine will automatically capping with vacuum

2.1.2The lowest vacuum set function: if the machine can not reach the vacuum degree as set before, the machine will not working for the next procedure

2.1.3capping torque function The capping head is moved by air cylinder, and can be adjusted by pressure

2Main structure and components

2.2.1Vacuum pump and vacuum tankVacuum pump and vacuum tank is used to achieve vacuum function, the vaccum pump should be with vacuum oil, half of vacuum oil inside is ok. Not allowed to use the machine if there is no more vacuum oil inside


Picture2 Vaccum tank and vacuum pump


Pls connect the vacuum pump and vacuum tank as above picture and supply power


2.2.2Rotary plate structure



This rotary plate is moved by 4 steps  To ensure rotary plate moved steadily, this rotary plate adopt 3 friction plates to supply resistance to ensure steady movement. Must keep the machine clean while working, and the friction plates will be wear gradually, check regularly and change regularly.

PLATE CONTROLLER vacuum capping.jpg

close shot for vacuum capping.jpg


The rotary plate is moved by main motor, when the signal detector move to the start proximity switches and get signals(signal detector and proximity switches is about 2-3mm),upper mould move to capping, when it is capping, the motor still working, when the signal detector move to safety proximity switches and get signal, the motor stop working.

capping machinery.jpg


Arm copper sets will be wear while working, must put some grease onto it regularly and change when it is damaged. When change you can see picture5

2.2.3Capping structure

1capping head

capping heads.jpg


The capping head is moved by cylinder to lift and down, when the capping head is down to capping and reach the vacuum degree as set before, the capping head will move to the next procedure. The capping torque can be adjusted by capping pressure button on the control panel(As you can see in the control panel)

The red rubber inside the capping head is the easy wear part, need to check and change often. When capping, the capping head must put tight to the caps, you can put something inside the down mould to achieve different heights. But the height can not be too much, or if it is too height, you can not achieve vacuum function, but if it is not enough height, it can not be capped. Usually the distance for the caps and top of the down mould is 16mm-19mm

2Bottle click device

spring push from vacuum capping.jpg


Bottle click device is to fix the bottle while capping, when the rotary plate is to position, the bottle click cylinder move to fix the bottle to ensure good capping

一、        Main technical parameter



3.3Power supplyAC220V 5060Hz

3.4Power≦150W(without vacuum pump)

3.5Air pressure0.50.8 MPa

3.6Air consumption≤0.2m3/min

3.7Speed about25 bottlesmin

3.8Capping diametercustomized

3.9Bottle sizes customized


1.The machine must be in a clean and safe place

2.Be sure the emergency stop is availablepicture 5

3.    Supply with power to check

4.Connect the machine with gas pipeline to the oil and water separator , adjust air pressure to 0.6Mpa

5. Connect the vacuum tank to the machine. Make sure no gas leak.

vacuum feeder system.jpg


5.1 Control panel operation

panel of vacuum capping machinery.jpg


The control panel consist of capping pressure table, capping pressure adjustment, counter, power switch, vacuum adjustment and emergency stop.

5.1.1 The capping pressure adjustment can be used to adjust the capping torque, when it is clockwise, the pressure increased, the capping torque is stronger, when it is counterclockwise, the pressure decreased, the capping torque is smaller.

5.1.2 Emergency stop, when something emergency happen, push the emergency stop switch, then the machine will be in safe situation

5.1.3 The counter is to count how many glasses you have produced, if you put the reset button, the counter will be count as zero.

5.1.4 If need to adjust the vacuum degree, push the “M” in the vacuum adjusted table, and it will display”St1”, push “”“” to adjust

5.2Oil and water separator and pressure and adjustmentpicture10

oil feeder system.jpg


Oil and water separator is consist of hand control valve,  pressure adjust, air pressure table, oil adjust, air filter and lubricator

Hand control valve is to turn on and off the whole air supply of the machine

Pressure adjust is to supply the pressure to the machine, when it is clockwise,  pressure increased, when it is counterclockwise,  pressure decreased.

Air pressure table is to display the machine working pressure

Oil adjust is to supply oil to the machine, when it is clockwise, the oil decreased, when it is counterclockwise, the oil increased

Air filter is to remove the water of the compress air, when the pressure of the oil and water separator is zero, the air filter will be remove the water automatically.

Lubricator is to supply oil for the machine, first need to shut off the air supply, and put some oil into the lubricator, about 2-3 months per time.

DRAWING of vacuum capper equipment.jpg

Package: Each machine wrapped by PO film, then packed to standard wooden case.
Delivery time: Within 20 days after received your deposit.
This machine shall enjoy 1 year warranty and life-long maintenance service (Remark: Customer should use the consumption material appointed by us, or the failure of machine hereby induced shall not be in the warranty range)

Installation: after the machine arrive your factory,if you need,our technician will go to your place to install and test the machine and also training your worker to operating the machine (The time of train depend on you worker). The expenses (air ticket ,food , hotel,the travelling fee on your country) should be on your account and you need paid for the technician USD50 per day. also you can go to our factory to do training.
After service: If you get the problem on the machine ,our technician will go to your place to fixed the machine as soon as possible. The cost should be in your account.(as above).