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Mexican customer bought four bowls screw hardware counting packing machine automatic bagging
Date:2016-04-30 16:23:48

Our Mexican customer ordered one(1*)set of hardware screw counting packing machine model YX-SPM004.After getting the detailed size of the screws to be packed we sourced them in our local market and bought the screws for customizing the machine when our North American customer confirmed the size of the screws .
About 20days passed we finished manufacturing the screw packaging machinery,.

As follow there is the basic information on the business cooperation :

Samples sent from customer :

screw samples sent from customer.jpg

PI signed with both party

29JUL15.Penglai Trading Co.,Limited PRO FORMA INVOICE ON l

Bank copy of hardware packing machine

Bank slip for counting packing machine hardware.jpg

Testing video of model YX-SPM004 packing machine

Wooden case packing for screw packing machine

packaging mexico screw packing machine samples.jpg

As below there is the basic desciption on hardware counting packing machine m model YX-SPM004 tested in our plant.

packaging machine.jpg
Model YX-SPM004
Measuring range:It is determined based on the actual situation of the parts.
Length of the bag(mm):40-160
Width of the bag(mm):40-100
Measuring range:adjustable within a certain range
Manufacturing capacity(bag/minute):20-70
Sealing form:three-side sealing,four-side sealing or back-sealing
total power(W):1600
Gas consumption:20L/Min 0.75Ma
Working principles for packing machine

packing machine screw multi vibrators.jpg
The Parts with special shapes can also be customed according to the clients' requirements.This machine is controlled by microncomputer,and the packing process can be realized automatically.
Technique Performance of screw nuts hardware counting packing machine
1.The vibrating disk,the linear vibrating collocating unit and the accurate counting control unit which are specially made for the screw sample can ensure the accuracy of each bag.
2.When packing the packing materials with logo,the advanced stepping control and color code of the machine can be used together,to acquire the perfect pattern of the logo.
3.It is a single chip controlling system,with automatic halt,automatic alarm and diagnose when error occurs.And it is safe and conveniently count the workload of the machine.
4.It can automatically display the packing amount and conveniently count the workload of the machine.
5.This machine adopt full-automatic operation to fullfill measuring.counting,bag making,filling,sealing and date printing,etc.This machine is a combined type and includes vibrating disk,raster count,discharging part and bag making and packing part,the standard configuration for this machine is two vibrating disks,it is optional to add more so as to fullfill the variety of the packing product

Application of model YX-SPM004 screw packing machine

screw nails for packing machine vibrator.jpg

It is applicable to industry product’s counting and packing automatically. Such as screw, nut, fastener, small hardware or small plasticˇ˘wooden product.

► Troubleshooting

Throughout the operation, if unusual, please refer to the troubleshooting guide in the table below. If not, please contact the manufacturers:


track error for packing equipment.bmp

Possible causes of failure


Lack of paper

Add packaging film


track error for packing equipment.jpg

Possible causes of failure


Detection of the target color photo switch failure

Maintenance photoelectric switch, such as setting a long bag

If the cause of the malfunction has been ruled out, Press ESC The system will automatically resume running into the screen.

♦Frequently Asked Questions and answers

CAD of vibrator packing machine bowls.jpg

Q:LCD screens do not show the normal value in the lower right corner shows the "communication error."

A:That the main LCD screen and non-communication controller, LCD screen should check with the host controller to connect communication lines between the normal connections, if the communication lines should be dropped to re-connect, or contact with the manufacturers.

Q:LCD screens do not show why?

A:Check the LCD screen is connected to power lines, should be dropped if re-connect.

Q:Why not pull bags on the completion of the Seal of the phenomenon?

A:This is due to a long bag and Seal caused by the speed of that increase the speed bag and Latin America.

Q:If the particle is, do not want to appear powder screen, how to deal with?

A:Because the controller is a full-featured type can be set up in the factory, the ban on powder-screen appearance.

Q:If you would like to welcome screen is not set up their own company's logo only in general show the welcome screen?

A:There are two welcome screen display, 1 - Company, 2 - Welcome.According to the manufactuyeys may need to "factory settings screen," two of the screen.

Q:Would like to switch between Chinese and English display?

A:Support for the display screen in two languages, 1 - Chinese, 2 - English. Manufacturers can be "factory settings screen" set up to choose Chinese or English.

Q:How to set passwords do not have to be able to enter the "factory settings screen"?

A:Access to "modify the password screen", the password is set to   Password setting.jpgWill be able to enter the "factory settings" screen do not have a password.

4.    Day-to-day maintenance

touch screen packing machine.jpg

Controllers do not have to carry out regular checks, but in order to be able to first place with the prevention, and to ensure reliable operation of equipment, it is necessary to conduct regular inspections are as follows:


Maintenance cycle

Repair Methods




External environment


Thermometer, hygrometer

0 ~ 45 ˇć, non-Gel

Abnormal vibration, noise


The visually and hearing

A stable environment suitable for electronic control

Power supply


Measurement AC1, AC2 voltage

AC-DC 22 ~ 24V

More and more gray dust



Vacuum cleaning dust

Lock terminal



A secure connection, no exceptions