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Lebanese regular customers bought screws assembly machine &bags packaging equipment
Date:2022-11-29 15:02:37

Our Regular customers from Lebanon (Mid-east region) placed another order on two(2*) pcs of machines: one is Model YX-AM032 Screws assembly machine; the other screws bags packaging machine 4 bowls feeder bagger model YX-SPM004.
For all the machines purchased it is clear to confirm all the information on the products so we often ask our customers to freight the samples to test and commission the machines in order that the machines and customer's products gains the best compatibility and adaptability.
After getting the confirmation &samples of the product in sizes and drawing for manufacturing the screws hardware assembly packaging machines
we spent only 25 working days finishing everything and made the machines ready after testing them in a satisfactory feedback.
Recently our customers sent us the positive commentar on the machines which keep running very well in their factory ever since the machines arrived their factory.
The machines was shipped via TNT courier to Zouk Mosbeh, Industrial zone - Lebanon. The documentaries certificated with ISO&CO&CE together with other files necessory are sent via DHL to customer for assisting customers to clear the custom.

As below there listed the basic information on the successful transaction between PENGLAI and their Lebanese counterpart:

Purchased order issued &Key communiction points During Business Discussion:

PO via email for machines (4).jpg
PO via email for machines (5).jpg

PO mails (2).jpg

PO via email for machines (3).jpg

PO via email for machines (2).jpg

PO via email for machines (1).jpg
Samples sent from customers in Mid-east

finished products.jpg

nails assembly samples.JPG

assembly samples.jpg

assembly samples.jpg

customers samples sent for packing machine.jpg

total samples kinds.jpg

samples packaging screws machine (1).jpg

samples packaging screws machine (4).jpg

samples packaging screws machine (3).jpg
Bank copy of Down&balance payment for purchasing screws assembly bags packaging machines:
Bank transfer.jpg

HSBC Receipt Dany screw packing machine.jpg

Balance payment for packaging machine hardware.jpg

HSBC Receipt balance payment Dany hardware packing machine.j

bank copy for assembly machine.jpg

USD11285 prepayment.jpg

balance payment for assembly machine.jpg

spare parts bank copy.jpg

spare parts for packaging.jpg
Testing videos on screws assembler machine and hardware packaging equipment

Wooden case packing of screws assembler packaging machines.

befor shipping (2).jpg

befor shipping (3).jpg

ready for shipping.jpg

wooden case packing for shipping.jpg

crate for assembler.jpg

wooden cases.jpg

wooden crate assembly machine.jpg

wooden case shipping.jpg

Loading 4 bowls screw packing machine.jpg

screws packaging machine.jpg

As follow there given the description on the machines purchased respectively

The assembly machine model YX-A03 is specially designed according to the actual samples and customers' requirement on the funiture parts decoration industry. The hardware assembling machine can make three pieces into a single part without a lot

labor force to attend.There is one operator enough to run the machine in the factory while the whole machine processing capacity amounts to 2500pcs at one hour on average.

As below there is the three pieces samples and designed drawing:

machine assembly three parts.jpg

nails assembly driving machines.jpg

fig 2.jpeg

measurement for final product.jpg

drawing of assembly machinery.jpg

drawing of assembly packing machinery.jpg

model YX-AM03 assembly machinery.JPG

Features of three parts funinture accessories assembly machine:

1.The frame is made up of aluminum profiles, surrounded by acrylic plates and beautiful in appearance.

2.Screws, plastic parts and end caps are automatically loaded on the vibrating plate, no need for manual.

3.Control system: PLC+ touch screen operation, friendly man-machine interface, easy to operate.

4.The servo motor drives the electric batch and has the torque control function. The torque requirement is 0.1N.M. The material exceeding this torque is automatically rejected.

5.The size of the unscrewed screw is 10mm.

work process on screw assembly equipment

1. Manual loading:The operator pours the material into the specified vibration plate, selects the mode on the touch screen and turns it on.

2. Automatic feeding:The robot automatically sends each material to the specified fixture.

3. Automatic lock screw:The long plastic piece enters the specified fixture, the plastic piece on the mechanical hand continues to flow into the next station, and the automatic locking screw

4. Automatic rejection:When the screw is locked, the torque exceeds 0.1N.M as unqualified and automatically rejected.

5. Finished product:After the screw lock is successfully applied, it automatically falls into the slide and enters the package.The device cycles accordingly.

Machine parameter of three pcs in one assembly system basic :

touch screen updated.jpg

sound Proof sponge.jpg

bowl with noise reduction system.jpg

Model: YX-AM03
Speed:40pcs per minute or more
Torsion controlling:Servo Motor
Power: 1.5KW Working Ampere: 4.26A
Voltage: 220V50HZ/Single phase
Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Working temperature condition: -10°ś~40°ś
Operating humidity range: 15~90%
Dimension: 2100*1400*1900mm
Total weight: about 600KG

finished products (2).JPG
Configuration of automatic screw nuts rods assembly equipment model YX-AM03:

refilling system.JPG

star wheel two stations.JPG
PLC: Mitsubishi,
Touch screen: Weilun,
Inverter: Delta,
Switches, buttons: Schneider
Sensor: Jiazhun
Relay: Chint,
Linear guides, lead screws, slide rails: HWIN,
Servo motor: Delta
Pneumatic components: AIRTAC

Safe Operation Rules

operation language touch screen (3) PENGLAI.jpg
(1) All sundries on the machine, especially the working parts nearby, tools, wipes and other items should be cleared.
(2) The operation staff must be well trained and qualified (especially safety training) of this machine.
(3) Operation staff must press the emergency stop button once find the abnormal condition when the machine is running.
(4) Touch any working part of the machine by any body parts or any other thing is strictly prohibit, especially in entrances of the rotating part unless there is necessary and well enough protections. When necessary touch by machine testing demanding, the operator must be notified in advance and should be done by well trained related professional.
(5) To intervene in the adjustment, debugging or testing of the machine, prior notice must be given to the operator.
(6) After emergency stop, the safety of the surrounding environment (including personnel, equipment and transmission parts) must be attention before power applying, otherwise, activate the machine is prohibit.
(7) When the machine is disassembling or cleaning, the emergency stop button must be pressed to avoid error operation. Besides, any abnormal operation (including cleaning) is not allowed while the machine is running.
(8) When cleaning the equipment, prevent the water into the each electric control box as well as the power input and electrical components, so as not to damage the components of machine or endanger personal safety.
(9) When maintaining the machine, the main power must be turned off and the warning sign "do not start up" should be posted on the machine.
(10) Do not remove or change parts of the machine, especially those for safety protection, and the safety signs should be protected during operation.
(11) When the operators leave the working area of the machine, the power of machine must be turned off to avoid starting the machine randomly by others. Qualified and well trained personnel are allowed to operate the machine only.

Electrical Schematic Diagram:

Electric schematic diagram.jpg

machine diagram.jpg

wiring for machine.jpg

Motor wiring.jpg

 Automatic hardware bagging equipment with 1bowl to 12bowls feeding screws

Basic parameter of model YX-SPM004 four bowls/vibrators packing machine:

packaging machine.jpg

Model YX-SPM004

Measuring range:It is determined based on the actual situation of the parts.

Length of the bag(mm):40-160

Width of the bag(mm):40-100

Measuring range:adjustable within a certain range

Manufacturing capacity(bag/minute):20-40

Sealing form:three-side sealing,four-side sealing or back-sealing

total power(W):1600   Gas consumption:20L/Min  0.75Ma

Machine size :1300*1100*1850mm


Packing material:composite membrane,foil and hot-sealed material and etc.

Net weight(Kg):according to the requirement of the project,the normal weight is changed somtimes.

Outer dimension(mm):according to the requirement of the project,the normal weight is changed somtimes.

Machines in different plates feeding vibrators according to special requirements and the feeding materials

drawing of packing machine.jpg

befor shipping (1).jpg

Drawing based on 5  vibrators for screws feeding

1.Check box

Upon receipt of the controller, it is necessary to check the following:

°Ó  Attention

²  Model in line with the order Model  .

²  Parts of² the controller is complete, including screen and installation of a stent, a system host controller, a line of communication.

²  During transport, for damage.

 2.Transportation and installation

°Ó  Attention

²  Handling controller in order to avoid damage, please handle with care.

²  Controller handling when the lower part of boosting, or controllers have out on the floor may be damaged.

²  Not to damage the installation of the controller or the lack of security control, personal injury and the risk of damage to the machine.

²  Controller in the power cut off only after the installation.

 ►The use of the environment and requirements

 Please ensure that the controller in the environment and working conditions:

Ø   Control the use of the environment relativeØ humidity <95%   (40 °ś non-Gel).

Ø   The use of ambient temperature 0-45 °ś.

Ø   Altitude <1000M.

Ø   Control the use of AC-DC 24V ± 10% power.

Ø   DC transistor output 50V/50mA.

Ø   Switch input for volume 20mA

Ø   MTBF: ≥ 10,000 hours.

Ø   Anti: in line with the requirements of IEC-801

►Mechanical components

mechanical working for hardware packaging.jpg


►Diagram of the System packaging:

diagram for packing machine.jpg

The photo shows the block diagram of the system, control principles are as follows: stepper motor controller through a long bag control, motor control, through the General Seal. Long-bag will be a long drawn by the operator to control the use of color by color control of a long bag. And as a display monitor set up with the man-machine interface, allowing the system to use and easy to operate.

►General Function from hardware packing machine

bag former.jpg

1) installation


Power must be connected to the former location of the machine to confirm, correct installation of electrical connections.
Eye color, external sensors installed in the correct position.

 2) operation


After the start signal input, packaging and packaging machines into the operation of the state.
When the signal to stop the importation, packaging machine to stop immediately, stop at a display screen, according to the rest of the keys do not respond.
Location of the stop signal input, the cutter axis to the open position after the stop.
Fixed-point gap bag input signal, the packaging machine at a pull bag, pull bag up to move the signal cancellation.
Seal-point move signal input, in Seal packaging machine, moving at up to Seal signal cancellation.

 3) Do not control the color logo

When the standard color film, color logo will be set to control the other so that the state can, through the identification of other color sensors on the bit. However, if the color in the logo is no other effective range of color enter the command will be a warning. At this point, in color expanding the scope of effective identification of other films again after the installation.

►The adjustment commissioning testing of packing machine process

screw packing machine with 5 vibrating plates.jpg

1.Initial operation

(1) To confirm the correct connection
(2) To set the length of the packaging.
(3) The use of fixed-length package.
(4) To start, this time to observe whether the length of the  packaging and set up, or check the installation of mechanical    and electrical connections are correct.

(5) Adjust the speed, the speed is observe abnormal.
(6) By positioning stop to observe whether or not to stop at  the specified location, or adjust the location of the stop.
(7) Be changed to electric eye packaging. To observe whether  or not to cut to the location of the color can be adjusted through the location of the cutter, cut it in color
S-on. On the test run into the following points:

Ø  Confirm connection

Ø  To confirm whether or not the work of a variety of sensors.

Ø  Confirm and monitor the communications between the controller.

Ø  Input parameters.

Ø  Constant confirmation machinery.

Ø  To confirm whether there has been a warning / error, and so on.

Ø  Set the length of the packaging.

Ø  Start the equipment.

Ø  If the normal operation, you do not need to carry out a variety of adjustments.

Ø  Parameters of the data records and keeping the good.

►Basic information on packing machine screw packaging system

details of packing machine nails.jpg

1. The full automatic screw packing machine use the mitsubishi PLC as the center controller , it has fast reaction speed , enriched function and accurate positional control ect. functions . And also has much stronger interference power and longer using date ect functions . The operation screen adopt high-definition LCD screen , which makes the interface humane .

2.  The whole electricity devices controlled by PLC system , it has the features of operation simply , which makes operate mistake , the conveyor is consist of single power and advanced clutch motor , and dispatch the control single , filling by PLC , makes it pointing and filling accurately .

3.  It process of machine’s conveyor , filling , sealing , cutting the whole set are finished by cylinder , which is much safer the mechanical , and also can prevent the damage of molder and cutter .

4.  The machine can automatic finish the process of measuring , filling , feeding , sealing , bag making , easy tearing , cutting and accounting the whole .

5.  The packing speed can unless adjustable in the process , and makes the bag making , feeding , cutting and sealing matched , makes the whole process stable .

6.  The length of the bag is adjustable , which is stable working .

►Helpful information for solving some problems during running the machine

design for key function.jpg

►The way to operate the screw packing machine

1.Normal operation

Normal operation of packing machine.jpg

The screen shown in Figure transform as follows:

2. First finish set the vibrate plate , makes many kinds of screw can stable  vibrate in the plate , and can enter into the matched track smoothly . When the screw in the track of point , the plate will stop vibrating after receiving the pointing .

3. The vibrate plate shall be single of the material , or it will lead to the track and the vibrate plate works not smoothly .

4.  Put of the right cover of the conveyor line , and adjust he screw in the singer feeding rink , and point the put in point , then adjust the fixed, which makes the light on , and then fixed the screw .

5.  The vertical sealing molder shall be adjustable with the bag-making molder , first put the bag-making molder on the packing film shelf , makes the center line and the bag making molder pole and the pull bag wheel parallel .

6. Adjust the six many screws , combine the bag making molder parallel , makes the filling hopper and machine are parallel .

7. Adjust the sealing molder , first put the molder open , makes the molder keep  5 mm .

8. Fixing the screw , and then put off the bag making molder , and put together the sealing molder and the silicone .

9.  The bag making molder shall be adjusted many times , then if it makes the bags beautiful and get to the ideal state .

10.List of parameters

Set parameters name

Setting the scope of

The default is


System Settings

Transmission ratio

100£≠999 ms



Multi-cut package delay

1£≠200 s



Lack of paper alarm delay

1£≠200 s



Inflatable delay

1£≠200 s



Bao Bao's report to the police any number of

1£≠200 s



Effective range of color

0£≠100 s




Yes,  ON



Inflatable screen

Yes,  ON



Pneumatic screen

Yes,  ON



Arbitrary cut package screen

Yes,  ON



Arbitrary cut package screen




Welcome screen

The Company,Welcome to



Aerodynamic settings

Cutting time

50£≠500 ms



Under the expected delay

0£≠9999 s



Cutting time

0£≠9999 s



Cutter Delay

0£≠9999 s



Cutter time

0£≠9999 s



Seal delay

0£≠9999 s



Seal time

0£≠9999 s



The total delay

0£≠9999 s



11.Set up parameters to run the process

setting up process.jpg

touch screen packing machine.jpg

►Troubleshooting and notice 

Throughout the operation, when the failure occurred when the display screen will be run by the failure to screen.

When the lack of paper, the screen shows the following chart:

 touble shooting for packing machine.jpg

When the subject of photo-color detection switch fails, the screen showed the following chart:

track error for packing equipment.jpg

► Troubleshooting

Throughout the operation, if unusual, please refer to the troubleshooting guide in the table below. If not, please contact the manufacturers:


Possible causes of failure


Lack of paper

Add packaging film


Possible causes of failure


Detection of the target color photo switch failure

Maintenance photoelectric switch, such as setting a long bag

If the cause of the malfunction has been ruled out, Press ESC The system will automatically resume running into the screen.

♦Frequently Asked Questions and answers

Q:LCD screens do not show the normal value in the lower right corner shows the "communication error."

A:That the main LCD screen and non-communication controller, LCD screen should check with the host controller to connect communication lines between the normal connections, if the communication lines should be dropped to re-connect, or contact with the manufacturers.

Q:LCD screens do not show why?

A:Check the LCD screen is connected to power lines, should be dropped if re-connect.

Q:Why not pull bags on the completion of the Seal of the phenomenon?

A:This is due to a long bag and Seal caused by the speed of that increase the speed bag and Latin America.

Q:If the particle is, do not want to appear powder screen, how to deal with?

A:Because the controller is a full-featured type can be set up in the factory, the ban on powder-screen appearance.

Q:If you would like to welcome screen is not set up their own company's logo only in general show the welcome screen?

A:There are two welcome screen display, 1 - Company, 2 - Welcome.According to the manufactuyeys may need to "factory settings screen," two of the screen.

Q:Would like to switch between Chinese and English display?

A:Support for the display screen in two languages, 1 - Chinese, 2 - English. Manufacturers can be "factory settings screen" set up to choose Chinese or English.

Q:How to set passwords do not have to be able to enter the "factory settings screen"?

A:Access to "modify the password screen", the password is set to   Password setting.jpgWill be able to enter the "factory settings" screen do not have a password.

4.    Day-to-day maintenance

Controllers do not have to carry out regular checks, but in order to be able to first place with the prevention, and to ensure reliable operation of equipment, it is necessary to conduct regular inspections are as follows:


Maintenance cycle

Repair Methods




External environment


Thermometer, hygrometer

0 ~ 45 °ś, non-Gel

Abnormal vibration, noise


The visually and hearing

A stable environment suitable for electronic control

Power supply


Measurement AC1, AC2 voltage

AC-DC 22 ~ 24V

More and more gray dust



Vacuum cleaning dust

Lock terminal



A secure connection, no exceptions