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Iceland customer orders tabletop induction sealing machine semi automatic capsule counter
Date:2017-07-22 16:39:34

Our customers from Iceland (EU country) placed another order on two(2*) pcs of machines: one is capsule #01 filling counting model YX-TC01;
the other round bottles induction sealing machine model YX-S1500A.
For all the machines purchased it is clear to confirm all the information on the products so we often ask our customers to freight the samples to
test and commission the machines in order that the machines and customer's products gains the best compatibility and adaptability.
After getting the confirmation &samples of the product in sizes and drawing for manufacturing the filling counting+sealing machine
we spent only 7days finishing everything and made the machines ready after testing them in a satisfactory feedback.
Recently our customers sent us the positive commentar on the machines which keep running very well in their factory ever since the machines arrived their factory.
The machines was shipped via courier to . The documentaries certificated with ISO&CO&CE together with other files necessory are sent via DHL to customer for
assisting customers to clear the custom.

As below there listed the basic information on the successful transaction between PENGLAI and their EU counterpart:

Purchased order issued from European customer:

customeRs samples.jpg
Samples sent from customers in Iceland

samples sent from customer in EU.jpg

customeRs samples.jpg

samples from Iceland.jpg

Bank copy of Down&balance payment for purchasing filling sealing machine

HSBC receipt fuer balance paymnet Iceland 11052017 PENGLAI C

HSBC receipt fuer balance paymnet Iceland 11052017 PENGLAI C

Testing videos on filling counting bottles sealing machines

Wooden case packing of filling sealing machines.

induction sealer.jpg

customeRs samples.jpg

customeRs samples.jpg

As follow there given the description on the machines purchased respectively

Tabletop capsule tablets counting machine model YX-TC01:

The single-disc capsule counting machine is applied in the small-scale quantitative packing of capsules and tablets, so it is suitable for the small-batch production of medicine manufacturer, scientific research institution and lab.

Applying the flexible transmission as well as the mechanical eccentricity, this present machine can have the counting disc vibrate, and the vibration can be adjusted by adjusting the distance of the eccentricity, stably and reliably; with the simple and scientific design, it’s convenient in use, small in size and light in weight. 

Technical parameters sheet  of  Semi-Automatic Capsules and Tablets Counting and Filling Machine

capsule counting machine.jpg


10-20 bottles(bags)/min

Suitable counting type


Suitable model range of capsule

00# - 5#(disc will be customized by capsule size and quantity)


220V/50Hz   500W





Drawing of capsule counting machine :

capsule drawing counter.jpg

machine in illustration capsule counting.jpg

How to operate capsule filling counting sorting machine tabletop :

capsule counter sorter machine.jpg

(1)  Switch on the power supply, then adjust the vibration quantity (normally, it’s not necessary as the machine has been adjusted in the factory), press the switch at the discharge hole and adjust the revolving speed of the counting disc according to the need.

(2)  Put a defined amount of capsules or tablets in the machine (The mold of capsule is different from that of tablets, so the amount is defined according to the user’s need.); later on, turn on the switch of the vibrating motor so as to let the capsule or tablet on the counting disc fall in the hole of the mold in the required time; then, remove the capsule or tablet piling on the hole of the hole and check whether all the capsules or tablets have fallen in the hole.

(3)  While bottling, place the bottle or bag at the discharge hole and touch the switch once slightly to let the counting disc revolve. The counting disc will stop at a proper position automatically. After getting the capsule or tablet, move the bottleneck away. In the meantime, the materials fall in the hole of mold successively, and the next round of the job begins. After the job is done, check whether all the materials have fallen in the hole. Put another bottle at the discharge hole, and repeat the aforementioned work.

(4)  The number of the capsule should be the integral multiple of the number of the hole on the mold. For example, if 200 tablets are needed for a bottle while the number of the hole of the mold is 100, then the counting disc needs to revolve two rounds to fill a bottle.

More pictures in details for capsule filling into bottles tabletop model YX-TC01

capsule plate.jpg

capsule counting machine.jpg

tabletop counting machine.jpg

Model YX-S1500A induction sealing machine for round bottles:

Tabletop induction sealing machine working principle

The machine conveys the Ultra high frequency to the induction box;The aluminum foil on bottles mouth under the induction box will produce the UHF vortex due to the electromagnetic induction,which results in the instaneous high temperature,thus the plastic part

in the bottle mouth and the aluminum foil will be welded together,finally the bottle mouth will be sealed tightly;

How to operate tabletop type induction sealing machine:

Before starting the machine,put the bottles under the induction box,rotate the wheels to adjust the distance between the induction box and the bottle caps; The optimized distance between both ranges from 1mm to 2mm;

Start the machine,the conveyor moving and put several bottles on the conveyor to check if the bottles can go throught the induction boxes; Adjust the lifting wheel to get the optimized distance for bottles;

2.Adjust the handle in the conveyor to get the ideal data to run the conveyor belt;

3.Adjust the guide bar on the conveyor belt on both sides to the proper position which can let the bottles be alighed with the center of induction head during sealing;

4.Before sealing the bottles choose the time suitable to get the best sealing effect according to the bottles diameter and the sealing effect targetted; Adjust the speed knob to adjust the time when the bottles pass through the induction boxes making the time same with the time to get the

best sealing effect; Adjust more bottles to try :If the bottles are sealed tightly but the bottle mouth and the foil wad get burnt or blistered due to the high temerate,it means the temperature to seal the bottle is too high,accelerate the delivering speed of conveyor belt; If the foil wad after being sealed is easy to fall

off from the bottles,it means the heating time is too short,then decelerate the delivering speed of conveyor belt;

5.After finishing the steps above-mentioned the sealing effect will be good so hat the tabletop induction sealing machine can be available for working;

Drawing of induction sealing machine model YX-S1500A

drawing of induction sealer.jpg

1.Lifting wheel: lifting the induction box and adjust the bottles height;

2.Induction box: heat the inducted aluminum foil under it;

3.Conveyor belt: Deliver the bottles that require to be heated;

4.Guide bar: Align the bottles with the center of induction box to get the optimzed position to seal the bottle;

5.Start/stop Button: Turn on/off the bottle;

6.Power: ON/OFF

7.Speed-adjusting know:adjust the speed of delivering belt

8.Power Button:Adjust the size of power in the machine

9.Adjust Screw: Adjust the tightness or looseness of conveyor belt or dislocation;

10.Ampermeter/Voltmeter:Give a sign of the voltate/amper value,moniter the working station of machine;

Back of machine: power socket for 220V/50HZ(it can be customized with the US power supply 110V/60HZ);

Fuse socket

Tabletop Aluminum Foil Induction Sealing Machine, Stainless steel induction sealer machine

This machine can not be used for metal cap,machine is made of Stainless Steel, in line with GMP requirement. 
The Bottles materials can be PE, PP, PET, HDPE and glass etc. With high sealing efficiency, easy operation, and the sealing speed can be adjusted at will, with high accuracy. 

sealing machine.jpg

sealing equipment semi automatic.jpg
This series of machine of transistor circuit control, the characteristics of low cost, simple operation, easy to use. Mainly used for bottle with threaded plastics, glass bottle of bottle etc. Nonmetal induction membrane sealing operation. Applicable to large and medium sealing job. Batch continuity, Not suitable for acid, alkalinity and high humidity and dust more harsh environments (such as pesticides. SAN, etc.) for a long time. These series machines are suitable for single homework, do not use in line connected.Suitable for various sealing of pharmaceutics, daily chemicals, foodstuffs, cosmetics, pesticide and special trades. 
Technical parameters of induction heating sealing machine aluminum foil tabletop electric magnesis sealer Máquina de sellado Botellas:

INDUCTion sealer.jpg
Model YX-S1500A transistor air-cooled desktop electromagnetic induction machine
Electrical source: AC220V±10% 50Hz
Reactive rate (W) : 1500
Current work more than eight :≤8(A)
Work: continuous conveying
Cooling way: forced cooling fan
Type: desktop
Materials: stainless steel chassis
Sealing diameter: φ 20 - φ 100(mm)
Apply high: 40 ~ 200(mm)
Sealing speed: 0 ~ 10m/min
Host: 115 x 48 ×40(cm)
Host: 38kg

Illustration of model YX-S1500A induction sealing machine:

Dimension of induction sealing machine

dimension of tabletop sealing machine induction sealer.jpg

Working principle of sealing machine

working principle.jpg

Circuit diagram for induction sealing machine

induction sealing equipment semi automatic tabletop for PENG

Sealing samples for bottles in various sizes

induction sealer equipment tabletop.jpg

induction sealing samples.jpg

sealing samples from table top big plastic jar aluminum foil

Aluminum foils for sealing machine heating seal:

sealing machine induction.jpg

laminated foil.jpg

Wooden case packing for sealing machine tabletop induction sealer:

wooden case for induction sealing(6).jpg

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