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Czech buyers ordered drinking bottles with capsule sleeve labeling shrinking machine applicator
Date:2016-11-03 14:20:20

Recently we finished manufacturing of sleeve labeling machine model YX-SL200 for our EU customers in CZECH; the machinery including mainly three parts: screw type feeder +sleeve labelling+steam tunnel ; the extra function for perforating labels during labeling;

The customer with his partner stayed in the star hotel near our factory for more than 2days to check every details of our sleeve labeling machine. Finally they confirmed the quality and other factors in the machine before leaving .

As below there is the basic information for this successful business cooperation in packaging industry:

Bank copy for sleeve labeling machine

Bank copy for sleeve labeller.jpg

Samples sent from customer

SAMPLES bottles for shrinking.jpg


Design of bottles for sleeve labels applicator

customer bottles for sleeve labeller.jpg

Testing videos for model YX-SL200 sleeve labeling machine

Wooden case packing for shrink labeling machinery

wooden case packing for shrink labeller.jpg

As Below there listed the basic information for model YX-SL200 Sleeve labeling machine with steam shrink tunnel&steam generator

The body of this label inserting machine adopts a great deal of aluminium alloy, combined with anode treatment and 304 stainless steel, enabling the overall structure of the machine to be more robust and durable. As for mechanical performance, its modular and human-oriented design ensures easier operation with high speed and more convenient style change.

Human-machine interface is adopted for the control circuit and it is easy to learn. The excellent circuit design further ensures the label inserting speed of this machine to be in the leading position internationally. Due to its completely new design concept, not only lots of mechanical adjustment has been eliminated, but also the accuracy of label cutting and production speed has been further enhanced.

The followings will be the detailed description on mechanical operation of this machine.

The main machine, conveyor and shrinking oven etc. shall be adjusted to be in one straight line. The centre of the conveyor and the cutter head centre of the main machine shall be aligned with each other and the reference plane shall be adjusted to be level. The foundation bolts of the main machine shall enter the support ground without any clearance. Check and confirm the voltage of the power supply. Enough space shall be left for positioning of the main machine for the convenience of future spot check and repair. The ambient temperature shall be not higher than 45°C to avoid defects of bought out components. The placed location of the main machine shall be free from direct blow of fan or cold air, and flowing air may impact label inserting.

Basic parameter for shrink labeling machine with steam tunnel:

sleeve labeling machine with shrink tunnel pictures (7).JPG

Model YX-SL200
Dimension    2500L*1120W*2100H
Capacity Max 100 B/Min
Power supply    220V/50hz/Single phase
Power    1.5KW
Material of    Stainless steel 304
Label     length 30mm~260mm
Label     thickness    0.035mm~0.13mm
Bottle diameter 25mm~125mm
Bottle shape:Square, circular, ellipse, flat bottles
Shrinking:7.2-19.2KW oven power    (or steam)

Other details of model YX-SL200 SLEEVE LABELING MACHINE with Steam Tunnel

close pictures for sleeve labeller (1).jpg

youtube automatic sleeve labeller PENGLAICHINA.jpg

STEAM tunnel.jpg

Drawing of sleeve labeling machine with steam tunnel:

sleeve labeling machine with shrink tunnel pictures (9) mode

Drawing for model YX-SL200 SLEEVE labeller.jpg



Cutter head unit /cutting knife

2. Machine frame unit


Shrinking oven

 4. Driving unit



Screw for bottle separation

6. Bottle carrying unit


 Central Column

8. Central column


Electric eye unit

10. Hairbrush unit

11. Brush-down unit

12. Material rack unit

13. Conveyor belt

14. Driven unit



Material feeding rack

16. Human machine interface

Functions of each part

1.Cutter head unit
Built-in blade to conduct cutting operation to the shrinking film with planet matching type and
deflection crankshaft steel structure.
2.Machine frame
The whole machine adopts sus304, combined with anode treatment and 304 stainless steel, for
supporting the main machine and fixed conveyor belt.
3.Shrinking oven (electric heating or steam type)
Take advantage of heat from electric heating or steam to shrink and paste inserted labels on the
4.Driving unit
Single unit or double units synchronized servomotor is adopted for control to convey shrinking
film at fixed dimension.
5.Screw for bottle separation
Put inserted material on the bottles and convey them at fixed clearance through the screw so that
the bottles separate with equal distance and it is easier for label inserting.
6.Bottle carrying unit
Synchronized running at both sides, use only on hand wheel to adjust the height and bottle
positioning, the purpose of which is to ensure no shaken of bottle during conveying and to be
easier for setting of label inserted height.
7.Central column
To insert and pull of the label film material so that the film material can be conveyed and cut.
8.Electric eye unit
Use electric eye to transfer signal and provide control system for fixed dimension conveying.
Adjust location and height of the electric eye to determine cutting position of blade in the cutter
9.Hairbrush unit
Operation Manual for YX-SL200 automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine
Use rubber to brush the inserted label to the fixed position.
10.Brush-down unit
Synchronized adjustment mechanism adjust two transmission wheels of clean-down unit to
slightly contact the roller at the bottom of the central column, and insert the label into the bottle
with quite high rotating speed while labels pass through.
11.Material rack unit
The fixed paper ring of label film material can be set after adjustment from 5” to 10”, and the
output of material is carried out by a transmission roller reduction motor.
12.Conveyor belt
The frequency converter is used to adjust the speed of conveyor belt so that it matches with the
capacity of the machine.
13.Electric eye for bottle monitor
Monitor bottles to the suitable location, output signal to automatically insert volume label.
14.Material feeding unit
It is composed of material feeding box controlling label feeding tension and material feeding rack
located above the electric eye rack unit for label turning and fixing, the purpose of which is for
conveying of label film material.
15.Human machine interface
It is the control backbone of the machine. The operation display pages include manual, automatic,
setting, abnormal display etc., and there are several knobs and press buttons for the operation of
the inserting volume label.

Electric diagram for sleeve labeller.jpg

Circuit for sleeve labeling machine model YX-SL200

Detailed explanation on HMI screen:


Homepage of shrink labeller.jpg

Monitor operation

moniter operation.jpg


output for sleeve labeller.jpg

Production is the actual number of products that need to be set, and the machine will
automatically shut down when the output is equal to the current output


Monitor labeller.jpg

conveyor feeding.jpg

Monitoring data of Conveyor motor& film feeding motor .

Mode labeller shrink.jpg

Parameter setting

PENGLAI corp setting parameter.jpg



Touch-screen operate interface explanation



First page

Turn on the main control power; the screen will display the first page


with our company’s name & Chinese-English select button; click the


Chinese-English button to enter the homepage.




Homepage displays the control power button; click the power button to


turn on or off the sleeve machine’s power.



Parameter setting page

There are many parameter set button; please set the parameter accord to


the different model.



Manual control page

There are machine platform up & down button, bottle separate button,


label  feed  button,  blade  cut  button,  conveyor  belt  button.  Click  the


machine platform up & down button to control the control machine


platform up and down; click the bottle separate button to start or stop the


bottle separate rod; click the label feed button to activate the feeding


servo  system;  the  feeding  length  set  according  the  fixed  length  or


separate model’s detecting signal; the fixed length & separate model are


set at automatic page; click the conveyor belt button to start or stop the


belt conveying.



Automatic control page

Click the start button to start the machine’s automatic running. Turn off


state will display stop. Click the machine platform up & down button to


control the control machine platform up and down to meet different


sleeve height requirement. Click the separate or fixed length button to


chose separate or fixed length model. Under fixed length model, the


single label length is set according the parameter set page’s label fixed


length;  separate  length  model,  single  label  length  set  according  the


separate light electric signal. Under automatic starting model, click the


bottle separate button to control the bottle separate rod’s start & stop; the


position fixing set can change the label sleeve time to meet different


label   speed   requirement;   usually   directly   adjusting   the   bottle


light-electric position to adapt to the change of the label sleeve speed.



Pre-inspection&How-to-clean tips

Inspection upon arrival of the machine at the site

►Check if the machine is in good condition. In case of damage or incomplete package, please inform the carrier immediately.

►Please check if the received machine is the same as you purchased, and check if the model indicated in the nameplate is the same as purchased.

►Please check if all accessories for site installation have been received, and if they are complete and free from damage.

For handling, please consider 3 dimensions and installation clearance to make sure that there will be sufficient space for all connections and maintenance operations.

ˇń Handle the machine with forklift from specified location, and lifting off is not allowed.

ˇń There shall be enough carrying capacity at the site for installation of the machine, or at least there shall be proper tightening measures.

ˇń Proper space shall be left at the left and right sides of the machine to ensure air flow and ventilation of electric unit

ˇń There shall be enough support points at the right installation locations.

ˇń Pushing, pressing, and prizing the cabinet of the machine are not allowed. The bottom frame of the machine is the only part carrying the load.

How-to-clean-machine Tips:

Wipe off foreign substance like dust and oil stain etc. left on the machine during transportation and installation. Wipe with clean cloth the sliding surface of transmission parts of the machine such as guide bar, guide way, screw and gear slide rest etc., and apply lubricating oil again.

Pay attention that no oil shall be applied on belt pulley, belt and rubber wheel and electric parts like motor etc.