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Columbian repeat customers bought peanut granules packing machine small bags VFFS set
Date:2018-04-28 16:12:25

Our Regular customers from Columbia (South America) placed another order on one(1*) pcs of machine: Model YX-240C packing bagging granules machine
For all the machines purchased it is clear to confirm all the information on the products so we often ask our customers to freight the samples to
test and commission the machines in order that the machines and customer's products gains the best compatibility and adaptability.
After getting the confirmation &samples of the product in sizes and drawing for manufacturing the filling sealing film machines
we spent only 7days finishing everything and made the machines ready after testing them in a satisfactory feedback.
Recently our customers sent us the positive commentar on the machines which keep running very well in their factory ever since the machines arrived their factory.
The machines was shipped via courier to Columbia. The documentaries certificated with ISO&CO&CE together with other files necessory are sent via DHL to customer for assisting customers to clear the custom.

As below there listed the basic information on the successful transaction between PENGLAI and their KSA counterpart:

Purchased order issued from South America
Samples sent from customers in Columbia
Karydia 70grs Final.jpg
Bank copy of Down&balance payment for purchasing model YX-240C packing machine
bank copy for packing machine.jpg

code printer payment.jpg

BANK from HK HSBC to HK HSBC only refered in Account Balance
Testing videos on Model YX-240C granules packing machine

Wooden case packing of granules packing machine

wooden case for measuring (2).jpg

wooden case for measuring (3).jpg

warehouse receipt.tifwarehouse receipt.gif
As follow there given the description on the machines purchased respectively

This machine is widely used to pack any loose, non-cohesive granule products of the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, such as soup mix, coffee, instant drink milk desicant, Monosodium glutamate, Sugar, salt,instant coffee, tea herbal packing machine  cereal etc.

Technical Data of model YX-240C granules packing machine:

diagrammatic machine for vertical packing machine (3).jpg

Product application Powder, Granules
Sealing Type 3 Side / 4 Side / Center Seal
Packing Size Width: 20 -160 mm or 20 -220 mm Length: 40 -120 mm or 100 -240 mm
Feeding System Auger Filler / Weigh Filler / Piston Filler / Volumetric Cup Filler
Speed PID Based
Main Motor PLC (Programmable Logic Control) Based
Heater Load 400-800 mm
Laminate 400 -800 mm
Contact Parts Sticky Powder / Liquid / Grains Auger Filler / Piston Filler / Volumetric Cup Filler
Power Consumption Food Grade Stainless Steel SS 316
Machine Dimension Programmable / Four Side Sealing (With / Without Gussets)
Net Weight Servo Based / Electromagnetic clutch and break
Optional Attachments (At an extra cost) Electronic / Pneumatic Hydraulic Web Edge Controller

 Feature on packing machine :

 machine packing in workshop for manufacturing.jpg

1. Automatic granule packing machine can finish the process like conveying bag,bag making,filling,weighing,sealing,cutting,counting,lot number,etc.

2. Bilingual display screen control system,stainless steel cabinet.Set up the required data(include filkling,weighing,bag size,etc) in the visuable settings,the control system automatic optimization match with all the program so that achieve the best packing speed precisely.

3. Stepper Motor control,this system has the advantage of precise,needless to adjust the other parts,and acoup sur.

4. It has color system controller,so that can get the complete trade mark design.

5. Suitable for the complex film and tin foil and other packing material.Fine packaging performance,low noise,clear sealing texture and strong sealing performance.

Flat cutter,Tooth cutter,continuous point cutter

volumetric cups.jpg

Features Advantages Benefits
Operator Friendly / Low Easy to Operate / Less Servicing Very Low Down
Maintenance Machine Required Time / Increased Productivity
Wide product application range Versatile (Liquid, Powder, Grains, Paste) Multi Purpose
Customization (as per products) Wide dozing system options Can be used for various products thus giving full Utility
Machine is Elegant, Castor Mounted. Looks appealing, Easy to Install and move Less labor is required for displacement
Food Grade Stainless steel Contact parts No rusting Long Life, Hygienic Packing
Photo Registration Control system Automatic adjustment and correction of Pouch sealing Savings on wastage
Electronic Batch Coding Device(at an extra cost) To Print M.R.P, Month of Packing, Lot No. etc Helps In Detecting Manufacturing and Expiry Date
Nitrogen Flushing Device Increased shelf life Savings on expiry, rejection
On Line Adjustable Disc (Subject to requirement) To Correct Weight variation (Due to variation in Lot characteristics) Accurate quantity per Pouch is ensured

Optional Equipment on Packaging machine model YX-240C

model YX-240C packing machines.jpg

Thermal Printe

Conversion from trilateral seal to quadrilateral seal

Venting Device


Packaging samples for granules packing machine:

volumetric cups.jpg

packing samples.jpg

Powder packing +liquid packaging machine YX series:

MK-60YZ liquid packing machine water packaging.jpg

diagrammatic machine for vertical packing machine (3).jpg

diagrammatic machine for vertical packing machine (3).jpg

Packaging pictures about our machine exported

wooden case packing.jpg

Guarantee: for all the machine, it claims one year for guarantee.(Excluded from the warranty are problems due to accidents, misuse , misapplication, storage damage, negligence, or modification to the Equipment or its components. ALSO THE EASY BROKEN SPARE PART IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE GUARANTEE)

Installation: after the machine arrive your factory,if you need,our technician will go to your place to install and test the machine and also training your worker to operating the machine (The time of train depend on you worker). The expenses (air ticket ,food , hotel,the travelling fee on your country) should be on your account and you need paid for the technician USD50 per day. also you can go to our factory to do training.

After service: If you get the problem on the machine ,our technician will go to your place to fixed the machine as soon as possible. The cost should be in your account.(as above).