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Chinese customer bought linear type sealing machine Jars bottles induct sealer equipment
Date:2023-01-06 10:29:27

Our customers from a trading company in Ningbo city(China) placed the order on one(1*) pcs of machines: Model YX-IS1800 induct sealing machine linear type bottle sealer.
For all the machines purchased it is clear to confirm all the information on the products so we often ask our customers to freight the samples to test and commission the machines in order that the machines and customer's products gains the best compatibility and adaptability.
After getting the confirmation &samples of the product in sizes and drawing for manufacturing the automatic induct sealer machine.
we spent only 7 working days finishing everything and made the machines ready after testing them in a satisfactory feedback.
Recently our customers sent us the positive commentar on the machines which keep running very well in their factory ever since the machines arrived their factory.
The machines was shipped via chinese courier to  the warehouse in Nongbo . The documentaries certificated with ISO&CO&CE together with other files necessory are sent via DHL to customer for assisting customers to clear the custom.

As below there listed the basic information on the successful transaction between PENGLAI and their domestical counterpart:

Purchased order issued &Key communiction points During Business Discussion:
Samples sent from customers in East China
bottles samples.jpg
Bank copy of Down&balance payment for purchasing model YX-IS1800 induct sealing machine

BANK copy.png

 Q˾ XQQͼƬ20221203134836.jpg

balance payment copy bank.png

balance payment.jpg
Testing videos on induct sealing equipment model YX-IS1800:

Wooden case packing of Automatic bottles induct sealing machine:

wooden case for induct sealer (3).jpg

wooden case for induct sealer (2).jpg

wooden case for induct sealer (1).jpg

wooden case for induct sealer (4).jpg

wooden case packaging (1).jpg

wooden case packaging (2).jpg
As follow there given the description on the machines purchased respectively

Features of sealing bottles machine:

drawing of sealer.jpg

1. The electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine is made by using the heat effect of turbulence based upon electromagnetic induction heating technology. The machine integrates the practical functions, favorable performance and simple operation, and can be used in bottle sealing for various users in pharmacy, foodstuff, grease, daily chemicals, household chemicals, agricultural chemicals etc, such as plastic bottles (PP, PVC, PET, ABS, HDPE, PS, DURACON), glass bottles and various compound plastic tube, various non-contact heating sealing process. The product is regarded as one of the most advanced sealing machines in sealing mechanism.

2.The machine mainly adopts electromagnetic induction principles, in which the main part of the machine will send ultrahigh frequency current to the induction head, and the AC will generate high frequency AC magnetic field through coil, the bottlealuminum foil will sense the field, generate turbulence and will reach high temperature under special control, melting the compound film on the aluminum foil and enable it sticking on bottleneck, so the bottleneck will be sealed in a outstanding

3.This sealing method can prolong the quality guarantee period, prevent burglary and increase the product profile etc.
application of product.jpg

model YX-IS1800 sealer.jpg

sealer with conveyor belt.jpg
1.Overcurrent and overvoltage auto protection, safe and reliable;
2. Air cooling principles, the performance of which is close to water cooling machine;
3. Completely stainless steel framework, beautiful in appearance
4. Easy in mounting, the sealing speed is fast with steady performance

Basic parameters of sealing machine:

induct sealer.jpg
Sealing speed  0-230 bottles/min
Sealing parameter 15-60mm/50-121mm
Power specific 4000W/220V 50/60Hz
Machine size
Cooling method Air cooling

How to use:
1. Prior to starting up the machine, place target bottle under the sealing head, rotate the “lift mechanism” to ensure that the
bottom of sealing head will be 1-3mm from the bottle cap, press startup switch to the startup side, and the conveyor will operate,
and make several bottles passing the conveyor and see whether they would contact with sealing head. The bottles shall not touch
the sealing head and the clearance between bottles and sealing head shall be as shortest as possible.
2. Speed of conveyor can be adjusted by the speed adjustment button. Aluminum foil sealing is fixed or not will be related with
the speed and power of conveyor. Firstly, put several bottles on conveyor, turn on power switch and pass bottles through the
beneath part of sealing head, where the bottle is sealed firmly in the test, the speed adopted therefor shall be used for normal
3. Wait for soft startup after turning on the machine, and upon the fully startup (around 30sec), when the ammeter indicates for
around 1.5-3.2A, start the sealing work.
4. For turning off the machine, the power switch shall be both turned off.