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Chilean regular customers bought cups filling sealing machine for chicken pasta cake cream
Date:2021-10-28 16:34:22

Our Regular customers from Chile (Latin America) placed another order on one(1*) pcs of machine: Model YX-900 Rotary cups filling and sealing machine vacuum MAP type for chicken pasta sauce
For all the machines purchased it is clear to confirm all the information on the products so we often ask our customers to freight the samples to test and commission the machines in order that the machines and customer's products gains the best compatibility and adaptability.
After getting the confirmation &samples of the product in sizes and drawing for manufacturing the rotary cups filling and sealing machines
we spent only 20working days finishing everything and made the machines ready after testing them in a satisfactory feedback.
Recently our customers sent us the positive commentar on the machines which keep running very well in their factory ever since the machines arrived their factory.
The machines was shipped via DHL courier to El Quillay 573, Valle Grande, Lampa. The documentaries certificated with ISO&CO&CE together with other files necessory are sent via DHL to customer for assisting customers to clear the custom.

As below there listed the basic information on the successful transaction between PENGLAI and their Chilean counterpart:

Purchased order issued &Key communiction points During Business Discussion:
PO Shrift.jpg

Key points.jpg


2018-09-08 6:23 GMT-03:00 Penglai Pack <>:
Dear Pedro,

Please below the reply marked in red:
1. We are concerned about the stainless steel hose that feeds the cupcase. I should feed chicken pasta, which is of a texture and viscosity different than water. In the photograph this hose looks very thin. Is it ready to feed chicken pasta?

We will use 3mm thick sanitary stainless steel which is suitable for feeding the chicken paste.

2. We are evaluating the option of bringing the machine packaged by plane (airflight). You informed me that the dimensions of the wooden box is L1230 W1220 H1890mm and Weight 473kgs.
Are these figures correct?
Given that the demands of air transport require a maximum height of 1600 mm, can the box be turned over?

No , the box cannot be turned over as machine cannot be put standing on its sides, which will break it. and the dimensions are correct.
The height H1890mm can be shipped via air, as we have shipped via air with height more than that.
Please recheck with the forwarder or ask to another forwarder.

3. What are the incoterms (international commercial terms) ?.

our incoterms is CIF Chile by ocean, the proforma invoice already includes the ocean shipping cost to nearest sea port to you.

4. On case of maritime or air importation. Where should we take the merchandise, in your factory or in the nearest port?

If by ocean, the shipping cost already included in the proforma invoice.
If by air, you will need to collect machine in our factory address in Chinese below:

5. We already prepay USD 5,018 in September 2016. To proceed to order the machine with vacuum and MAP, do we have to transfer you USD5.060 and the outstanding after trial run&video?
yes, that is correct if you do need the vacuum and MAP capability added.

Thank you!

Best Regards

Samples sent from customers in South Americ:
samples cups and lids.jpg

samples Fernando Chile 20160815 (7).JPG

samples Fernando Chile 20160815 (1).JPG

samples Fernando Chile 20160815 (2).JPG

cups samples.jpg

cup and lids samples.jpg
Bank copy of Down&balance payment for purchasing Rotary type filling sealing machine

down payment for cups filler sealer (1).jpg

down payment for cups filler sealer (3).jpg

payment for vacuum function and gas flushing (3).jpg

payment for vacuum function and gas flushing (2).jpg

down payment for cups filler sealer (2).jpg

payment for vacuum function and gas flushing (1).png


Testing videos on model YX-900 chicken pasta filling and sealing machine

Wooden case packing of MAP type vacuum filling sealing paste cup machine model YX-900:

wooden case for chicken sauce m (5).jpg


wooden case for chicken sauce m (4).jpg

wooden case for chicken sauce m (4).jpg

wooden case for chicken sauce m (7).jpg

wooden case for chicken sauce m (1).jpg

wooden case for chicken sauce m (8).jpg
As follow there given the description on the machines purchased respectively:

The automatic rotary type plastic cup sealing machine for roll film adopts the way of pneumatic type interval operation and electric apparatus adopts Japan Omron.

programmable controller,this machine has function as automatic cup dropping, filling, printing, sterilizing,photocell, sealing, tooth-shape cutting and the waste material recovering ext,

this machine use digital temperature controller and the error of temperature is less than 1%, this machine outside is 304 stainless steel shell and high sealing quality.

Basic parameter of cups filling sealing machine model YX-900:

cups filling sealing vacuum equipments (18).jpg

cups filling sealing vacuum equipments (23).jpg

cups filling sealing vacuum equipments (7).jpg
Model YX-900
Capacity 900 cup/hour(when sealing with vacuum and MAP)
Filling range 10ml~500ml(adjust)
Heat power 1 KW
Air consumption 0.6 m3/min
Voltage 220V 50Hz 1PH
Weight 250kg
Material Stainless steel
Overall dimension 1250mm*1250mm*1750mm
Package Wooden case
Air parameters:

cups filling sealing vacuum equipments (32).jpg

parameter of filler.jpg
Air pressure: ≥ 0.60Mpa
Air flow: ≥ 0.3m3/min
Air clean level: The air need to filter by Oil and water filters

Rotary type cups filling sealing machine main function:

cups filling sealing vacuum equipments (1).jpg

cups filling sealing vacuum equipments (3).jpg

cups filling sealing vacuum equipments (15).jpg
Empty cups dropping►Liquid/paste/powder filling ►Pre cut foils/roll film putting
►heat sealing with vacuum&MAP ►Caps capping►
Out putting by pushing up/suckers/manipulator
Electric parts&configuration of cups filling sealing machine model YX-900:

cups filling sealing vacuum equipments (4).jpg

1. Japan IDEC switch 2. Omron PLC

3. domestic reducer(Hangzhou)

4. domestic splitter(Shandong) 5. domestic cylinder

6 S.S. chain

7. S.S. heating pipe;

8. acid-resisting aluminium mould board

Samples cups filled &sealed by model YX-900 Machine:

chicken paste cup.jpg

cup samples finished.jpg
After-sales service &gurantee for cups filling sealing machine rotary model YX-900:

cups filling sealing machine in Chile.jpg
Guarantee: for all the machine, we have give one year for guarantee.(Excluded from the
warranty are problems due to accidents, misuse , misapplication, storage damage, negligence, or modification to the Equipment or its components. ALSO THE EASY BROKEN SPARE PART IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE GUARANTEE)
Installation: after the machine arrive your factory,if you need,our technician will go to your
place to install and test the machine and also training your worker to operating the machine (The time of train depend on you worker). The expenses (air ticket ,food , hotel,
the travelling fee on your country) should be on your account and you need paid for the technician USD50 per day. also you can go to our factory to do training.
If you get the problem on the machine ,our technician will go to your place to fixed the machine as soon as possible. The cost should be in your account.(as above).