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Albanian customer bought rolling labeling machine semi automatic flat shampoo bottles labeller
Date:2016-10-31 16:35:18

Our SouthEast customers from Albania ordered one (1*) set of rolling labeling machine for the flat shampoo bottles .One week after we got the samples sent from them via DHL we finished manufacturing the machine model YX-LM520A

whose testing-run was rather good ; After receceived the labeling machine they ordered our EU customer was rather satisfied at our machine and recently they place another order for the filling machine and the semi automatic shrinking equipment;

As below there is the basic information for the sucessful business transaction:

Samples sent from customer:

bottles YX-LM520A.jpg

samples for labeling.jpg

Email communication for model YX-LM520A

Erste shrift von Bledar.jpg

data von Maschine mail.jpg

Testing run for labeling machine semi automatic model YX-LM520A

Wooden case packing for model YX-LM520A

film wrapping labeling for shipping.jpg

packing in crate before DHL PENGLAI CHINA.jpg

As below there listed the basic description for model YX-LM520A rolling labeling machine

Equipment operating instructions on rolling labeling machine:

drawing of rolling labeling.jpg

rolling labeling equipments.jpg

rolling labeller equipments semi automatic for matt.jpg

Device model£ºYX-LM520A

Name: semi-automatic plane & round bottles labeler machinery

Circumstance for operating the rolling labeling machine

1.Use this device is strictly prohibited in the following environments,

lFierce local temperature change

lWhere high humidity and dew

lVery strong vibrations or shocks

lPlace in the dust

lWhere the splash of water, oil, chemicals

lWhere there are explosive, inflammable dangerous goods

2£® Make sure the power outlet and the power supply interface can be in close contact or loose contacts may be resulting in a fire hazard.

3£® Do not place heavy objects on the power cord and damaged power cord may cause electrical shock or fire hazard.

4£® Before cleaning or in antirust oil, be sure to unplug the power cable from the device, otherwise in danger of fires and damage to equipment.

5£® Do not use loose or damaged power outlet, or of electric shock and fire hazards.

6£® Use the correct grounding, use is not properly grounded outlet will cause risk of electric shock and damage to equipment.

7£® Do not wet the hand when touching the power outlet, or risk of electric shock.

8£® When the mobile device, make sure the power cord from the power supply, or they risk of fires and damage to equipment.

9£® At the right voltage/current standard using devices, without appropriate voltages/currents work will lead to the risk of electric shock, fire, or damage to your equipment.

Chapter I  Labeling machine

labeling equipment in stock.jpg

1-1Labeling machine introduce

Labeling machine is automatically label affixed to the product surface the short name of an automation device,

it can replace manual labeling, improve production efficiency and quality. According to the degree of automation

can be divided into manual labeling machines, semi-automatic labeling machine and automatic labelling machines;

according to the shape of the product can be divided into round bottle labeling machine, partial-around labeling machine

and special-shaped bottle labeling machine; according to the labeling and product placement can be divided into vertical and horizontal labelling machines.

1-2 Drawing explanation on model YX-LM520A rolling labeling machine for round&flat bottles:

rolling labeller equipments semi automatic.jpg


1-2-2Back of machine 

back side of labeling machine rolling labeller.jpg

1-3Technical parameters of model YX-LM520A rolling labeling machine:

1. apply label length:10 mm~150 mm

2. apply the label width:10 mm~150 mm

3. apply paper roll internal diameter:40mm or 76mm

4. the paper roll external diameter:φ≤250 mm

5.indoor temperature: -10° c ~40° c

6.indoor humidity: 35~85©‡

7.power supply:220V,50HZ

8.overall dimension:550*550*650 (L*W*H)


1-4The scope of

1.widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, cosmetic, electronic and other industries.

2.for semi-finished products or finished products in print and partial arc surface semi-automatic labeling. can label both flat or round or oval or other shapes of bottles see the samples pictures as below :

rolling labeller equipment for bottles labeling.jpg

samples von Phil on 18th DEZ (1).jpg

samples received (4).jpg

Chapter II Labeling machine

2-1Labeling theory

labels direction.png

1£® Transmission system: motor driven by timing belt drive system and receiving institutions, provide the impetus to the label split, thus achieving stripping and recycling paper at the end of the label.¡£

2£® Control system: this machine uses the electric and gas combination controls, electric eyes (sensors) and foot switch passes the received signal toPLCin central processor in accordance with set program for processing, thereby achieving stripping, sucking, editing labels and counting function.

2-2 Operational processes

Power on theInstall label corrected with adjustable electric eyelabel adjustment label

2-3Power on the/Shutdown

Power on:

1£® Around the machine and cleaned, check for loose phenomenon.

2£® Labeling and connect the power cord to the back of thepower supply socket, and switch next to the power socket is open.

2 £® Connect the other end of the power cord to the AC outlet, using voltage is 220V,50Hz.

3. emergency stop switch main panel to open

4. high pressure gas access into the hole (and confirm that the open switch)


1£® In the case of normal use, you can plug the power cord from the AC outlet or directly press the emergency stop switch.


²Do not plug the power cord or power supply in hand when wet contact, it will cause an electric shock

²Do not place heavy objects on the power cord.

2-4-1 Check adjustments

1 £®"1" labels around, depending on the label in that side of the volume, in volume within the surfaces follow the diagram bypass method.

2 £®"2" clamping body, round the buoy first release, after once again pressed.

3 £® With the naked eye observation, observation on the label after "5" at the Peel Board, tag being split out to be in the position of effective fractions of suction head, shown in the previous figure , If it is not correct, the label needs to be rough adjustment.

4 £® In the "3" and "4" service between the tags to detect electric eye, around long with label must be tested when magic eye slot hole in order to test electric eye can detect changes between the label and the label, electric eye for more sets see "electric eye settings" section.

5 £® After the end of "6" traction body, we must strictly in accordance with the "s" shape around the law and "t" handle to tightly marked with status, otherwise it would cause a bid not allowed or unable to pull the end of belt.

6 £®"7" for winding body, axis and round black steel clips for activities, the end of paper clip clamp.

2-5-3 Corrected

correcting labels position.jpg

1. upon completion of the above, on the Panel "automatic / Manual" button to "manually" status, please make sure the power is connected and turned on, and then press the "jog" switch, traction pulling the bottom paper about 0.5 metres, is designed to give the bottom paper free and correct.

2. when the bottom paper automatically corrected, we will all adjust rollers on the limit circle, reference shown in the previous diagram, move the limit circle on both sides of the paper.

2-5-4 Move the electric eye

1.On the surface "automatically / Manually "button to" manual ", then press" jog "switch, this time with the naked eye observation of Peel Board, so labels out of the Strip panels 0~1mm Can be.

2.Then move the label test electric eye, put between those tags and labels the end of paper, pay attention to test electric eye lights, when the detection electric eyes move from the label or from the end of paper labels, lights will toggle between the on and not on, if there are no changes, please view

Dimensions in the above diagram, ensure the suction head is distance from the Strip panels 0.5~1 Mm, you can loosen the screws to adjust the

So that you can ensure a smooth transition to the suction head of the label position. (Typically, this position has adjusted well)


²Confirm pressing belt and locking devices reset, otherwise it will lead to a bid is not accurate.

²Checks whether the test electric eye with, otherwise it would cause continuous label.

²Inspect the drive system for clamping, otherwise it will result in no pulling the bottom paper.

2-6Magic eye set

how to adjust the optical eye.jpg

Mark electric eye (here are for illustration purposes only, and does not mean that customers purchased model configuration)

Left for Germany Dr easy loggingGS-63Electric eye, right for Italy pedicleSR21-IRElectric eye. They generally use to detect labels. Here is their adjusting methods

1, Dr easy loggingGS-63Electric eye adjustments:

Rationale: to identify the gaps between labels depending on the thickness. (Via light penetrates where there is no label and no penetration there are labels to identify) applies to a certain thickness of paper labels or other label

Knob instructions:Green lights: power light

Yellow light: to identify the status lights (Yellow light is lit, there is signal output)

Adjust button: adjusted for detection of labels with different settings

First of all labels through the magic eye like the following diagram: If you pull the labels, yellow lights in a gap between labels and label are lit, there's label is off, you can not reset, you can directly use. When the yellow light is solid or is often borne out by the case, you need to reset the electric eye. Set as follows: first, the labels shown through the magic eye of theu-shaped trough, there are labels placed electric eye inside the slot, press and hold adjust button for3seconds, you can see the electric eye flashing yellow lights, Then release the button, where there is no label (only label the end of paper) placed in the magic eye slot, press and hold adjust button for8seconds, and then release the button at this point, Setup is complete. Label electric eyes pull in a tank, you can see that there are labels yellow lights off, gap offices in label with the label, the yellow lights are lit.

Italy pedicleSR21-IRElectric eye adjustments:

Belonging to the Groove electric eye, through the amount of light penetrating the strength of discrimination have no labels, apply paper material and label material at the end of a different label.

Detection principle, Groove electric eye side fired light beams, to receive on the other side, when the intermediate labels, receives the amount of light change, by setting thresholds, there are no labels to identify.

Setting method

1£©When "ready"When the lights, electric eye focus label in the Middle, pull the tags back and forth, such as changes to the output signal, electric eye is in working condition, can be used directly.

2£©Short press the auto Setup button, green and yellow lights, electric eye catching medium signal, non-removable labels at this time, up until the green light quickly flashes.

3£©When the green light flashing when media into second to magic eye focus location.

4£©Short press "AUTO SET”.The green light is off. Electric eye catching the second type of media signals, non-removable labels at this time until the green light stays on.

5£©Move the labels, in two local media decomposition, the output signal is lit, magic eye set.

6£©“READY”Solid, magic eye to use an object you can switch two media.

2-7Adjust the label position

labeling machinery equipment.jpg

1.First container in figure " C ", And then try to stick, observation post locations and pass adjustment" A "And" B "Activities of the Office block, tuned to the appropriate location.

2.After adjusting the appropriate, activity seat screws need to be fixed, so as not to loose.

3.D Built-in test electric eye, used to test products for free. Through the box back on the pedal / Startup status of the measured object to adjust the labeling machine. Electric eye adjustments please refer to 2.10 chapters, this feature optional function for customers, here are for illustration purposes only.

2-8Manual operation

TOUCH screen for rolling labeling equipment.jpg

touch screen information for operation.jpg

touch screen for roll labeller.jpg

1.first of all, you want to "Manual / automatic switch" in the manual, and then combined with "switch" to use.

2.manual operation used for use when debugging, for correct labels

2-9Automated actions

1.first of all, you want to "Manual / automatic switch" is in the auto State, and then combined with the "foot switches".

2.automated actions used for use when debugging, including marked and labeled.

2-10Measuring electric eye adjustments:

1FX-301SeriesElectric eye is properly connected:

Magic eye must ensure that the correct installation of measurement can be used, connection method to connect as shown in the following figure, "in" continuous black line "out" even the silver line.

2Electric eye detection principle:

Electric eyes according to the amount of light reflection to discern objects. Electric eye issue light objects, object will reflect a certain amount of light back eyes, when an object reflecting the amount of light that reaches the set value, the electric eye signal change, it signals to the control system.

3Switch state:

"Mode/cancel" button, the green light in the "run", "teach", "ADJ", "L/D", "TIMER", "PRO" switch between several documents, indicating the different working status.

©~"Run" represents the State run;

© ~ "Teach" teaching status;

©~"ADJ" to adjust status;

©~"L/D" for lifting signal status;

©~"PUSH" button down to confirm, left-right toggle to fine tune function.

4Magic eye set:

4.1On the premise of no product on the workstation, open electric eye amplifier with transparent cover, press "mode/cancel" key, transferred to "teach" document, digital box displays a value, this value will be an empty signal, in the following figure "67", numerical stability, according to "PUSH" to confirm.

4.2Then place the product on the labeling station, close the left position, observing locations, by adjusting the position bar location to reach the position of the label on the product.

4.3Label position when adjusted. Can see digital box that displays a numeric value, this value is when a product is detected signals, such as "1900", stabilized, click "PUSH" to confirm. When complete, digital display box shows GOOD tips. (You can press "mode/cancel" to return to the "run" can be a running)

4.4Transferred to the "ADJ" document, displays the numerical display box = blank signal +(heartbeat - blank signal)/2, the system default values for threshold, the signal value is greater than the critical value, it defaults to the object, is less than the critical value, the default is no object. Feedback signal to PLC, issue the appropriate directives. Thresholds can be adjusted through left-right toggle "PUSH" the left and right keys, increase or decrease in value, change the threshold. (Typically does not require adjusting) then press the "PUSH" to confirm.

4.5"Mode/cancel" key back to "run" the running state. (After Setup is complete for any return to "run" running status)

4.6Close the transparent cover, set an end.

4.7When the product is placed when the labeling station, electric eye on measuring signal is detected, feedback to the PLC,PLC issued a directive, labeling machine began its work-related parts.

Chapter IIIThe electronic control components

3-1Control system

controlling system for labeling machine.jpg

Principles of description: labeling machine is toPLCAs the core, the received signal and control systems work. See Shang figure, dang stepped on dynamic "foot switch" Hou, foot switch will started signal issuedPLC,PLCin accordance with set of program for processing, again started "motor control system", achieved stripping marked and sent marked processes, this while, "label location induction" (also called measuring marked electric eye) will moments concern label walked of distance, current into has a update label of distance Hou, "label location induction "This will immediately signals to thePLC, similarly, thePLCwill be dealt with in accordance with the set program," motor control system "issue a stop signal and start sucking at his label and label systems, completed during a peel and stick labels.

The fourth chapter Common faults and excluded

4-1Labeling position unstable

1.pressure equipment may not tightly, resulting in marked with loose, electric eye test inaccurate.

2.traction body slipping or it is not tightly, resulting in smooth away the bottom paper.

3.shape or positioning to stick.

4-2Take away

1.pressure belt devices too tight, causing marked away, pressure reduction.

2£® In automatic operation is marked with without deviation rectifying and rectifies a back to

4-3Labeling quality is not good, there are bubbles or creasing

1£® The label may be too thin, suck sticking law does not apply to the soft, thin transparent labels

4-4Equipment has no reaction

1£® Confirm that the power lines, no problem.

2£® Confirmed transmission outlet next to the fuses are intact, such as burnt out, replace the

3£® May box loose internal wiring, repair professionals

4-5Label paper at the end of the regular fracture

1.pressure belt devices too tight, causing marked away, pressure reduction.

2.may label the end of poor quality paper, or deep in the teeth

4-6Suction head failure or malfunctioning , off label behavior occurs

1£® Is suction head hole plug, causing insufficient suction (guarantee of pressure in 0.7Mpa above)

2£® Blow pipe blowing direction is incorrect, can be adjusted by moving and rotating direction

3.where there is no label covers, with a transparent adhesive seal, reduce the loss of suction

4-7Continuous labels

Electric eye is not set well, resetting the electric eye

4-8Collection of materials recycled paper at the end of loose

1£® Mostly aging behind the drive belt, replace the new belt.

The fifth chapter

5-1Label making

1. when producing labels, note direction round the buoy.

2. ensure that the magic eye detection of foreign material hole, punching of paper the night cannot be left, otherwise unrecognized electric eye, causing duplicate labels.

3. make sure that the label and the bottom paper smooth split open.

5-2Routine maintenance

1.under normal use, the equipment may be checked on a regular basis. for dust control and anti-rust treatment on a regular basis. not use for a long time, disconnect the power you want and do the maintenance work.


This labeling standard accessories: operating instructions , hex wrenches, electric eye adjustment screwdriver

machine labeling together with main labeller.jpg

Labeling samples for different shapes of bottles :

jars round labeling with date printer.jpg

samples for rolling labeling.jpg

rolling labeling machine for flat bottles samples.jpg

labeling machine for flat bottles.jpg

labeling samples for AU customer.jpg

Wooden case packing before shipping rolling labeling machine

wooden case packing for rolling labeling.jpg

rolling labeling machine for shipping in wooden case.jpg

packing in crate before DHL.jpg